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Varma Sikichai for all Diseases

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1 Varma Sikichai for all Diseases

2 Introduction Varma Kalai is a martial art and esoteric healing art originating from ancient Tamil Nadu in South India. The name literally translate as "The Art of Vital Points". It is an element of the Tamil martial art Kuttu varisai One of the sidhhar kalai THIRUMOOLAR AGASTHIYAR

3 History of Varma Kalai The art of Varma Kalai have been in existence on the Indian sub-continent for thousands of years practiced by ancient Tamils of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Eelam (Northeast Sri Lanka), Kerala, and the Southern portion of present day Andhra Pradesh. Varma Kalai is one of the deadliest form of martial art in history. The tamil word “Varma" means "vital points" and "Kalai” means "art", hence it is translated as the “the art of vital points”.  Varma Kalai is also known by following names: Varma Kalai, Varmak Kalai, Varma adi, Marma Adi, Varma Sastra, Varma Vidya,Marma Vidya, Marma kalai, Varma Kalari, Kalari Varma etc.

4 Healing features of Varma Kalai
A timely touch, a slap, the use of specialized massage techniques or a gentle blow on another vital point can save a life of a dying man. It creates the miraculous stimulation of impulse, the magnetic power and the innate human dynamism, and helps in recovery from injury or in the cure of a disease.

5 Techiniques Thodu Varmam 96 Vital Points triggered by a touch. Not deadly, but will affect the victim by disabling the body, organ movements and function. Padu Varmam 12 Vital Points that are fatal, causing immediate, severe effects upon the victim.

6 Thattu Varmam Decisive Vital points that are used by the master. These are kept confidential until the master pass on the knowledge to the selected disciple Nooku Varmam (also known as) Meitheenda Kalai Triggering vital points by focusing/ concentrating on the target. It takes several years of practice for one to become an expert in Nooku Varmam.

7 In human body there are 108 Varmam's (Vital points) they are:
Parts of the human body 25 From head to neck 45 From neck to navel 9 From navel to arm 14 Arms 15 Legs

8 General Rules Varma treatment to be given before sunrise and after sunset (morning and evening only). During Kulikai kalam , varma treatment should not be given. During menstrution, tretament can be given. During pregnancy, from 9th month starting treatment can be given.

9 HEADACHE Normal Headache Sunambu kalam Anaan kalam Tension headache
Poikai kalam Nervous Headache Nattal varmam Neer varmam For chronic headache - Head massage 15 days once

10 Sinusitis Pachineer varmam Valamoorthy kalam Anaan kalam

11 NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN Manibandha varmam – Neck pain Poorchai kalam
Mudichi varmam Kakatai varmam Piratharai varmam Shoulder pain Kaikootu varmam Thoosu muka varmam ( Neck + Shoulder pain )

12 HAND PAIN Kaulikalam Kai mootu varmam Chau varmam
Mozhi perilkai – fingers pain

13 Respiratory Problems Velangu varmam Adapam kalam Cold
Kondai kolli varmam Ullangal vellai varmam Velangu varmam Asthma Adapam kalam Minvetti varmam For sneezing, asthma, bronchitis, etc.,

14 Diabetes Urimi kalam Thumbi kalam Nagana pootu varmam Amai kalam
Vayu kalam

15 Ulcer Pallavarmam Anna kalam

16 Fits Kondai kolli varmam Porchai kalam Kauli kalam Komberi varmam

17 Paralysis Sunambu kalam Chou varmam Kouli kalam Peratharai varmam
Yenthi varmam Komberi kalam Viruthi varmam Kaikootu kalam

18 Back Pain and Leg Pain Komberi kalam Viruthi kalam
Ulankal vellai varmam Mannai varmam Ullthodai varmam Vayu kalam Upukuttri kalam Kuthikal varmam

19 Facial Paralysis and Nervousness
Porchai varmam Chou varmam Kouli kalam Komberi kalam Kambothiri kalam Kutri varmam Sunni kala varmam Sevikuttri varmam Konndai kolli varmam

20 Mentally Challenged Childeren
Moodichi varmam (4) Anda kalam Paduvarmam (5) Adapakalam All 11 points for Hyperactive, Cerberal Palsy, Dull and autism children

21 Menstrual disorder Palla varmam Kodukai varmam Duration :
Twice a day ( morning and evening) For all menstrual disorders and menopausal disoders, fibroids

22 Menopausal disorder Kooradangal varmam
Duration : twice a day (morning and evening)

23 Anemia Sakthi varmam Duration : twice a day (morning and evening)

24 Thyroid problem Hypo thyroid Hyper thyroid Kondai kolli varmam
Sumai varmam Duration : twice a day (morning and evening) Hyper thyroid Uthirakalam varmam

25 Infertility Kondai kolli varmam Pallavarmam Kodukai varmam
Duration : twice a day (morning and evening)

26 Digestive disorder Pachi neer varmam Kannadi kalam Paala varmam
Palla varmam Anna kalam Kaikatti kalam Adapa kalam Neer varmam For constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion, belching, stomach ulcer, Intestinal ulcer, etc.,

27 Arthiritis Mootu varmam Mannai adagal varmam Vayu kalam Kannadi kalam
Chipi varmam Kirayal varmam Komberi kalam Viruthi kalam Kuthikal varmam Upukuttri varmam Padagal varmam Knee joint Massage

28 Blood Pressure Kaikootu kalam Sakthi varmam Vilangu varmam
For hypotension and hypertension

29 Heart Problems Thivalai kalam Koombu varmam Dhakshinai kalam

30 Nervous disorder Poorchai kalam Mudichi varmam Sevikuttri kalam
For giddiness, vertigo, syncope

31 Insomnia Konndai kolli varmam Puruva varmam Pachi varmam
Mudichi varmam

32 Urinary Problems Yedampuri kalam Valam puri kalam Pachini kalam
Chiku varmam

33 Eye Problems Manthira kalam Nakchathira kalam Kambotheri kalam
Shruthi varmam Neer varmam Annam kalam Kanpukachal varmam

34 Ear Problem Poigai kalam Sevikuttri kalam Kutri varmam
Kanpukachal varmam

35 Nasal Problems Konndai kolli varmam Minveti varmam Kannadi kalam
Pidari kalam

36 Body weakness Kondai Kolli varmam Porchai kalam Mudichi varmam
Chou varmam Kouli kalam Komberi kalam Viruthi kalam Ulthodai varmam

37 Stammering Peradri kalam Otu varmam Annakalam


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