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Multinational presence Solid financial standing Headquartered in Hong Kong Products marketed in over 170 countries worldwide A unique income opportunity.

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2 Multinational presence Solid financial standing Headquartered in Hong Kong Products marketed in over 170 countries worldwide A unique income opportunity supported with training, motivation and rewards for sales achievements People friendly, results oriented and ready to help you reach your potential

3 Our Compensation Plan rewards our TCO’s, based on personal product sales and on product sales in the entire organisation. Have the time and freedom to enjoy your life and earn additional income at the same time. The key to being successful in this business is self-discipline self-motivation training and also devoting time and personal attention to your organisation. Be rewarded on personal sales and that of the entire organisation – direct or indirectly referred.


5 Products - Numismatics Affiliates with these bodies & more to produce numismatic products: FIFA Olympic Council United Nations (FAO) Ferrari (F1) IBF Minted by our world-renowned: FIFA Centennial Commemorative Gold Coin Set Athens 2004 Olympic Games Coin Set FAO – Mother Teresa Gold and Silver Medallions Princess Diana Coin Pendant Ladies’ Gold Dome of the Rock MMC Watch Diamond Cross Pendant To know more visit For details see product files

6 Products - Vacation Whether you’re dreaming of a winter holiday in the Alps or a sunny vacation in Andaman, with Diamond Vacation Club Membership… You are entitled a yearly two-week vacation At your preferred location For 30 years & 2 years free membership with RCI Partners with Resorts Condominium International (RCI) Nearly 4,000 affiliated resorts Spanning 120 countries around the world To know more visit For details see product files

7 Products - Telecommunications one account one world one solution High quality long distance telecommunication solution harnessing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. A single account with many services including Call Details Virtual Calling Card Call from Internet International Call Back iConnect One Plus Services iConnect Internet Phone & more. An extraordinary residual income opportunity apart from the Binary compensation plan. SAVES UP TO 80% on long distance calls To know more visit For details see product files

8 Products - Amezcua Bio Disc The Bio Disc is a natural energy-generating device created based on the theories of Quantum Physics. The Bio Disc has the ability to renew the natural molecular structure in all manufactured or treated liquid and vegetables. Simple and easy to use, the Bio Disc helps generate health benefits and fill your life with vitality. To mention just a few of its many benefits: Drinking a glass of water which has been placed on top of the Bio Disc can help you detoxify and hydrate all body cells, increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, and enhance your immune system Improves sleep by placing the disc in the centre of the bed Balances yin and yang and creates a Chi Life force by carrying the disc with you Assists in pain relief by reflecting the sun’s rays through the lens onto the affected area For details see product files

9 Products - Nutri Sky Relax and recharge today with SkyJuice, the all-new fruit drink exclusively distributed by QuestNet. Manufactured using a proprietary formula, this product from Amezcua Ltd contains precious extract of Pandanus Conoideus and Gingko Biloba, a combination that results in a refreshing and unique drink that will add a spring to you step. For details see product files

10 Your new online travel portal takes off with more than 850 airlines and 60,000 hotels and tours covering over 200 countries. FREE to join Questnet IR get UV for all booking done through them. Use your QuestNet login to enter Just $10 to become an IR For details see product files

11 MANAGING DIRECTOR Mr. Vijay Eswaran (from Malaysia) Business Consultant DIRECTOR Finance & Administration Mr. Richard Zinkiewicz (from Canada) FOUNDING DIRECTOR Mr. Joseph Bismark (from Philippines) DIRECTOR Legal Affairs Mr. Royce Lane (from New Zealand) FOUNDING DIRECTOR Mr. Kurt Rinck (from Germany) Directors of QI-men behind the wheel Donna Imson TG Kintanar

12 Customer Referral Program (CRP) YOU Me I refer you to the company through CRP You purchase a product through Internet (e-commerce) QN will deliver the product to you via FedEx or UPS An Independent Representative (IR) does not handle or carry any product


14 Word of mouth advertising Example: You are going to a restaurant for eating. You get a good services and delicious food. You tell to your friends about this and ask them to see the restaurant. What have you now done? Well, you made the restaurant a favour without getting any compensation. QuestNet works in the same way when customers recommend new customers - but the difference here is - QuestNet pays bonus to its customers for the service they have done.

15 Network MarketingTraditional Product Distribution Manufacturer Bypasses the Middle men Customer can promote business & earn commission 60 -80 % Cost eaten up by the Distribution channel (20 – 40 % Mfg cost) Customer National Distributor Area Distributor Wholesaler Celebrities Advertise Agencies Retailer

16 NETWORK MARKETING NEGATIVITY ? People have opinions about industry based on hearsay Products are sometimes non value added No anti-networking laws give birth to “Mushroom” companies People do not promote business in professional manner.


18 HARD FACTS ON NETWORK MARKETING 60 year old proven system & future of distribution. 50 million people involved today. 475,000 people join each week worldwide. A growing industry of more than 89.2 Billion dollars annually. Management course offered by major universities, like “University of Illinois, Chicago.” More companies going public.  SOURCE: UIC RESEARCH

19 A Powerful Plan for the Future of Your Family A Powerful Plan for the Future of Your Family “If it is to be, it’s up to me” Defining the Best The Binary Plan

20 Binary Plan YOU Left Right Once you have signed up and made a purchase, you will have an account that is divided into a left and a right side.

21 YOU Left Right A Products purchased from QuestNet has differing Unit Volume (UV) 1UV is entitled an Account (Tracking Center) in the Binary Plan An iConnect bundle is equal to 1UV For the sake of simplicity, assume everyone purchases iConnect/1UV Your friend, A purchases 1UV Binary Plan

22 YOU Left Right AB Binary Plan

23 YOU Left Right AB Binary Plan

24 YOU Left Right AB Binary Plan

25 YOU Left Right AB 33 US$ 250 Once you achieve a new volume of 3 left & 3 right, you’ll be paid a commission of USD 250 Binary Plan

26 YOU Left Right Binary Plan

27 YOU Left Right 33 US$ 500 Arrangement does not matter as long as it is balanced 3 left & 3 right Binary Plan 66


29 You-001 LR 230 = $ 0 + ? = $250 1111 = $750 + 5 5+ 5 + 5 = $250 You-002 You-003 + 243 = $250 3L + 3R = $250 Tom Hanks 24L + 3R = USD 250 & 21 on hold in Left Group Madonna 23L + 0R = USD 0 not a pyramid & not a chain letter You have received USD 1250 for 3 TCs 4x more than Tom Hanks 3 TCs – twice the work but 3 times more income An example: Unique commission system L = Left customer group & R = Right customer group

30 “If it is to be, it’s up to me” Potential Minimum : USD 250 / WEEK Every Tracking Center can earn up to 5000$ per week irrespective of how early one has joined

31 One of QuestNet customer 's commission check in three weeks in a row As you see, this person have earned $24,000 within three weeks. (these are only three checks of his many checks and this person is a sample of hundreds QuestNet customers who earn thousands Dollars weekly).

32 How to double your earnings? TC 001 = USD 500 Total = USD 500 Activate only one TC (001) TC 001 = USD 500 TC 002 = USD 250 TC 003 = USD$250 Total = USD 1000 7L 7R $500 $250 YOU 001 3333 YOU 002 YOU 003 Activate all TC’s (001, 002 & 003) 6L 6R $500 YOU 001 3333 YOU 002 YOU 003

33 “If it is to be, it’s up to me” THREE STEP PROCESS 1. First You Become Customer 2. Make your two partners 3. Help them to make their two partners

34 “If it is to be, it’s up to me” Road map for success Never force anyone to join business Work as a TEAM Be Teachable Spend min. 2 hr / day or 16 hrs / week for next 1-2 years.

35 “If it is to be, it’s up to me”  NOT door to door selling.  NOT Like other MLM programmes.  No Quota or Targets  No repeat purchases, No stocks, No time limit  No levels  Everyone is equal business partner.  NOT An Investment Program, It’s A BUSINESS.  NOT Pyramiding.  NOT a Get-Rich-Quick scheme or lottery or gambling. QuestNet Business Is


37 We WILL remain on the cutting edge … and …continue to improve our systems to become THE company that Defines the Best in the world today. And when we reach this plateau, then we will Define the Elite. Do It Now ! Never will we stop improving… We will adapt, adjust and accommodate the winds of change… We will be the wind of change in this sea of speculation and doubt… We will remain an anker for those who want to BE the very best it is possible to be. “If it is to be, it’s up to me”

38 Email:

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