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1 Academic Support, DART, and Data Driven Decision Making.

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1 1 Academic Support, DART, and Data Driven Decision Making

2 2 Data? Data can be simple or complex Data can be quantitative (lots of numbers) or qualitative (more narrative) Data can be used to justify many different positions, sometimes using the same numbers Data is information Data is not meant to depersonalize the human experience

3 3 WHY? One of the chief causes of catastrophic failure is a lack of imagination in assessing a situation Gary Klein, Cognitive Psychologist The simplest solution is usually the most likely solution. Adapted from Occam’s Razor

4 4 An effective use of data that describes the particular need(s) of students, the school/district, and/or community is used in program planning, implementation and evaluation Data-informed decision making

5 5

6 6 What is some key academic support data? For Sending Middle and High Schools MCAS Data Growth Data MEPA Data Dropout and Graduation Rates Demographics Post Secondary Indicators: Plans of HS grads, College Enrollment, etc

7 7 Data-Driven Decision Making: Tools and where to begin? With so much data, it’s hard to know where to start Observational and program collected data Locally generated student level data School and District Profiles DART-District Analysis and Review Tool Education Data Warehouse (55 predefined reports, most TestWiz capabilities, etc) MORE “Analysis paralysis” can sometimes ensue

8 8 School and District Profiles

9 9 District Analysis and Review Tool (DART): Goals 1.Enhance publicly reported data. Improve upon EQA reporting. 2.Facilitate valid comparisons by way of effective data visualization. 3.Focus on select, high impact measures.

10 10 Why these indicators? Indicators arrived at by stakeholder groups, academics, ESE. Goal: Arrive at a select group of indicators that: –Is “High Impact” –Not just test data –Consists of inputs and outputs

11 11 DART Availability District level & School level Microsoft Excel file format Don’t forget the Glossary and the Feedback Survey!

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