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Promote Academic Honesty Jessie Yaun – Spanish Teacher / Department Chair Ali Campot– Spanish Teacher

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1 Promote Academic Honesty Jessie Yaun – Spanish Teacher / Department Chair Email: Ali Campot– Spanish Teacher Email: Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School 2427 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE Washington, DC 20020 Marielys Garcia: Student Dean (former Spanish Teacher / Department Chair) Email: Website: omotingacademichonesty/ omotingacademichonesty/

2 Do you feel…?  Administrators lack sufficient understanding of foreign language instruction?  Students lack an awareness of what academic dishonesty is?  Parents have good intentions in supporting their child, but lack appropriate tools?

3 Questions  Department  Administration  How reach-out & get support?  Students  How get buy-in?  Parents  How reach-out?

4 Promote Academic Success through Academy Integrity  Develop an Academic Dishonesty Policy  Collaborate with your administration  Educate students and parents about policy / academic integrity  Help students execute academic honesty  End Goal: promote academic success through academic integrity

5 Policy Creation: Cycles of Communication  Question  Prioritize  Evaluate  Reassess / Refine

6 Policy Creation: Questions  List inquiries and questions for administrative team in written form  Meet with as many administrators and department members  Consider student work samples

7 Policy Creation: Prioritize  After meeting, create priority areas: student and administration  Review common issues with academic honesty  Ground discussion in data and specific work samples  Assess student shortcomings  Key actions for administrators

8 Policy Creation: Evaluate Next Steps  Establish clear action plan for Department  Consider follow up communication  Review priority areas and key takeaways (Has anything changed from original plans/ concerns?)

9 Policy Creation: Reassess/ Refine  Frequent check-in’s with various administrators  Assess impact of changes on micro and macro level  Solicit feedback  Consider PD for administrators  Constant reflection!

10 Policy Creation: Products  Academic Dishonesty Policy.docx Academic Dishonesty Policy.docx  TMA_PeerRevisionProtocol.doc TMA_PeerRevisionProtocol.doc

11 Student Lesson: Warm-up  What is academic dishonesty?  Non-accusatory what-if situations  Ex: What if someone looks on paper? Responsibility? Violate code of conduct?  Aunt Sally  How should respond (student advocacy)  Students translate 2 sentences  Discussion

12 Student Lesson  1 st : Read about machine translation and inaccuracies  “Language is simply too complicated for machines to understand all of the vocabulary, grammar, context, and nuances in the source and target languages.”  Answer questions about reading

13 Student Lesson  2 nd : Translator demonstration  Use same sentences from warm-up  “I like to attend charity events, drink water, skateboard and eat food.”  How are you (permanently)? OR What are you like (permanently)?  Use 2 popular online translators: Google Translator & Free Translation

14 Student Lesson  3 rd : Read & discuss a blog “Would it be cheating if I used an online translator for my French project?”  0100412095613AAQEq9H 0100412095613AAQEq9H  13 year old –I don’t understand  Students respond – inaccuracies, academic dishonesty & detection & recourses  Mini-closing  Based on blog… are translators reliable? Will your teacher notice? Is it considered cheating (how so)? What should do to avoid problems?

15 Student Lesson  4 th : YouTube Video “A Wicked Deception”  PEgXhC0 PEgXhC0  Mini-closing: students reflect  Discussion

16 Student Lesson  5 th : Consequences  What are they?  Why do they exist?  Hypo: What if Ms. Yaun used translators all through college and was never told this is wrong?

17 Student Lesson  Closing: Reflection (to keep for records)  Demonstrate met objectives with a translator? Why?  Violation of Code of Conduct?  Ineffectiveness & inaccuracies  Policies  Too much “help”  Advocating for self  Recourses of action if in doubt  Unanswered questions

18 Student Lesson: Homework: Parent Outreach  Take materials home (minus final reflection)  Share with parents/guardians  Be clear: preventative exercise to promote academic honesty; not accusatory  Is receiving info helpful? How so?  Unanswered questions?  Leave information for parent to reach you  Allows for a dialogue

19 Paraphrased parent response The video has been very informative. I am so pleased my child is at a school that cares about quality education. I am so grateful this school is standing strong about values, integrity and honesty. It is wonderful to know he is receiving a quality education. He now knows to be careful about the resources he uses.

20 Writing Folders  Keep students organized  Encourage Academic Integrity  Improve project turn-in rate

21 Writing Folders: How do I help Lulu stay organized ?  Writing folders!  Project description & due dates  Outlines  Word banks and vocabulary lists  Drafts

22 Writing Folders: How do I provide Lulu with motivation write in-class?  Award extra credit points with stickers!  Hold an Awards Ceremony midway through the project  Allow students to listen to music  Provide regular feedback

23 Writing Folders: How can I scaffold these assignments for Lulu?  Sample text  Outlines and guiding questions  Word banks  Editing Symbols

24 Writing Folders: How can I differentiate for Lulu who writes at a quicker pace?  Peer-editing / Peer-review  Have HW assignments ready  Allow students to work ahead

25 Writing Folders: Online

26 Data – Spanish I

27 Process  Policies and Protocol  Student Lesson  Writing Folders

28 Q & A  Questions?  Concerns?  Clarification Needed?  cademichonesty/ cademichonesty/

29 Closing  Evaluation Form

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