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DLA Disposition Services

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1 DLA Disposition Services

2 Stewardship Excellence Workforce Development
We are DLA Disposition Services 15 Countries … 41 States … 109 locations Warfighter Support Reutilization Military Services & DOD Humanitarian Assistance Transfer Federal agencies Donation State & local agencies Stewardship Excellence Protecting the Public Demilitarization Hazardous Waste Disposal Controlled Property Responsible Sales Term & One Time Foreign Military Continuous improvement Workforce Development Stakeholder training Performance Based Leadership Mentoring Diversity Objectives Workforce Talent Replenishment Mission In support of the DLA mission, DLA Disposition Services supports the Warfighter and protects the public by providing worldwide disposal management solutions DLA Disposition Services is located in 15 countries and 41 states. We support the Warfighter through the Reutilization of property to the Military Services, as well as, through the transfer and donation of property to Special Programs, Federal, State & local agencies. We protect the public by ensuring Hazardous property is disposed of properly and by destroying Demil required and controlled property. A day in the life of Disposition Services includes: Being visited by 144 warfighters Receiving 9700 L/Is Issuing 470 L/Is to Reutilization/ Transfer and Donation customers Selling 760 L/Is Destroying 570 L/Is

3 DLA Disposition Services DLA Installation Support
Leadership DLA J8 Connie Nowicki DLA Disposition Services Director, COL Richard Bezold, USA Office of Counsel Matt Pausch DLA Installation Support Dean Newsome DLA J6 Ray Zingaretti East Kathy Atkins-Nunez Mid-America Dale Bennett West Carrie Groves Pacific Lt. Col. Stephanie King Europe & Africa Ben Waller Central LTC Merritt Lincoln J3 Disposal Operations Robert King J4 Customer Support Tina Aldrich J5 Transformation Pete Foreman J7 Acquisition Brian Moravek DB Reutilization Business Integration (RBI) Paul Mank Property Accounting Warehousing Controlled Property Demilitarization Precious Metals Hazardous Property Reut / Transfer / Donation / Sales LESO Customer Engagement Transportation Annual Operating Plan Compliance Risk Management Simulation Lab Workforce Initiatives Deployment Readiness Exercise Support Contingency Planning Hazardous Waste Mission Support Contingency Demanufacturing Equipment Repair Other Business Re-engineering Plan Build Test Deploy Sustain Our agency is headed up by a member of the Senior Executive Service – Ms. Twila Gonzales. Our Deputy Director is Army COL Rick Bezold. Our leadership team is comprised of six regions with Disposal Service Directors and five directorates. I will go into further detail regarding each of these areas as we move through the briefing today.

4 DLA Disposition Services East, Mid-America & West
Lewis San Joaquin Hill Colorado Springs Riley Red River Bragg Columbus Susquehanna San Antonio Norfolk Pease Drum Tobyhanna Aberdeen Letterkenny Meade Richmond St. Juliens Creek Cherry Point Lejeune Jackson Sill Oklahoma City Campbell Great Lakes Knox Crane Duluth Rock Island Selfridge Scott Blue Grass Wright Patterson Cape Canaveral Huntsville Anniston Offutt Ellsworth Whiteman Corpus Christi Hood Dyess McAlester Little Rock Polk Holloman Kirtland Tucson Great Falls San Diego Barstow Port Hueneme Vandenberg Travis Sierra Nellis 29 Palms Yuma Fairchild Forest Park Tooele Puerto Rico Pendleton Groton Bliss Warner Robins Gordon Stewart Benning Jacksonville Minot Tampa Rucker Keesler Eglin Sparta Luke Battle Creek West 10 states … 24 sites FY K Line items received 1 Controlled Property Branch 1 Centralized Demil Division East 11 states … 22 sites FY12 … 920K Line items received Largest Disposition Services Site outside of AOR 3 Controlled Property Branches The Continental United States is broken up into 3 regions: East, West and Mid-America. Starting with the Eastern region – it encompasses 11 states and has 22 field offices. In FY12, they received 920K LI (the most of any CONUS region). They have the largest Disposition Site outside the AOR located at New Cumberland, PA. Mid-America encompasses 21 states and has 35 field offices. In FY12, they received 883K LI. They also have the Long Term Storage Facility, located in Columbus, OH, 2 Controlled Property Branches and 2 Demil Centers. The Western region encompasses 10 states and has 24 field offices. In FY12, the received 670K LI. They have 1 Controlled Property Branch and the largest Demil Center in DS at Tucson, AZ. Fairbanks Anchorage Mid-America 21 states … 35 sites FY12 … 883K Line items received Long Term Storage (LTS) Weapons Storage 2 Controlled Property Branches 2 Centralized Demil Divisions Field Activity Field Office Controlled Property Branch Centralized Demil Division Co-located with Distribution DLA Disposition Services Headquarters

5 DLA Disposition Services Pacific and Europe & Africa
Livorno Naples Molesworth Lajes Rota Incirlik Aviano Vicenza Sigonella United Kingdom Spain Italy Turkey Azores Germersheim Grafenwoehr Germany Spangdahlem Kaiserslautern Schweinfurt Pacific 36 countries … 8 sites FY12 … 230K Line items received 4 Controlled Property Branches The Pacific region provides support to 36 countries with their 8 field offices. In FY12, they received 230K LI. They have 4 Controlled Property Branches. The Europe & Africa region provides support to 30 countries from their 15 field offices. In FY12, they received 186K LI. They have 4 Controlled Property Branches and 1 Centralized Demil Center. Europe & Africa 30 countries … 15 Sites FY12 … 186K Line items received 4 Controlled Property Branches 1 Centralized Demil Division Field Activity Field Office Centralized Demil Division Controlled Property Branch Co-located with Distribution

6 DLA Disposition Services Central
Field Activity Co-located with Distribution Afghanistan 4 sites Full service Disposition Services to support Afghanistan surge Support all phases of Afghanistan retrograde operations Camp John Pratt Kuwait & Gulf States 1 site … Largest Disposition site Theater-wide retrograde operations Supporting CENTCOM FMS/HAP outreach through the Army Iraq 1 site & 3 laydown yards First Disposition Services site to support Department of State directly Fully integrated in Iraq retrograde Our Central region provides Contingency Operations Support in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq & are staffed with civilian personnel and military reservists. In FY12, Scrap receipts totaled 290M LBS; scrap removals totaled 292M LBS; and the warfighter reutilized more than 17K pieces of property. In keeping with their mission to safeguard national security, DLA Disposition Services demilitarized over 63K items no longer needed for national defense. We have 1 field office in Kuwait – it is actually our largest DS site in the world and supports theater-wide retrograde operations. In Afghanistan we have 4 field offices and are providing support for drawdown and retrograde operations. In Iraq we have one remaining field office supporting the Department of State. In FY12, we closed four sites in Iraq. 438K Line items received in FY12 within the Central Region

7 CONUS Screening Timeline OCONUS Screening Timeline
Disposal Overview Protecting the Public through Demilitarization, Environmental Compliance & Controlled Property Verification CONUS Screening Timeline OCONUS Screening Timeline This is a visual depiction of our disposition process… We receive property physically or electronically (in place) Property is held to allow for reutilization screening Property is deemed either usable or scrap – about 60% of what comes in the door in downgraded to scrap based on condition and reutilization history Usable property is available first to DOD / military personnel and Special Programs. Next, it is available to Federal Agencies, followed by State Agencies before released for Sale. Property not requested by RTD customers is reviewed for sales eligibility. Items not “safe for sale” are destroyed.

8 Controlled Property Verification
FY 2013 YTD … 4.1M lines reviewed … 57K lines removed from sale Columbus, OH Europe & Pacific … (Multiple sites) Susquehanna, PA San Joaquin, CA Norfolk, VA Huntsville, AL Jacksonville, FL During the summer of 2006 (as a result of Congressional Hearings) DLA Disposition Services established a verification processes as a second, third, and fourth level check of property before releasing for sale. We created a Verification Branch at HQ DLA DS and Controlled Property Locations in the field. The Verification Branch is responsible for reviewing property before it is offered for sale (verify Demil A/Q6 only), and again when offered on the re-sale contractors web site; the objective is to prevent government-sensitive or controlled property from being released to the public.  (Our focus is on analyzing the accuracy of the Demil code assigned to each National Stock Number (NSN) in the DLA Disposition Services inventory and maintaining the controlled property business rules within DSS/EBS for F-14 (common/unique), NWRM, military camo uniforms, body armor, NBC defense equipment and many other categories of controlled property.) We continuously look for ways to strengthen the verification process. (Recent improvements include: strengthening the NSN review by moving it further up in the disposal process (at receipt, prior to RTD/S), created an internal tracking tool for NSNs already reviewed (saving time, to date we have reviewed over 1.4 million unique NSNs), and also reviewing NSNs that have been downgraded to scrap at the field sites.) Ensuring the safe release of property Controlled Property Verification Office (CPVO) Demil code accuracy Review before and after sales Maintain automated tools Research batch/LSN property Identify NSNs Verify Demil code Apply Demil / Trade Security Controls Impact Prevent release of controlled property to the Public Provides more effective disposition Increased reutilization Controlled Property Branch (CPB)

9 Demilitarization (CONUS)
Demil as Condition of Sale Demilitarization Performed Demanufacturing (Demil Required) Precious Metals Recovery Safeguarding national security, the environment & taxpayer dollars FY M Line Items 72.3M lbs. Demiled … $17.4 M recovered in precious metals Tucson, AZ Contractor Hammer-mills Main Demil Site AMARG aircraft and parts Note: Pacific ships small items to Tucson … large items as condition of sale McAlester, OK Performed by Army Ammunition Plant (AAP) Vehicle, helicopter & aircraft parts Presenter: Nathan Barnes Demil is performed through several different programs as shown on this chart; Demil Condition of Sale (thru the SV contractor), Centralized Demil Divisions, the Demanufacturing contractor, and the Precious Metals Recovery Program contractor. Demil Performed FY13 YTD 72.3M LBS. or 3.5M line Items were demiled. Precious Metals Program – FY13 YTD 1,063,318 Pounds of precious metals recovered with deposit value of $17.4M New Precious metals contract is being worked. Demil as Condition of Sale - 24,437,342M pounds have been sold with DEMIL as condition of sale for FY 13 YTD. Sites performing Demil in the U.S. are shown here, along with the primary method of performing Demil. Tucson, AZ our largest site, performs 78% of our Demil followed by sites in Anniston, AL and McAlester, OK. In the fall of 2012 DLA redirected some demil required property to Pine Bluff AR. giving some relief to Tucson, Anniston and McAlester by geographic location. DLA has seen a large amount of demil required property returning from AOR for disposal. DLA Disposition Services is working on many cost saving initiatives for disposal of demil property. One of these initiatives include direct shipment from Depots to DLA Centralized Demil Divisions. Anniston, AL Contractor Shreds / Torches / Mills Vehicles & parts Serialized Small Arms (weapons and parts) Pine Bluff, AR Contracted Shredding & Disposal Operations JEFS Property Body Armor & Camo Net

10 Demilitarization (OCONUS)
Kaiserslautern, Germany Europe scrap contract Afghanistan Contractor shreds, shears, torches Vehicles & Parts, up-armored items Iraq Contractor shreds, shears, torches Vehicles parts, up-armored items Presenter: Nathan Barnes In OCONUS location Demil is performed through scrap service contracts. The contractor has the responsibility to perform Demil with DLA Disposition Services employee oversight and verification of Demil. Overall, in OCONUS, there has been a 15% increase of demil required property in Afghanistan. In the Pacific, we are looking at establishing in theater Demil capability through a service contract, similar to the Europe scrap contract. We will continue to use the Demil Condition of Sale contract for those sites where it provides the best business practice. Pacific Demil as Condition of Sale for large and/or bulky items Routine Demil items shipped to CDD Tucson Study of In-Region Demil Capability (R2010 Concept) Kuwait Contractor shreds, shears, torches Vehicles parts, up-armored items

11 Demil B & Q Policy Background 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
GAO concerns over national security DUSD (L&MR) policy, requiring Long Term Storage (LTS) for Demil Code B and sensitive Demil Q items for reasons of national security LTS facility at Columbus became operational in January 2009 to hold serviceable Demil B and sensitive Demil Q3 DLA J3 tasked with reassessing policy issued by DUSD (L&MR), and recommend appropriate changes DLA Director directed DLA J3 to reassess policy issued by DUSD (L&MR) Jointly OSD and DLA would socialize policy revision 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 In response to GAO concerns OSD issued guidance in Jan 2007 for DLA to study current disposal policy and propose appropriate changes DLA suspended the sale of (F-14 parts) Demil B and sensitive Q items to the public…pending a comprehensive analysis of impacts to national security. Controls applied to items identified as sensitive for national security. Items will be held for extended/indefinite reutilization by authorized DOD Components, and designated Special Programs. Excess facilities being turned in by DLA Distribution at Columbus became available, and DLA Disposition Services started transporting Demil B and sensitive Demil Q property to LTS Columbus. We have charts in the deck which will show the progression from stand up to current inventory levels. We have been working with DLA J3 on proposed policies, DORRA Studies and concepts of trusted agents from private industry Private industry involvement needs to be decided so that we can move forward with a decision With the advice from OSD, DLA has socialized LTS effort with commercial industry. The socialization with the House and Senate Armed Services Committee staffers is also recommended but has not yet occurred. DUSD Policy issued Sales partner notified Established warehouse & interim guidance Jan … first shipment Apr … DLA assessment May … shipments halted Jul … shipments resume … metered flow Proposed change to policy Halted Depot shipments Acquired additional warehouse space DORRA studies cost of organic vs private Resumed Depot Shipments Met with Private industry Received unsolicited proposal from Industry Halted Depot shipments indefinitely Released RFI to solicit ideas from private industry Policy Signed Disposal Begins Consolidate “Demand” Items Return of Buildings Scheduled

12 Hazardous Material Sales Quality Control Hazardous Waste Disposal
HM/HW Overview Hazardous Material Sales Quality Control Pre-issuance Technical review of referral and Invitation For Bid (IFB) Pre-award Phone survey with regulatory authorities On-site inspections Post-award On-site inspection of select locations Annual revalidations Hazardous Waste Disposal HW Contracts Profile Over 80 contracts worldwide Servicing over 2,100 locations 188M pounds shipped off-site ($66M) Recycled, Burned or Buried Contractors provide $20M worth of on-site HW services Analysis, Collection, Storage, etc. Ensure Contractor Compliance Technical pre-award surveys Qualified transporters/facilities Cradle-to-grave audit trail quality assurance HM and HW disposal is the bulk of the Disposition Services environmental program. Predominantly, we deliver our services thru contracted partners and we go to great lengths to ensure that we do business with environmentally responsible and compliant contractors. Minimizing potential future environmental liabilities is important for DLA. So, we thoroughly vet prospective HM buyers prior to award by checking with regulatory authorities and sending our field environmental protection specialists on-site. Additionally, we perform annual revalidations after award. Nearly 200M pounds of hazardous and solid wastes are recycled, treated or disposed of annually - thru our network of 80+ HW management and disposal contracts supporting DOD activities worldwide. Additionally, our contractors provide a great deal of support on-site performing such services as waste collection and storage facility operation. Like the HM sales processes discussed previously, we have robust quality control and quality assurance processes to ensure competent contractors are supporting the customer and delivering superior services. Disposition Services environmental and acquisition personnel around the world work diligently to develop, solicit, award and administer high quality contract solutions to the warfighter.

13 Customer Diversity and Engagement
Engagement Strategies Expand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Usage Customer Surveys (Quarterly) DLA Disp Svcs is unique in that we have a diverse customer base that reaches far beyond DOD and the Military Services. We also have Federal, State and Local Agencies, Sales buyers and HW contractors… to name a few. In FY12, we dove into the process of reinvigorating CRM. We now have 152 members in our “CRM Cadre”, including 45 employees from HQ BC and 107 from our various field locations both CONUS and OCONUS – all fully trained in CRM SVC400 (CRM Service). With full CRM Service deployment and training largely behind us, FY13’s focus will be to encourage increased use of the system and engage in deeper CRM Analytics in order to actually make use of the data being captured. We have now used the ICE system for Quarterly Customer Surveys for an entire fiscal year (FY12). We averaged a 14.5% response rate (Goal 16%), and an Overall satisfaction rating – of 94.5% (Goal 90%). We have received hundreds of written comments and have proactively responded to all ‘actionable’ comments – utilizing the CRM tool to do this. Comments were positive overall but reflected some areas where we could improve: Customers would like to see more photos of property on our website There was some frustration with transportation delays EDOCs copies not available in a timely manner Actions are being taken to improve in these areas and we plan to inform our customers of those actions so they know their voices have been heard. Some changes are being made to survey questions for FY13 utilizing lessons learned from FY12 and incorporating overall organizational changes as applicable. (We made no changes in FY12 in order to maintain consistency for yearly trends.) ICE Background: Interactive Customer Evaluation: A Web-based tool for collecting feedback about the services provided by DLA Disposition Services. The ICE system is hosted by OSD. Allowing customers to submit online survey. ICE allows service providers to collect customer satisfaction data in a standardized format which is stored in the ICE database. The Army uses ICE and, although DLA has not standardized ICE, it allows PLFAs to use it. Conducting Customer Outreach at the Marine South Expo, Camp Lejeune Engage with customers and external stakeholders to drive additional DLA support improvements worldwide … WS-3

14 Reutilization / Transfer / Donation
FY12 … $2.2B Transfer FY12 … $110K Donation FY12 … $225K Military Services Special Programs Law Enforcement Foreign Military Sales USDA Firefighters Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) Mil Affiliate Radio System (MARS) Civil Air Patrol Senior ROTC Units DOD or Service Museums DOD Contractors Computers for Learning Federal Civil Agencies Forest Service Veterans Affairs Agriculture National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP) Public Agencies State & Local Governments The graph reflects reutilization, transfer and donation issues. The bars reflect total RTD issues as a percentage of overall dispositions. Our goal is 20% of dispositions are RTD’d. RTD % of Dispositions: FY 12, 20.2% The Reutilization, Transfer and Donation of excess property is one of our primary mission functions. It is our job to promote reuse by giving property visibility both at our field locations and on our website and through the development of tools that make it easy for our customers to order property from us while ensuring procedures are in place to prevent property from getting in the wrong hands. Reutilization customers are the military services, DLA, and other DOD agencies. (The top reutilization customer is Army. In FY11 we filled ~35K requisitions from Army customers for property with an original acquisition value of ~$830M.) We also have Special Programs that screen concurrently with DOD (based on US Code, Defense Appropriations Acts, or Presidential Executive Orders). The top SP customers are: Law Enforcement (68K LI), Firefighters (4K LI), and Foreign Military Sales (12K LI). Transfer customers are Federal Civil Agencies and fall under the control of GSA. (A few examples are: Department of Transportation, US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Justice, and the US Department Fish and Wildlife.) Donation customers are State Agencies for Surplus Property and they also fall under the control of GSA. Customers in this group are State, county and city governments; schools; homeless shelters; and other non-profit agencies.

15 Law Enforcement Support Office
Compliance Accountability Partnership Customer Support: A Transfer of Function in October 2009 realigned the Law Enforcement Support Office from DLA HQ to Disposition Services. The program provides for DOD excess property to be transferred to Law Enforcement Agencies, with emphasis on supporting counter-drug and/or counter-terrorism activities. Since that time, this is a high visibility program, you may note a lot of Media and FOIA attention. The program has undergone an in depth bottom up program review. As a result, processes were streamlined, procedures standardized, metrics established and the MOA between DLA Disposition Services and Program Participants strengthened. However, the LESO program stats continue to increase. Program statistics are: FY10 27,001 line items $212.6M acq. value FY11 40,757 line items $498.5M acq. value FY12 86,122 line items $529.3M acq. value FY13 (YTD) 36,532 line items $268,5M acq. Value Modernization: We deployed a new property accounting system, Federal Excess Property Management System (FEPMIS). The system was developed by IBM and currently used by the US Forest Service. FEPMIS will increase accountability and automation of property being issued. Program Compliance The LESO is required by regulation to visit each state once every 2 years to conduct Program Compliance Reviews, which requires a significant amount of time on the road, visiting State Coordinators and Law Enforcement Agencies – conducting inventories, checking records, training customers and verifying compliance with the MOA. LESO is on track to complete 28 PCRs in FY13. National Partnership: We brief at various law enforcement events such as the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, the National Sheriff’s Association, we are members for both the Navy and Air Force Strike Boards, etc. These evens afford us the opportunity to share what the LESO program is about, the rules, training to customers and knowledge of types of property to be excessed in the future (example aircraft to be retired). Areas of Risk: Property Accountability and Program Compliance Customer Support Increasing efficiency … improving reliability…focus on accountability Increasing requisitions filled Supporting Counter-Drug/Counter-Terrorism Standardization & Modernization Improving processes and procedures Deployed a new property accounting system Program Compliance Conducting program compliance IAW regulatory guidance Initiating investigations, suspensions & terminations National Strategic Partnership Fostering active interagency relationships Partnering with National Law Enforcement

16 Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief
Super-storm Sandy Providing LESO trucks and HMMWVs to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Police Department … Rescued 64 people during storm surge During the Hurricane Sandy relief, we processed 58 requisitions for 269 items. Items ranged from HMMWVs for disaster search and rescue efforts to generators and a few field kitchens. Most the requisitions were LESO customers for vehicles. We were even able to provide the Police Department of Rye NY with a Crane, with original acquisition value of $210K, to help remove debris. These vehicles helped rescue 64 people during the storm surge. 7 DOD requisitions 51 LESO requisitions 269 items $3.5M acq. value

17 Sales Program Term and One Time FY 13 Thru July - $85.9M Revenue
CONUS Usable and Scrap property Hazardous Material DEMIL as condition of sale OCONUS and Central (SWA) sales Through 31 July, FY13 Sales are already 24.57M over FY13 Plan Property not requisitioned during RTD may be eligible for sales. All items are reviewed and only those that are determined to be 'safe to sell' are sold. Sales are conducted on either a term or one-time basis. The majority of property sold in CONUS is done using two long-term contracts: Commercial Venture (CV) and Scrap Venture (SV). These contracts were competitively awarded and are held by the same parent organization: Liquidity Services. Government Liquidation (GL) has our Usable Commercial Venture contract and DOD Surplus has the Scrap Venture contract. The photo on right shows DOD Surplus receiving the DLA Business Alliance Award in the category of "Recognized Cost Saver“ in July As part of our Scrap Sales program, we sell qualified recyclable materials and provide military installations with proceeds reimbursement to help defray the costs of environmental, safety and health, and MWR programs. Last year we returned $30M in QRP proceeds to the Services, YTD we are at 28.74M. One-time sales are used for a specific item and quantity on hand. Hazardous material sales are a good example of when we use a one-time sale. We sell things like paint, cleaners and solvents. Revenue from HM sales was approximately $3M with the added benefit of a disposal cost avoidance to the Military Services of about $534K. DEMIL required property located at our 2 CONUS Demil sites (Anniston & Tucson) is handled by term sale contracts that require demil as a condition of the sale. Title to the property doesn’t pass to the buyer until after the government has verified the demil is complete. Term and one-time sales are also used OCONUS and in our Central region. In Central, we have several term sales in place to handle Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq (Department of State) scrap. As you can see from the dark blue wedge in pie graph, Central sales are just over 20% of our revenue. The lower right quadrant is a graph of our annual proceeds. Last years proceeds were $16M over plan. The increased proceeds were due to increases in the metals market and scrap sales in Central. Our projected sales revenue this year is $61.34M and we have exceeded that by $24.57M. FY 13 Thru July - $85.9M Revenue Sales Revenue

18 25 Seat Classroom (including CPUs) with Instructor’s Podium
DLA Disposition Services … Simulation Laboratory Current & Future Capabilities 25 Seat Classroom (including CPUs) with Instructor’s Podium Projection Screen for Student Instruction T3 Bandwidth Wireless connection inside/outside (uninterrupted) Polycom Teleconferencing System 87” Interactive Whiteboard … 65” Plasma TV 2 Warehouses Video Teleconference Equipment (purchased/not installed) 5 printers (network/RBI reports/Label generators) 1 acre of outside storage capability Small Warehouse Pilferable/Security Cage 1000 sq ft … 53 Line Items of property 6 Work Stations with CPUs PPE storage Large Warehouse 3000 sq ft … 245 Line Items of property 14 Work Stations with CPUs Barcode scanners both RBI and DAISY compatible The Simulation Laboratory has evolved since the grand opening in May Our state of the art classroom offers 25 students an enhanced training environment which includes wired or wireless access to the DLA network at T3 speeds. The instructor has 3 display units (plasma TV, Projection Screen, or Smartboard) to choose from while using 3 sources of information (laptop, and 2 separate DVD players). Therefore the instructor could use video clips, pictures, and Web pages all at once during the training session, in addition to using a wireless mic with new in ceiling mounted speakers in the classroom and the break room (especially on those days where after 5 days of instructing, voices may weaken). The Sim Lab has two warehouses where testing, training, and interactive exercises do take place. RBI owned the lab for most of the summer of 2012 testing and training prior to deployment. The warehouses have a total of 20 workstations and CPUs so the instructors can frequently go from module training on the computers to the warehouse racks where various types of property are on display. The Sim Lab has just under 300 line items of property to use for various instructional purposes. The items range from all of the different types of Demil Codes that our offices worldwide receive along with a few “simulated” items of items that are not supposed to receive (fake “secret” stickers on CPUs). Both warehouses are set up for DSS and have the latest barcoding equipment. The outlook for the Sim Lab is continually evolving. We have VTC equipment purchased and mounted in the classroom and during the first part of FY13, the VTC will be installed and add capability for DLA Disposition Services. In working with the Battle Creek ANG, we will be receiving an additional 3000 sq feet of covered storage space which means we will also be able to requisition additional material to enhance various training exercises. We have added new classes to the Sim Lab schedule to include DEMIL and Field Operations. The Sim Lab will also host the military reservists on a portion of their 2 week Annual Training for an interactive exercise to include receiving, warehousing, sales, and issuance of property. Future Capabilities Video Teleconferencing Adding 3000 sq. ft of inside storage Additional line items of property Additional training classes (field operations, Demil) EDRT/CEW Interactive Exercises

19 FY13 … Operating Plan Focus
Warfighter Support Afghanistan Drawdown Customer Engagement Vision Warfighter-focused, globally responsive, fiscally responsible supply chain leadership. Mission In support of the DLA mission, DLA Disposition Services supports the Warfighter and protects the public by providing worldwide disposal management solutions. Stewardship Excellence Safety & Health of the Workforce Acquisition Small Business Disposition & Disposal Strategy Auditability & Financial Literacy LESO Compliance & Auditability Our FY13 Plan not only drives efforts to achieving the Five Big Ideas, but also supports your three focus areas of warfighter support, stewardship excellence and workforce development. Workforce Development Diversity & Recruitment Strategies Culture & Leadership Development Transparency and Accountability

20 We are DLA Disposition Services
CENTCOM Support Deployers We are the largest deployer in theater and will remain behind the longest HM / HW We are recognized Hazardous Material / Hazardous Waste experts Stewardship We generate revenue reducing the Service Level Bill We support numerous customers in addition to DoD Cost Avoidance We are our customers first and last source of supply off-setting new acquisition costs Customers Ready Relevant Responsive We are providing dedicated support to DOD & DOS in Afghanistan and Iraq in closing, we are DLA’s disposal choice. We are experts in this arena and we are dedicated to the warfighter. Warfighter Support … Stewardship Excellence … Workforce Development

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