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Developing an Assessment

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1 Developing an Assessment

2 Assessment Planning Process
Analyze the environment Agency, clients, TR program, staff & resources Define parameters Function, content, implementation strategy Select or develop assessment Establish assessment protocols Train staff & interns on protocols Peterson & Stumbo, 2000

3 Assessment Implementation Process
Review assessment protocol Prepare for assessment Administer assessment to client Analyze or score assessment results Interpret results for placement into programs Document results of assessment Reassess client as necessary/monitor progress Peterson & Stumbo, 2000

4 Selection of Assessment Procedure
Determine the purpose Specify the exact content to be covered Identify other selection criteria Search assessment resources Compare possible procedures to selection criteria Select assessment

5 Reality “In actual practice, more therapeutic recreation specialists rely on agency-specific assessments than on nationally available tests.” Peterson & Stumbo, 2000, p. 221 Why? Content of commercial assessments rarely matches content of programs or agencies

6 Rationale for Teaching Development to Undergraduate Students
“Many individuals feel that assessment development and validation is a complex enough process that it should not be advocated as a task for the typical TRS. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees may not have the conceptual and statistical expertise for development and validation. Another view states that TRSs are more likely to develop their own assessments (good or bad) than buy commercial assessments so instruction in correct methodology is important.” (Stumbo, 2002, p. 163)

7 Developing an Assessment
Select the assessment content Comes from content of program Based on current literature, needs of clients, and TR models or theories Develop list of programs designed for a specific group Define client goals

8 Developing an Assessment
Determine the assessment purpose Placement into programs Basic screening, identifying problems, narrow problems, reassess problems Understand client group Disabilities, education, backgrounds, etc.

9 Developing an Assessment
Determine type of assessment Interviews, observations, self-administered surveys, record reviews How many clients assessed? How much staff time is available for assessment? What are the skills of staff? What will yield the best information to place in programs?

10 Developing an Assessment
Select the client outcomes to be assessed Outline the assessment content Make a two-way chart Make sure assessment is representative of content of program See p. 170

11 Developing an Assessment
Select the type of items to use Closed-ended or open-ended Yes/no, true/false, matching, multiple choice, rating, & ranking = closed Fill-in-the-blank, short answer, & extended answer = open Match the items to specific client outcomes

12 Developing an Assessment
Make the final selection of items See Stumbo, 2002, p Norm group Validity & reliability

13 Developing an Assessment
Make manual/protocol Directions for administration, scoring, interpretation, and reporting Reliability & validity See Stumbo, 2002, p Pilot test & make revisions

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