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Year 7 Parents’ Curriculum Information Evening Wednesday 12 th September 5.30pm.

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1 Year 7 Parents’ Curriculum Information Evening Wednesday 12 th September 5.30pm

2 Session Structure 1. Welcome - Chris Binge Island School Principal; 2. Individuals & Society- Paul Bentham Curriculum Leader for I&S; 3. Languages - Julian Reed - Curriculum Leader Languages; 4. Island Time – Gareth Stevens VP; 5. Curriculum Overview for year 7 - Gareth Stevens VP; 6. Laptop Programme in Year 7 – Gareth Stevens VP 7. Homework

3 Individuals and Societies

4 An approach that draws on the skills and knowledge from the 3 core Humanities subjects but broadens into the disciplines of other I&S courses. An approach that is looking to drive and utilise core literacy and Information Technology skills. An approach whose themes are based on the world around us but at it’s core has a skill driven focus. Creating a system that encourages a personalized curriculum for our students. Philosophy

5 Develop a curriculum that: Is attractive and enjoyable ; Offers the broad curriculum content of History, PRS and Geography courses as well as incorporating aspects of Economics, Business Studies and Psychology subjects; Fits with our school values – Challenging, promotes independence, is relevant, appropriate and future oriented; Consistently fuels in depth understanding by guiding students in making sense of the world and their place within it, challenging students to build upon their experiences, ideas, interests and knowledge; Makes I&S support the delivery of Island Time, Literacy and Information Technology in the driving of skills. Objectives

6 TitleExplanation Big IdeaWhat is the overall unit theme? EnquiryWhat is the over riding question/enquiry? Essential QuestionsWhat objectives/questions do we want to cover within that theme? These will form the weekly session themes. I&S SkillsWhat I&S skills will drive the work and assessment within this unit? Core SkillsWhat Island Time skills will be covered within that unit? These will be implicitly dealt with. Core Knowledge Literacy SkillsWhat aspects of Literacy will drive the work and assessment within this unit? Information Technology SkillsWhat aspects of IT will drive the work and assessment within this unit? AssessmentWhat is the assessment – based around the enquiry but driven by the I&S skills primarily but also incorporating IT and Literacy within it’s delivery and structure. For example. Unit Structure

7 Unit Overview Year 71234 Big IdeaHong KongBeliefExplorationIssues in the world EnquiryTourist map advertising HK Critical WritingInvestigation into famous explorers Self directed personal enquiry AssessmentKnowledge & Understanding Critical ReasoningInvestigation, Knowledge & Understanding Investigation, Communication

8 Unit Overview Year 81234 Big Idea HappinessNeeds & WantsEvil & SufferingOne thing leads to another Enquiry Sociological Experiment Media Highlighting environmental problems DebateSelf Directed personal enquiry Assessment Investigation, Thinking Critically Knowledge & Understanding Thinking Critically, Knowledge & Understanding Investigation, Communication

9 ISLE For more information look

10 Languages at Island School

11 What is my child doing this year? French and Spanish – beginners’ courses, mixed ability Chinese – 7 sets - Set 1: near-native - Set 2: Chinese as a second language - Set 3-7: Chinese as a foreign language

12 What are the Chinese sets? Set 1 – roughly equivalent to Pathway 3 (‘Chinese Near native’) Set 2 – roughly equivalent to Pathway 2 (‘Chinese as a Second Language’) Set 3-7 – roughly equivalent to Pathway 1 (‘Chinese as an Additional Language’)

13 What are the Chinese sets? Set 1 – Chinese textbooks from Shanghai (24 pieces) Set 2 – “Chinese Made Easy” Book 1, 2, plus some supplementary materials from Chinese textbooks (set 1) Set 3-7 – “Easy Steps to Chinese” Book 1-2 Language skills at different levels: Listening, speaking, reading and writing

14 Can my child take up an additional language? Year 8 – beginners’ French, Spanish, Japanese (two year course) Year 12 – beginners’ Spanish, Japanese (two year course)

15 What are the goals for French, Spanish, Japanese? Yr 11 – IGCSE Foreign Language (French, Spanish, Japanese) Yr 13 –IB Language B (French, Spanish), IB Ab Initio Language (Beginners’ courses: French, Spanish) Yr 13 – IB Language A (Japanese), IB Language B (Japanese), IB Ab Initio Language (Japanese )

16 What are the goals for Chinese? Yr 11 – IGCSE Foreign Language, IGCSE Second Language, IGCSE First Language (Chinese) Yr 13 – IB Language A (First Language, leading to Bilingual Diploma), IB Language B (Foreign Language) Higher level and Standard level

17 What about other languages? Importance of developing literacy in home languages Qualifications possible IB Bilingual Diploma

18 Island Time

19 Aims …. To build on prior learning and the approach of the PYP; To provide more opportunity for comprehensive whole student guidance, assessment and tutoring for learning; To provide an experience that is like the IB DP core (ToK, CAS and EE); To emphasize ‘global issues’ and skills rather than knowledge by discipline; To develop the ability to learn skills that are applicable across subject boundaries and transferable into new contexts; To explore the connectedness of content and to build an understanding that the world is not divided by subject boundaries; To foster Inquiry, critical thinking and research skills; To develop learning independence in our students.


21 Communication o Reading / Listening / Writing / Speaking / Viewing / Presenting; Collaboration o Adopting different roles / working towards collective goals / leadership / developing collaborative dispositions; Creativity o Creative thinking / generating ideas / Risk Taking / analogous thinking / real strategies; Capacity to learn o Focus / Research and analysis / adaptability and agility / reflection and evaluation /critical thinking and problem solving; Island Time Key Skills

22 Truth & Lies Separating fact from propoganda / Critical thinking / ways of Knowing Health o Understanding of health in its widest sesne / Personal fitness / diet / Innovation o Creative thinking / generating ideas / Risk Taking / analogous thinking / real strategies; Identity o Who am I? / What defines personal identity? / What defines the identity of Hong Kong? Concept driven










32 Curriculum Overview Laptop programme ‘ Growing up online’ Parents Information Evening 5.30pm Thursday 20 th September; Parent drop in afternoons 4.00-6.00pm Thursday 4 th October / Thursday 11 th October

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