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Yoga for Fibromyalgia Study Town Hall Meeting. What is Yoga?

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1 Yoga for Fibromyalgia Study Town Hall Meeting

2 What is Yoga?

3 Yoga = Union  “yoking” - union of mind and body  ancient wisdom tradition - practices to facilitate full realization of human potential, including optimal health  developed in Indian culture, but no more “Indian” then are stretching, breathing, or knowing what your mind is thinking  explosive recent growth yoga’s popularity


5 Yoga of Awareness Overview Yoga of Awareness: comprehensive yoga program, far more than mere exercise program Main components: 1.gentle postures 2.meditation 3.breathing exercises discussions (experience of home practice, changes in symptoms during week) of relevant mind/body topics Eight weekly 2-hour classes DVD + audio recordings for daily home practice

6 Yoga of Awareness Poses Two versions: (1) chair-based (2) standing + floor-based

7 Studies at Duke Medical Center  Yoga of Awareness for Metastatic Breast cancer, J. of Pain & Symptom Management, 2007 Improved: pain, relaxation, acceptance, vigor more practice related to less same-day pain & fatigue, and more relaxation, acceptance, vigor  Yoga of Awareness for Menopausal symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors, Supportive Care in Cancer, 2009 Improved: hot flash frequency, severity, & total scores, joint pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, negative mood, symptom-related bother, vigor, relaxation, and acceptance those who practiced more had several better outcomes

8 Stages of this Study January 4-8: EVERYONE- Enrollment & 1 st assessment – includes questionnaires, tests of balance & strength, etc. Begin the 7 days of brief symptom recordings January 12-14: EVERYONE- Random assignment to either first condition or second condition classes (3 months later) January 18-19: First condition yoga classes begin. About 10 participants per class assigned to one of the following: – Mondays 10am-12pm, Mondays 1pm-3pm, or Tuesdays 6pm-8pm March 7-8: Final class for first condition yoga classes March 10-17: EVERYONE- 2 nd assessment, + 7 days April 19-20: Second condition yoga classes begin June 7-8: Final class for second condition yoga classes June 10-18: EVERYONE- 3 rd assessment, + 7 days

9 Who can join the yoga study?

10 Number and Gender 56 women diagnosed with fibromyalgia for at least 1 year Age 21 or older (no upper age limit)

11 Pain in ≥ 3 quadrants

12 Other Requirements Have been on a stable course of medications and other fibromyalgia treatments for 3 months before the study begins Willing to stay on a stable course of medications and other fibromyalgia treatments for the duration of the study (6 months)

13 Location Must live within 70 miles of OHSU Must be willing to attend all classes when scheduled Exercise classes will be held in the 1 st floor exercise studio in the OHSU School of Nursing (room 134)

14 Doing Yoga Already? Must not currently be practicing yoga (3 or more days/week)

15 Very Depressed or Suicidal? Must not be VERY depressed or suicidal There are better interventions, such as medications to treat severe depression

16 Currently Seeking Disability or In Litigation? Must NOT be currently involved in seeking disability or in active litigation related to fibromyalgia If you are already on disability, that is OK

17 Planning to Have Elective Surgery? If you are planning to have surgery from January through June 2010, this study is not for you

18 Too Disabled to Participate in Yoga? If you have severe disability such as paralysis, this may not be the best study for you The yoga is designed for people with fibromyalgia, so it is very gentle

19 English Speaking All of our questionnaires are in English as is the yoga instruction. Therefore, you must be able to speak and read English to participate in this study

20 Questions? Not to worry if you choose not to participate in this study…. There are plenty more to come

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