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Greening America’s Congregations Through Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR ® Tools, Technical Support and Public Recognition.

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1 Greening America’s Congregations Through Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR ® Tools, Technical Support and Public Recognition

2 America’s Houses of Worship If 370,000 congregations cut energy use by 20%… –Save nearly $630 million for ministry, missions, priorities –Cut electricity use by 3.6 billion kWh –Prevent more than 2.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions Equivalent to the emissions of about 480,000 cars Equivalent to planting nearly 600,000 trees But, on average 30% of energy use in buildings is wasted 2

3 3 White House Recognition for Documented Achievement 1.New Benchmarking in Portfolio Manager in 2012: –Create worship facility energy baseline; compare to national average –Maintain energy performance tracking 2.20% Energy Savings: –Verify savings from baseline year as early as 2009 3.New Certifications: –Achieve 75 score; data verified by licensed professional

4 A successful call to energy stewardship Motivation based in your faith tradition Accurate quantification of baseline and performance tracking Objective, competent technical support and training Recognition based on real data 4

5 Management Tool – Provides organizations a platform to: –Assess whole building energy and water consumption –Track changes in energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, and cost over time –Track green power purchases –Share/report data with others –Create custom reports –Apply for ENERGY STAR certification with professional data verification Metrics Calculator – Provides key performance metrics –Energy consumption (source, site, weather normalized) –Water consumption (indoor, outdoor) –Greenhouse gas emissions (indirect, direct, total, avoided) –ENERGY STAR 1-to-100 score (available for 15 building types) Does not replace consultant or members’ “time and talent”… –Needed to analyze and assist with audits and upgrades  Accessible in a free, online platform: 5

6 The standard national platform for benchmarking energy use in U.S. commercial buildings Adopted by leading commercial real estate, retail, healthcare, and educational organizations –Including Building Owners and Managers Association and American Society for Healthcare Engineering; incorporated by U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Adopted by state and local governments for mandatory reporting under their benchmarking laws –New York City, California, DC, Seattle, Washington State, San Francisco, etc. Required for buildings owned and occupied by U.S. Federal Agencies Selected by the Canadian Government as national energy management platform for existing commercial and institutional buildings 6

7 Benchmarking in Portfolio Manager Continues to Increase As of the end of 2011, 260,000 buildings benchmarked –About 40% of U.S. commercial space Tens of thousands of active accounts –3,500 logins each day As of the end of 2011, nearly 16,500 buildings achieved ENERGY STAR certification 7

8 ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings Grown exponentially in past decade –30% last year alone Annual Savings compared to average –$2.3 billion in utility bills –12 million metric tons of CO 2 e Use 35% less energy and are responsible for 35% less GHG emissions Other advantages: –Lower operational cost –Increased asset value –Higher occupancy rates –Lower risk premiums 8

9 Free Tools, Resources & Technical Support Join ENERGY STAR, Reassess performance with Portfolio Manager ENERGY STAR Qualified Products Track savings in Portfolio Manager Website, Monthly Webinars & Email Tech Support “How to…” Action Workbook, Guidelines for Energy Management, Fact Sheets, Calculators Benchmark Worship Facility White House Recognition, ENERGY STAR Certification & Success Stories 9

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12 Educate Your Youth Give College Students an Edge Other ENERGY STAR Platforms to Promote Energy Efficiency Build Your Own Competition Reward 10% - 20% - 30% savings Bring Your Green to Work Save Energy at Home 12

13 Recognizing Success: First Certified Worship Facility and First Certified Church: Plantation Baptist Church Plantation, Florida First Certified Synagogue: Ohev Sholom Washington, DC First Certified Mosque: Islamic Society of Boston Community Center Roxbury, Massachusetts New Benchmarking –As of the end of 2011, 2000+ worship facilities have benchmarked New Certifications –As of the end of August, 28 worship facilities have earned the ENERGY STAR 20% Energy Savings from baseline –As documented by Portfolio Manager ENERGY STAR Firsts: 13 White House will recognize:

14 Achieving and Documenting Energy Stewardship Technical support and training: – – –Webinars: Sept. 27-1pm ET and Oct. 25 - 1pm ET Recognition: –ENERGY STAR certification –Build your own competition and recognize achievement –New construction Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR –Submit your success stories 14

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