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Teacher Spotlight Series James Frye, teacher Newton-Conover City Schools.

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1 Teacher Spotlight Series James Frye, teacher Newton-Conover City Schools

2 Using Schoolnet to Adjust Your Grading and Assessment Philosophies

3 Schoolnet Schoolnet is a tool that we can use to design and assign standards-based assessments to our students.

4 But, how many of us have taken the time to brainstorm other implications for the software?


6 Let’s think about assessment philosophies.

7 In a contemporary classroom, our students and teachers are working with a curriculum that is deeper than it is broad.

8 Why are we not assessing our students based upon their mastery of individual standards?

9 Standards-Based Grading Schoolnet lends itself well to an innovative grading practice called Standards-Based Grading, which involves measuring students' proficiency on well-defined course objectives (Tomlinson & McTighe, 2006).


11 So now, you’re probably wondering: How can I use Schoolnet to reimagine and redefine my assessment philosophies?

12 First Strategically align Schoolnet assessments to your standards -- one standard at a time.

13 Second Take the data from the single-standard assessment to determine your students’ proficiency on that standard.

14 Third Reteach and redesign your assessments based upon what the assessment tells you about each individual student.

15 Fourth Reassess as needed to determine each individual students’ mastery of those standards.

16 So what? Why does this matter to me?

17 Implications Gives way to Standards-Based report cards Improves instruction and facilitates growth –Shows teacher what works and what doesn’t –Gives insight for growth Specific analysis of student weaknesses –Creates strategies for improvement Encourages reflective practitioners -- teachers can

18 More Information More from James James A. Frye, M.A. Newton-Conover City Schools M.A., Michigan State University B.A., Lenoir-Rhyne University Follow me on Twitter! @mrjamesfrye @mrjamesfrye For more of James’ videos: Connect with me: James Frye on LinkedIn Presentation with Videos on Creating Assessments in Schoolnet

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