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Effective Information Governance Legal Tech Asia Technology Summit March 3, 2014 Marilyn Bier, CEO ARMA International.

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1 Effective Information Governance Legal Tech Asia Technology Summit March 3, 2014 Marilyn Bier, CEO ARMA International

2 Agenda Introduction to ARMA International Drivers creating need for Information Governance Defining Information Governance? Generally Accepted Record Keeping Principles Measuring Information Governance Tips on Where to Start

3 About ARMA International ARMA International is the industry leading association for the Information Governance Profession providing resources, education and leadership opportunities. Our members by the numbers: 27,000 Members 120 Local Chapters 130 Countries 94% play a role in their organizations purchase decisions of information governance resources 98% Faithfully read ARMA International’s Information Managemen t magazine monthly to keep up-to- date on industry and best practices

4 ARMA and IG ARMA International is the standard bearer for information governance resources. We support legal, IT and information management professionals by providing resources, education, support and certification.

5 Key Driver –Data Explosion Contributors Social Networks, Blogs, Social Media-based Information, Internet-based Text and Documents (Cloud), etc. Definitions of Big Data Laymen’s definition – Data bases so large they become awkward to work with when using on-hand tools Gartner – High v olume, high v elocity and high v ariety information assets that demand cost-effective innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insights and decision making. Forrester adds a fourth “v” – variability

6 Big Data Link to Information Governance Potential of big data huge Smarter decisions at faster rate Gaining competitive advantage Improving efficiency and customer targeting Importance of techniques and technologies Crucial decisions must be based on good data Business cost to retaining ROT (redundant, obsolete, or trivial) information

7 Information Governance Defined Information governance is a strategic framework comprised of standards, processes, roles, and metrics that hold organizations and individuals accountable to create, organize, secure, maintain, use, and dispose of information in ways that align with and contribute to the organization’s goals. ARMA, 2012

8 Records and Information Management RIM – The Foundation of IG A RIM program defines the rules and controls to manage corporate records and information from creation/receipt until no longer needed: Email management Retention policy/process Legal/regulatory compliance Risk assessment Litigation/e-Discovery

9 IG’s Collaborative Partnership Key Stakeholders –Business units –IT, Security –Legal, Compliance –Information Governance Shared Priorities –ROI –Risk management –Match systems to ROI –Effective litigation –Documenting key systems –Handling legacy data

10 Unifies perspectives: Business – profit Security/Privacy- risk IT – efficiency Legal – risk RIM - risk EDRM’s Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM)


12 Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Framework for information governance Introduced in 2009 Carefully vetted “best practices” International & national standards Industry independent

13 The Strategic Framework The Principles provide effective Information Governance. Objective Reasonable Reality-based Scalable Standards-based


15 Standards/Best Practices Mapped to Principles* ISO 15489: Information & Documentation - Records Management ISO 30300: Management Systems for Records ANSI/ARMA 18-2011: Implications of Web-based Technologies ARMA TR20-2012: Mobile Communications and Records/Information Evaluating / Mitigating Records & Information Risks Outsourcing Records Storage to the Cloud ISO TR 17068: Trusted Third-Party Repository ARMA TR 21-2012: Using Social Media in Organizations ARMA: Website Records Management ANSI/ARMA 2010: Vital Records Programs *not comprehensive

16 Information Governance Maturity Model

17 Basis for benchmarking –Level 3 considered minimum acceptable for any organization Identify and rate deficiencies Establish improvement targets and reassess regularly

18 Information Governance Assessment


20 Practical Information Governance Tips on Where to Begin Identify your stakeholders and champions Establish goals and targets at the beginning of the process Be sure to address all information and consider historical and future-generated information Preform some type of assessment Do a gap analysis

21 Practical Information Governance - Tips Based on targets, which scores are lower? You don’t need to ‘fix’ everything at once! Which pose the greatest risks for your organization? Prioritize and do a cost analysis based on your industry

22 Practical Information Governance - Tips Deploy systematic and repeatable process to discover, classify and enforce policy on all organizational assets Develop executive dashboards that demonstrate effectiveness of Information Governance program Provide training for end users Consider employing a certified IGP – Information Governance Professional

23 Information Governance Professional

24 Contact Information Marilyn Bier, CEO ARMA International 11880 College Blvd. Suite 450 Overland Park, KS 66210 USA 888-301-3324

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