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VERITAS – Seagate Merger Macaria Verner University Consulting Corporation.

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1 VERITAS – Seagate Merger Macaria Verner University Consulting Corporation

2 Items to Address  Product and Customer Solutions  Platform – Unix vs. Microsoft  Sales Culture  Organization  Management  Compensation  Cost Savings and Morale

3 Product and Customer Solutions High-end Accounts Direct salesUNIX/ NTNetBackup Mid-range Accounts Blended (VAR and OEM) UNIX/NT/ NetWare NetBackup AND BackUp Exec Low-end Accounts 2-tier Channel Windows NT/ NetWare Backup Exec

4 Platform – Unix vs. Microsoft VERATIS Net Backup Sold by High-end and Mid- range Accounts Unix VERATIS and Seagate Backup Exec. Sold by Mid-range and Low- end Accounts Microsoft

5 Sales Culture High-end Accounts Wining & Dining Happy Client Mid-Range & Low-end Accounts Customer Satisfaction & Team Work Happy Client

6 Organization Low-end Accounts Mid-range Accounts High-end Accounts

7 Compensation Low-end Accounts Base $ 65,000 Commission $ 85-95,000 Mid-range Accounts Base $ 75,000 Commission $ 90- 110,000 High-end Accounts Base $ 85,000 Commission $ 95- 125,000

8 Management Corporate National (Julian) RegionalTerritory Sales Representative International (Sotnick) RegionalTerritory Sales Representative  Problems to Address  Management overlap  Territory manager resistance  Inclusion of both VERITAS and Seagate managers  Determining specific responsibilities of new managers

9 Cost Savings and Morale  Cost Savings  Eliminate overlapping management  Reassess territories based on selling opportunity  Three sales forces allows for sellers to be more specific and obtain greater presence in market  Morale  Include Managers from both companies  Discuss opportunities for movement within company  Create the feel of a “VERATIS Family"

10 Benefits  3 different sales forces = Greater market range  Increased company morale  Opportunities to follow client as they grow  Different selling strategies allow for a more specific selling approach based on client size and needs  VERITAS Family

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