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Travel Management System for the Travel Industry

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1 Travel Management System for the Travel Industry
Syscon Infotech Pvt.Ltd. # 201 5C – Sanjay Building, Mittal Industrial Estate, Marol Naka, Andheri –Kurla Road, Andheri –East, Mumbai Tel: Fax:

2 About Us Syscon today excels in these business areas:
Logistics Software Solutions Business Intelligence Financial Management Systems Manufacturing Travel Houses

3 Syscon Differentiators as a Source of Competitive Advantage
Ability to Recommend Focus on Customer needs & Business values Multi-Vendor Skills 15 Years Experience Strong Manpower resources and capabilities. Broad portfolio of solutions and services. Power to Implement Speed, Quality & Flexibility Proven Methodology and Tools. Full Cycle of Implementation experience. Flat and flexible structure.

4 Why Travel Management System ?
Travel Houses typically have always related airline booking and accounts with technology. There is a huge gap in the automation of other functions like Hotel / Resort Booking, Other Services / Online Payment Gateways Travel has become more of an online business rather than the old fashioned personal touch and old legacy systems do not cater to the online business Travel Management bridges this gap and automates various processes of a travel house Being web enabled also gives the travel house to extend their web access for customers to login and view their data

5 Salient Features Customer Relationship Management Enquiry Management
Resort Management Tour Management & Other Services Online Payment Gateway Ticketing Financial Management

6 Flow chart

7 Data Mapping TMS is designed in such a manner that it takes care of the following things: Ease of Data Entry as all transactions are mapped to standard tables thus providing a lot of control thus eliminating user data entry errors to a large extent. 2. Strong categorization of standard tables to enable Management with MIS Reporting 3. Master Clean Up which should be done at least once a month to remove all duplicate and redundant data in the standard tables Typical standard tables are Resort, Resort Type, Service Type, City, State, Country etc.

8 Enquiry Management Enquiry to a Travel House originates from various sources: Fax Walk – In Telephonic All enquiries are entered into a system through a customized form except online enquiries. These enquiries are entered and handed over to the customer service person to follow up. The tasks to be performed on an enquiry are: Assign Forward Share

9 Load Balancing of Enquiries
Enquiries will be automatically read from the online s generated from the company’s website. These will be classified according to the subject matter or the address. This will eliminate a huge amount of data entry for the company and will be able to track all enquiries. Enquiries from online mails as well as from other sources will be automatically assigned to the respective customer service persons. But prior to that, the system will check on the no. of pending enquiries with each person and will do an automatic load balancing and will assign the enquiry to the one who has the least no. of open enquiries. The enquiry will be replied also from the system. The system offers a small Outlook look alike mail client. Thus all messages are directly stored in the system for further reference and marked against an enquiry

10 Flow for Resort Enquiries
The system flow for the enquiry of reservation is: Enquiries are forwarded by the Customer Service Executive (CSE) to the Booker Person The Booker person checks for the Availability and the Tariff and the no. of rooms and room type At the same time, he also would take information about other dates than the enquiry date. This data will be fed into the system by the booker and the reservation is passed back to the CSE. The CSE then replies back from the system itself to the customer for various options. The CSE then marks against an enquiry the various status whether it is confirmed, follow-up date or closed without confirmation and citing the reason for the same

11 Reservation Module All enquiries which get confirmed get converted into a reservation which could be either for ticketing, other services or for resort / hotel booking. The ticketing data will be entered into the system directly with the payment details. Similarly, other services like pure car rental will be directly entered into the system directly with the payment collection details. The resort reservation is one which is very complex and requires detailed discussion. Based on this, the respective invoices can be generated for the customer.

12 Resort Reservation Module
Resort / Hotel Reservation system flow is as follows: Enquiry gets confirmed into a Reservation. Reservation is handed over to Booker to check for availability and tariffs. If already pre-entered during enquiry this process is overridden. The booker confirms the reservation with the resort and passes back the information to the CSE. The confirmation or the booking note is sent to the customer citing the payment schedule and the invoice. Once the advance is received, a reservation note is sent to the customer as well as the resort. The system also takes care of cancellation of reservations.

13 Payment Module The payment towards the booking comes in various forms:
Collection from the branch city either through cash or cheque. Walk-in Payments via cash or credit card. Payments via online payment gateways which includes bank, pay pal etc. Receipt of Cheque, DD or P.O. There is a module to automatically reconcile with the payment gateways and update this data into the Accounts Module Branch City collection is detailed whereby one can assign the person to collect from the customers address and reconcile at the end of the day the collections made.

14 Reporting Module The system has a OLAP tool built into it. This facilitates the user to generate thousands of reports by himself and on the fly within seconds. It also allows the user to view or publish graphs / charts for the report generated. This can also be saved into an Excel file for further use. The system also has pre-defined reports as required by the customer. All reports within the system can either be printed or saved into a PDF or Word / Excel format or ed to the customer.

15 Financial Management The key features of this module are:
User Defined Books Powerful Cost Centre Analysis Apportioning of Indirect Expenses to various Cost Centre Attaining Nett and Gross Profitability across various parameters viz. Zone, State, City, Resort, Airline, Customer etc. Navigating from Balance Sheet->Profit & Loss->Trial Balance->Schedules->General Ledger->Voucher in bidirectional methods Ageing and Outstanding Analysis Automatic transfer of data from Online Payment Gateways Costing Automatic Calculation of Exchange Gain / Loss Auto Calculation of Vendor Commission and reconciling of statements through the system Bank Reconciliation Cheque Printing Pay-in-Slip Generation for Deposits

16 Security The key features of this module are: User Creation
Mapping Users to Groups Security definition at Module, Menu, Template, Command Button Levels IP Address security All Internet Based security for web enabled applications User Security based on Day and Time

17 Advantages of using TMS
Auto Transfer of enquiry mails to system Assign, forward and sharing of enquires Categorizing as per Standard Tables Tour plans as per client choice Auto Invoicing Grouping of resorts by category Handling Travel Plans for Individuals and corporate International Domestic Rail road travel and Car rentals Comprehensive report generation Daily collection/payment reports Resort/Hotel accounts and commission statement Area/zone wise collection analysis Variance reports and payment overdue reports Graphical Analysis Easy admin features for role and permission assigning Web based solution brings with itself following advantages over Client/Server applications: Centralized database No additional investment for branch offices Usage of the software from anywhere in the world

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19 Thank You

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