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PDMP & Health IT Integration Standards and Harmonization April 15 th, 2014.

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1 PDMP & Health IT Integration Standards and Harmonization April 15 th, 2014

2 PDMP Harmonization Timeline MarchAprilMayJuneJuly 3/25 Harmonization Kick-off Standards Evaluation Candidate Standards List UCR-Standards Mapping Gap Mitigation Plan HITSC Evaluation Solution Planning IG Development Solution Plan Create IG Template IG Development End-to-end Review & Community Consensus (Today) 7/29 Harmonization Close

3 Harmonization Weekly Timeline Week Target Date (2014) All Hands WG Meeting Tasks Review & Comments from Community via Wiki page due following Monday @ 12 noon 13/25 Harmonization Kick-Off & Process Overview Introduce: Overview of UCR-Standards Mapping Review: N/A 24/1Introduce: Candidate Standards List & UCR-Standards MappingReview: Candidate Standards List 34/8 Finalize: Candidate Standards List Review: UCR-Standards Mapping 44/15Review: UCR-Standards Mapping -4/22 Cancelled for National Rx Summit 54/29 Finalize: Outcome of UCR-Standards Mapping Introduce: Gap Mitigation Plan, HITSC Evaluation Review: Gap Mitigation Plan, HITSC Evaluation 65/6 Finalize: Gap Mitigation Plan Review: HITSC Evaluation 75/13 Finalize: Full Review of HITSC Evaluation, Total Ratings, List of Final Standards for Solution Plan Introduce: Solution Plan Review: Solution Plan 85/20Review: Solution Plan 95/27 Finalize: Solution Plan Introduce: Implementation Guide (IG) Template Review: Implementation Guide Template 10-156/3 – 7/8Review: Implementation Guide 16-177/15 – 7/22End-to-End Community Review of Implementation GuideEnd-to-End Review of Implementation Guide 187/29Consensus Vote

4 Outcomes of UCR-Standards Crosswalk Working Sessions Standard ReviewedOutcomeAction Items HITSP/HL7 C32C32 is a medical summary document that supports some aspects but is not a broad solution for PDMP & HITI. N/A NCPDP Telecommunications E.5 Standard does not support transactions that would query and return back medication history but could be an excellent trigger to identify real-time medication being dispensed. N/A ASAP Web ServicesStandard was developed specifically for the purpose of integrating PDMPs with Health IT systems and uses new Web service technology which is widely used and available. Further confirmation on authorized user component of the data elements needed. 1. Gap analysis on data elements specific to requestor/requestor ID [‘General’ data elements category for request and response] 2. Further analysis needed for ‘Authorized User’ data element mapping – reassess evaluation PMIX-NIEMPMIX is generally used for the PDMP-Hub or PDMP-PDMP transactions but could be extended. Further confirmation on authorized user component of the data elements needed. Revisit ‘Authorized User’ data elements category – reassess evaluation

5 Authorized User Data Elements CategoryData ElementsASAP Web ServicesPMIX-NIEM Authorized User First Name Last Name Generational Suffix (if applicable) 1. Address Information - 1 [Required] 2. Address Information - 2 [Optional] City Address State Address ZIP Code Address Email address Phone number Authentication credentials (DEA number, NCPDP/NABP Provider ID, National Provider Identifier, License Number, Delegate ID) Type of User Only provides userID and password – does not meet this category Rating: P Provides some data elements but not all Rating: P

6 UCR Crosswalk Legend EvaluationMeaning YYes - The standard directly fits the business/system/technical requirement stated in the Use Case NNo - The standard, as currently published, does not meet the business/system/technical requirement within the Use Case. With modification, the standard could be adapted to fit the needs of the use case. PPartial - The standard meets most of the criteria for the given business/system/technical requirement. Slight modification to the standard would be sufficient to address the needs of the requirement. NANot Applicable - The standard is not applicable to the business/system/technical requirement and was not created or designed to support the Use Case. UKNUnknown - It is unknown whether the standard meets the need of the Use Case requirement.

7 UCR Crosswalk Review Note- Below artifact will be reviewed within the separate UCR Crosswalk document: I.Review outcomes from previous working sessions II.Continue standards evaluation process: 1.Evaluation of NCPDP SCRIPT standard 2.Evaluation of HL7 standards Click the icon to open the Excel file

8 Next Steps Review: UCR-Standards Crosswalk – Additional standards evaluation working sessions to be scheduled later this week Next Meeting is Tuesday, April 29 from 12:00pm - 1:30pm ET Reminder: All PDMP & HIT Integration Announcements, Meeting Schedules, Agendas, Minutes, Reference Materials, Harmonization materials, Use Case, Project Charter and general information will be posted on the PDMP Wiki page – +Homepage +Homepage

9 Contact Information – Initiative Coordinators: Johnathan Coleman Sherry Green – ONC Leads: Mera Choi Jennifer Frazier Helen Caton-Peters Helen.Caton- Peters@hhs.govHelen.Caton- – SAMHSA Leads Jinhee Lee Kate Tipping – Support Team: Project Management: Jamie Parker Ali Khan (Support) Use Case Development: Ahsin Azim Presha Patel Standards Development Support Alex Lowitt Harmonization Support Divya Raghavachari Atanu Sen Vocabulary and Terminology Subject Matter Expert: Mark Roche For questions, please feel free to contact your support leads:

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