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1 Transforming our Enquiry Offices to meet future requirements, incorporating safety, customer, and employee imperatives.

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1 1 Transforming our Enquiry Offices to meet future requirements, incorporating safety, customer, and employee imperatives

2 Royal Mail is the leader in the UK parcels market: e-commerce growth is a big opportunity for us. 76% of consumers more likely to re-use an online retailer if they use Royal Mail Almost twice as much as the nearest competitor Royal Mail customer satisfaction at 75% v 61% for Yodel Parcelforce customer satisfaction at 76% v 74% for DPD 73% of ebay sellers using Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide are very or extremely satisfied

3 Every customer is going to miss a delivery at some point: it’s what happens next that’s important in an increasingly competitive environment Enquiry Office staff generally do a great job of representing Royal Mail in this key customer touch-point Nonetheless, undelivered items can be a major source of customer dissatisfaction So we will invest in improving Enquiry Offices: Physical condition Processes Facilities

4 1/3 of "Enquiry Office" complaints are caused by 56 DOs; and 1/2 of "Enquiry Office" complaints are caused by 104 offices: focus in these few will drive marked improvements 366k item losses reported (excl. overseas loss or part loss) £5.5M paid in compensation for loss We cannot quantify the proportion of loss caused by activity within the DO Nonetheless, focus on improving Enquiry Offices in DOs with high levels of complaint can only have a positive impact Data for 2012/13 1/2 1/3

5 A number of our Enquiry Offices already have good processes and/or the more retail-like atmosphere we shall need in future: we shall deploy the learning from these, and set up 5 model sites Model Sites: Norwich MPU Preston Leeds City Taunton Burgess Hill Set the tone with physical and behavioural cues that customers are welcomed and will receive the best possible service

6 Late in 2012, Stevenage DO was refurbished, creating a more retail-like look and feel to the Enquiry Office A till is used for surcharge payments (£50 - £300 / day) Customers prefer the look and feel without the screen Staff prefer the open-plan layout and would not want to revert Customer interactions are consistently better now

7 Home Counties North DO was re-fitted along similar lines to Stevenage DO

8 Other Enquiry Offices have had more retail-like environments for far longer: Ware DO opened like this in 1997 Security cameras and alarm buttons are fitted, giving security if needed Staff and customers all prefer this open counter

9 Peterborough DO also opened 16 years ago, and again this is preferred by staff and customers alike

10 While completing EO upgrades, welfare facilities will be checked and (where necessary) improved in tandem

11 Why is this important The parcels sector is the biggest opportunity for Royal Mail in the future It is a market where we must excel in every respect We need to create space between Royal Mail and its competitors: Clearly distinguishing the professionalism of our operation Redressing historic perceptions Being seen as a thoroughly modern delivery network Enquiry Offices are a key interface with our customers and can help provide a platform for future growth

12 Enquiry Office

13 Operational Processes Current State No standard operating process No standard racking No booking in tool No standard on customer presentation Mix of abilities in serving customers

14 Our approach Across our whole estate we will - Create a standard way of working Provide a standard method for recording items back into the enquiry office Continue to train our people to face customers Brand the customer area with standard notices

15 Professionalise the look & feel


17 Parcels stored by Unit (10 Postcodes)

18 Temporary Storage in back yard

19 Average Customer Experience Waiting Time in Seconds 6:29

20 Poor Customer Experience

21 Introduced new shelving and Dorks

22 Average Customer Experience Waiting Time in Seconds 4:23

23 Improving Customer Experience

24 Introduced New Computer System for each Delivery Office

25 Parcels given individual reference no. & stored by Office (3)

26 Average Customer Experience Waiting Time in Seconds

27 Enhanced Customer Experience Customer arrives at 17:32:14 Leaves at 17:33:20 Total experience time just over a minute

28 Customer Experience 62.7% reduction in Waiting times

29 But that’s only Half the Story! Create Exceptional People

30 We worked together

31 Created a feed back loop for incorrectly completed P739s with Peer to Peer coaching Captured the Data on Not found Items and using both TWTTP & HERCAs to identfiy each Phenomenon which is allowing us to create and deploy the right countermeasures

32 All Enquiry Office Staff and Reserves 987 people trained already in 520 Delivery Offices since June 2012

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