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Lelonah Mullins Morgan Barnes Be Wise, Immunize!.

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1 Lelonah Mullins Morgan Barnes Be Wise, Immunize!

2 Reasons to Immunize According to Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services 1. Immunizations can save lives. 2. Immunizations protect you and your children from serious diseases. 3. Immunizations are safe and effective. 4. Immunizations are required for school and child care attendance. 5. Immunizations can save time and money.

3 Reasons to Immunize Continued 6. It is easy to get immunizations. 7. Immunizations protect others you care about. 8. Immunizations protect future generations. 9. Immunizations only hurt for a few seconds and give your child the best protection from these diseases. 10. THE BEST REASON: You love your children and want to protect them. *YouTube

4 Preventable Diseases Smallpox Measles Polio Mumps Rubella Diphtheria Chickenpox Pertussis


6 Immunize Until Disease is Eliminated Vaccines have reduced the number of infections from vaccine-preventable diseases by more than 90% according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Though only a few cases of a given disease may be evident today, it is important to continue to protect ourselves and others with vaccinations. Travel can cause a greater risk of diseases becoming more prevalent in our surrounding area. If vaccines were stopped, diseases that are almost unknown would stage a comeback.

7 Side effects of.. DiseasesImmunizations Paralysis of the arms, legs, or both Deafness Pneumonia Heart failure Death Swelling, redness,or tinderness where the shot was given Slight fever Fussiness

8 Be Wise, Immunize Community Meeting Who: Family, Friends, City Officials, Community Volunteers, Etc. What: Immunization awareness meeting When: Monday, November 3 @ 6:00 p.m. Where: Buffalo Island Central West Elementary Cafeteria

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