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Why ? ?. ...because nothing is more brilliant than organic beauty.

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1 Why ? ?

2 ...because nothing is more brilliant than organic beauty

3 Do we really need to add so many chemicals?

4 Believes ; “from nature to skin” is the best philosophy

5 Our Ingredients Wild-Crafted or Organic Steam Distilled sourced from their natural environments....keeping as close to nature we can find Cold Pressed Filtered

6 Essential Oils The essence of a plant, the vital life force Recorded as early as the 1st century by medicine men & healers Used for Aromatherapy as early as 1907 Using the specific plants that correspond to the skin we hand craft all our products with these natural essences

7 Butters Known for centuries for traditional skin care properties & natural SPF All our butter are certified Organic in and come to us in their purest form

8 Glycerine...a natural humectant, the properties of this extract allow moisture to hold to the skin Derived from non-GMO Vegetable oil this is the basis for all our Perfect Circle Body Scrubs...replacing the need for lotion after a shower...but most often the glycerine is removed from the soap making process by big manufacturers

9 The precious water saved from the steam distillation of essential oils These waters hydrate & nourish the skin preparing it for the products to follow Creates the foundation of our toners & body sprays Hydrosol

10 Seed & Nut Oils Hemp Jojoba Coconut Olive Almond Apricot Seed Rice Bran Every plant oil has a specific relationship to the organ of the skin Care is taken to align specific oils with their ideal function, synergizing the effects through our system

11 Experience Shine PURE Beauty



14 Are you Ready to Shine?

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