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Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement

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1 Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement
Negotiation BATNA Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement

2 Fostering Cooperation
The Structural Logic of “Win As Much As You Can” Them Collaborate Compete You You achieve modest gains and so do they You lose big, they win big. You win big, they lose big. You lose and so do they, but not as much as if one of you had cooperated.

3 What is your BATNA? Ask yourself… What will happen if we don’t agree?
What do you think they will do? What will you do? What is the bottom line?

4 What is your BATNA? Walk Away (Flight) Interact (Fight)
Another client? Another job? Another supplier? Interact (Fight) Strike/Lock-out? Vote/election? Go to war? Third-Party (Flow) Mediation? Higher authority? Go to court?

5 Win/Win Philosophy Both parties must leave the table feeling that they have achieved their objectives. Successful negotiators: Right attitude Recognise the needs of others Be flexible Cooperate Understand the give/get principle.

6 Big Mistakes… Inadequate preparation Ignoring “give/get”
Intimidating behaviour Impatience Loss of temper Talking and not listening Arguing instead of influencing Ignoring conflict.

7 Six Steps… Get to know each other Understand each other’s objectives
Initiate the negotiation process Identify areas of disagreement and conflict Reassess and compromise Seek and confirm agreement.

8 Getting to Yes Separate people and problem
Focus on interests, not positions Invent options for mutual gain Insist on using objective criteria. Fisher, Roger and Ury, William (1992) Getting to Yes 2nd ed Random House Business Books

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