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Meditech annual Competency

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1 Meditech annual Competency
The emar Meditech Annual Competency

2 Meditech Annual Competency
The E-mar Pullman Regional Hospital uses a Bar-code medication administration system called Beside Medication Verification (BMV). We believe that this is the safest method of medication administration. PRH policy requires that each patient wear an armband and that both the patient and each medication is scanned prior to any medication administration Meditech Annual Competency

3 Meditech Annual Competency
The E-mar Med given – gray time on white background Reassess notepads Pink – past due Green –reassess due Not Acknowledged Meds NOT given – appear with time in white on gray block background. Meditech Annual Competency

4 Meditech Annual Competency
The E-mar Reminder – click on “bubble” on meds to see Special Instructions. Meditech Annual Competency

5 “Clean up” the emar For SDS only
Before sending your post-op patient to another unit (MSU, ICU, or OB), please “clean up” the eMAR. Otherwise, the receiving nurse will have to document off meds not given, unacknowledged orders, overdue reassessments and other items that will hold a spot on the status board preventing him or her from seeing what is next due for the patient. Complete all reassessments Ack all pre-op meds Document “not given” meds Meditech Annual Competency

6 Scanning a dose of two pills or vials
Lisinopril was scanned and is highlighted. A B/P box appears to allow entry of current BP before giving the med.

7 Scanning a dose of two pills or vials
Notice the Dose Verification box appears since the ordered dose of Lisinopril is 10mg and we are giving two 5 mg tablets. This requires scanning of the second tablet. If you manually change the dose Meditech will count the entire dose as not scanned.

8 Scanning a dose of two pills or vials
Both medications that are due at 0900 now have barcodes in front of the row signifying that both were scanned properly. Also see the asterisk * beside the time 0900 to show that you are documenting against that time on the schedule. These 2 medications are now ready to be filed. Press F12 to file.

9 “You did not scan” warning
You will see this pop-up screen if you attempt to file documentation on a medication that has not been scanned. Please note that you may choose to continue to document without scanning. Remember to notify pharmacy and enter a comment in the text box if you are unable to scan a medication.

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