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Anti Counterfeiting Standards Accreditation Services Development

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1 Anti Counterfeiting Standards Accreditation Services Development
6th Annual ‘Anti Counterfeiting Forum’ Seminar Anti Counterfeiting Standards & Accreditation Services Development Kevin Beard President – NQA February 19, 2015

2 Audience Check-In How Many Companies Certified to AS9100/AS9120/ISO 9001? How Many Companies have Contractual Flow Downs for AS5553 or AS 6081? Or Other CPP Requirements? How Many Organization’s Currently Have A CPP Program? And are Auditing within their AS9100/AS9120/ISO9001 Certification?

3 Presentation Focus Who is NQA Update on Accreditation
Update of 5553/6081Revision Impacts Update on 9100 & 9120 Revision Impacts Industry Information Resources

4 Introductions- Who Is NQA
Company Profile Standards Leading International Accredited Certification Body Leading Aerospace Industry Registrar Serving Customers for Industry Success More than 30,000 Customers Worldwide Local audit resources world-wide AS9100 AS9110 AS9120 AS5553 AS6081 Customers Committees Boeing NASA ESA Lockheed Martin Raytheon L-3 Communications Ball Aerospace United Launch Alliance Aerospace AAQSC Voting Member AAQG/IAQG – Numerous Working Groups SAE G-19 Counterfeit Part Prevention WG Telecom QuEST Forum Member Other Automotive – IATF/SMMT Dept. of Homeland Security – Business Continuity ISO 9001 ISO 14001 TS 16949 TL9000 ISO 13485 ISO 27001 ISO 20000 ISO 28000 OHSAS 18001 ESD S20.20

5 Update On Accreditation & Certification
Accredited Certification has Been Around for Decades Accredited Certification Schemes Are Understood and Used by Government, Industry and Associated Supply Chains Also Understood by Many Members of SAE G-19 Initial Focus has Been on Requirements Standards for Manufacturers, Distributors and Test Organizations Awaiting Efforts on Certification Integrity Focus In the Mean Time, …….……. NQA is Progressing Accredited Certification

6 Counterfeit Parts & The Industry Model
Industry Supply Chain MOD, ESA/NASA, Civil Aviation, Etc. Primes Primes Primes Design Resp AS 9100 & AS 5553 Sub-System Emerging Certification Schemes Not Design Resp Component Sub-Component Discuss the industry Supply Chain Model Discuss the Needs of the Industry Discuss the Roles of System Integrator Design Responsible Middle Tier Organizations Non Design Responsible Middle Tier Organizations Distributors Historically Fasteners Raw Materials Now with outsourcing, moving to more complex Procurements at Lower Points in the Supply Chain Parts OCMs & Aftermarket Franchised Distributor Other Type Distributor Stocking Broker Independent Other Sources Surplus Open Market Recyclers Etc. AS 9120, AS 5553, AS 6081 Counterfeit Parts Entering the Supply Chain



9 NQA Focus for Accredited Certification Services
Alignment to IAQG (& Sector) Model Focus on End User/Government Control Model Focus on ISO 17021/17025 Based Model Continue with G-19 Supplement/Augmentation Approach Areas of Focus Standards, Competencies, Tools, Formants, Oversight Alignment, etc. Why is this Important Need Regulatory Compliance Aligned Approach Industry, End User, Authority/Government Recognition Supply Chain Efficiency & Cost Control Avoid Developing an Additional Industry Controlled Model (IAQG, NADCAP, Etc.) Awaiting G-19 to Address & Achieve Alignment NQA Aligning Certification with Using IAQG & ANAB Recognized Approaches

10 Accreditation & Certification Approach
Base Standard Focus Aerospace/G-14 Augmentation & Oversight G-19 Augmentation & Focus NQA G/14 Aligned Augmentation Regulatory, Authority, Government Compliance Gov. Laws, Policies, Contractual Requirements and other legal influences Industry Control Standards Approval Auditor Approval AB/CB Approval, Etc. IAQG (EAQG, AAQG, APAQG) N/A Aligned to IAQG format ANAB AR 36 Awaiting G-19 augmentation Requirements Standards for Certified Company ISO 9001 Company Requirements AS9100 AS9110 AS9120 AS5553 AS6081 --- Certification Integrity Industry Oversight AS9104/1 &/2 ISO 17021 Accreditation Approach CB Oversight ANAB AR36 CB Integrity Processes Industry Confidence Independence COI Avoidance Transparency Audit Approach Stage I/II/Surv/Reassess, etc Process, Duration, Frequency Certificate Reqts Effectiveness Determination NC Remedial Actions AS9104/1 AS9101 ISO Competency Auditor – Experience, Testing, Approvals Technical Reviews Etc. AS9104/1 &/3 Reporting Tools & Formats Cert Achieve Representation AS 9101 OASIS Database AS6463 & AS6301 AS9101 Alignment OASIS Alignment

11 Update AS 5553/AS 6081 AS6081 AS5553 Key Changes
Test Requirements Removed (Pointer to AS6171 Added) Modified Competency Needs (Removed Reference to NAS 410) Strengthened Government Reporting (GIDEP, Etc.) Strengthened Supplier Selection (Risk Characterization) Ballot Deferred Until Completion of AS6171 Series AS5553 Key Change - Appendices Removed AS5553b Ballot Failed Ballot Comments Being Worked

12 Update ISO 9001/AS 9100/AS 9120 - Foundations for AS5553/AS6081 -
Support From Other Standards & Upcoming Revisions ISO 9001:2008 Currently Very General and Non CPP Specific Statutory/Regulatory Customer Requirements etc. ISO 9001:2015 Drafts Step Forward With Foundational Wording But Still No CPP Specific Risk Mitigation/Prevention Planning & Control

13 ISO 9001:2015 & Risk Subject DIS Ref. Topic QMS Plan/Change
Complex Impact Likelihood Conseqnce Prevent Mitigate Control QMS Plan/Change 6.1/6.1.2/6.3 QMS Plan, Control & Changes X Customer 4.2 5.1.2 Cust, Stat, Reg Requirements Customer Focus Design 8.3.2/8.3.3/8.3.6 Planning, Input & Changes External Providers 8.4.2 Control of Ext. Suppliers Ops Plan/Control 8.1 8.5.5 8.7 Ops Planning & Control Post Delivery Plan/Cont NC Control QMS Processes 4.4 7.5.1 9.2.2 9.3.1 10.1 10.2.1 Documented Information Internal Audits Management Review Improvement NC & CA

14 Current & Future Wording AS 9100/AS 9120 - Foundations for AS5553/AS6081 -
Current AS9100 Stronger Wording More Aligned to CPP Processes Risk, Special Requirements/Critical Items/Key Characteristics Supplier Risk Management Augmented Traceability & Inspection Wording Future AS9100 (draft) Requirements for Counterfeit Prevention Processes Training, Obsolescence, Traceability, Inspection, Reporting, Quarantine Enhanced Wording on Key QMS Processes Supporting CPP Risk Based Purchasing Controls Supplier & Sub-Tier Supplier Controls Risk Based Inspection & Test Scrap of Validated Counterfeit items

15 Emerging Areas of Focus
Update AS 9100/AS 9120 Addressing Emergent Supply Chain Challenges Expanded Expectations & Needs in the Supply Chain Driving the Need For More Controls Deeper in the Supply Chain IAQG Development of New Quality/Process Control Methods Changes to QMS Standards (AS9100, etc.) Risk & Escape Prevention Counterfeit Parts Sub-tier Supplier Control Raw Material Testing Obsolescence Management Notification of Change Compliance, Ethics, Safety Impacting Product Emerging Areas of Focus

16 Risk Associated Wording 9100 WD1
Subject DIS Ref. Topic Risk Complex Impact Likelihood Conseqnce Severity Prevent Mitigate Control QMS Plan/Change 6.1/6.1.2/6.3 QMS Plan, Control & Changes X+ X Customer 4.2 5.1.2 8.2.2.d Cust, Stat, Reg Requirements Customer Focus Determination of Requirements + Design 8.3.2/8.3.3/8.3.6 8.3.4 Planning, Input & Changes D&D Control (review) External Providers 8.4.1 8.4.2 8.4.3 Ext. Providers General Type & Extent of Control Doc Info For Ext. Providers Ops Plan/Control 8.1 8.1.1 8.1.2 8.1.3 8.1.4 8.5.1 8.5.2 8.5.4 8.5.5 8.5.6 8.7 Ops Planning & Control Operation Risk Management Configuration Management Product Safety Counterfeit Parts Control Production Provision ID & Traceability Preservation Post Delivery Plan/Cont Control of Changes NC Control QMS Processes 4.4 7.5.1/ 9.1.3 9.2.2 9.3.1 10.1 10.2.1 Documented Information Analysis & Evaluation Internal Audits Management Review Improvement NC & CA

17 Information & Guidance for Supply Chain
IAQG Supply Chain Management Handbook International Information Sharing by OEM/Primes Wide Variety of Aerospace/Defense Business & Quality Management System Practices

18 New SCMH structure and content
3 Market & Sell Make (incl. Assemble & test) CustomerSupport 9103 Material for Key Characteristics 9102 Material for First Article Inspection Counterfeit & Suspect Unapproved Parts Control of non conformities Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Human factors for new manufacturing Statistical Process Acceptance 6 1 TBD Master Scheduling 5 Deliver 2 Design & Develop Delivery Metrics Definition Certificate of Conformance Delegated Product Release verification Special Requirements & Critical Items Quality Aspects of New Product Development Notification of Change Software Guidance (9115) C US T O M E R C US T O M E R C US T O M E R Appendices 4 Buy 9100 Rev C Deployment Support People Capability PCAP 001 Link to ICOP Overview 9100/SSCA/PPDAC Comparison IAQG dictionary Supplier Selection and Capability Assessment Product Performance Detailed Assessment Checklists Supplier Quality Mgt Basics Sub-tier Supplier Control Management 7 Plan & Manage Work Transfer Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving Process Mapping (VSM Based) Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Risk Management Configuration management Capacity Management, Ordering and Logistics 8 Stakeholders relationship and communication Requirements & Flow Down Templates Contractual Requirements Review & Management Guidance Sections already in progress Future sections

19 In Closing Counterfeit Part Avoidance
Significant Challenges Need Broad-based Solutions Industry Focus Ramping Up. Educational Information Available to Supply Chain Numerous Committees Are Working Towards Solutions Standards Are Evolving Accredited Certification is Available What Part will We Play in Solving this Industry Problem? Accredited Certification is a Key Component of Building Industry Trust!

20 Questions? Counterfeit Part Prevention AS 9100 & AS 5553
DOD, NASA, Civil Aviation, Etc. Primes Primes Primes AS 9100 & AS 5553 Counterfeit Part Prevention Sub-System Component Sub-Component Parts OEMs & Aftermarket Franchised Distributor Other Type Distributor Stocking Broker Independent Other Sources Surplus Open Market Recyclers Etc. AS 9120, AS 5553, AS 6081

21 Overview 8.1.4 Prevention of counterfeit parts
The organization shall establish, implement and maintain a process, appropriate to the product, that prevents the use of counterfeit or suspect counterfeit parts and their inclusion in product(s) delivered to the customer. NOTE Counterfeit parts prevention processes should consider: training of appropriate personnel in the awareness and prevention of counterfeit parts; application of a parts obsolescence monitoring program; procurement requirements for assuring traceability of parts and components to their original authorized manufacturers; inspection processes to detect counterfeit parts; monitoring of counterfeit parts reporting services; quarantine and reporting of suspect or detected counterfeit parts. 8.4.2 Type and extent of control of external provision Verification of externally provided products and services shall be performed according to the risks identified. Verification activities shall include inspection of products or periodic testing, as applicable, where there is high risk of counterfeit or nonconforming product. 8.4.3 Documented information for external providers The organization shall communicate to external providers applicable requirements for the following: j) requirements regarding the need for the external provider to: prevent the use of counterfeit products; 8.7 Control of nonconforming process outputs, products and services Product identified as counterfeit shall not be returned to the external provider and shall be controlled and disposed of as scrap. X

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