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MR. LANDON MS. SIX MS. SMITH MRS. DRAEGER Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night!

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1 MR. LANDON MS. SIX MS. SMITH MRS. DRAEGER Welcome to 5 th Grade Curriculum Night!

2 Departmentalized Fifth Grade will be switching classes for Math and Literacy as well as Science and Social Studies. Mr. Landon’s class and Mrs. Six’s class will switch. Mr. Landon will be teaching Math and Science and Mrs. Six will be teaching Literacy and Social Studies. Ms. Smith’s class and Mrs. Draeger’s class will switch. Ms. Smith will be teaching Literacy and Social Studies and Mrs. Draeger will be teaching Math and Science. Your student will be responsible for bringing their materials and assignments to each class. We will began switching the first week of school.

3 Expectations Students will be held to high expectations in both academics and behavior. Students will be thinking critically, collaborating, creating and communicating in all subject areas.

4 Homework Nightly homework will be given in Reading and Math. Homework will be about 30-45 minutes a night. Late homework and projects will be accepted one day after the due date for a five point deduction. Homework turned in after that will be accepted as a 60%. Students will also be assigned Science and Social Studies projects throughout the year as well as occasional homework.

5 Grading 40% of your student’s grades will come from informal class assignments (class work, homework, etc.) 60% will come from formal assessments 84% is mastery. If your student makes below an 84 on an assessment, they will be pulled for reteach and able to reassess. If they make above an 84%, they are not allowed to reassess because they have reached mastery of that skill. However, they highest grade they can receive if they retest is an 84%

6 Behavior  Berewick rules: I am safe, I am respectful, and I am a learner.  We follow the PBIS system for behavior.  Students will receive consequences where they will reflect on their behavior using the Berewick Behavior Matrix.  Students will also be receiving positive reinforcement through Berewick Paws and within each teachers individual classroom.

7 Balanced Literacy We want students to become ACTIVE readers! Big push for reading stamina, reading for longer periods of time and books on their level. More students read, the better readers they become! 2 hours each day dedicated to word work, writing and reading. Students will keep a reading journal in which they will record thoughts about and reactions to text.

8 Math We use Investigations Curriculum and units from the Georgia Department of Education. Both are aligned with the common core standards. Fifth grade units include: - Multiplication - Division - Fractions - Geometry - Measurement - Place Value

9 Science: Social Studies Forces and Motion Matter: Properties and Change Energy: Conservation and Transfer Earth Systems, Structures and Processes Structures and Functions of Living Organisms Ecosystems Evolution and Genetics Native American and Early European Explorers Unit North American Colonies Unit Colonial Concerns Unit American Revolution Unit Got Democracy Unit The New Nation Unit Civil War Unit Personal Financial Literacy Unit Science and Social Studies

10 EOGS In fifth grade students are tested in Reading, Math and Science. We will be discussing this in more detail in May.

11 Questions? Any questions or concerns? Please feel free to email us or contact us by phone at school.

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