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Medical Terminology. A group of possible diagnoses is called this at the patient’s first visit.

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1 Medical Terminology

2 A group of possible diagnoses is called this at the patient’s first visit

3 What is a “differential diagnosis”? (DDX)

4 The part of the prescription that the “signatura” indicates. (sig.)

5 The customized dosage for this patient

6 Three methods of describing something that “produces pus”

7 Suppurative, pyogenic and purulent

8 A medication which is poisonous to the bone marrow is described as this

9 Myelotoxic

10 A piece of a thrombus that breaks off and might cause a MI or a CVA is called this

11 An embolus

12 Married to Mariah and hosts AGT

13 Nick Cannon

14 Involuntary contractions of one’s airway is called this

15 Bronchospasm ( the most obvious feature of an asthma attack)

16 Prior to the C & S you’ll need to do this procedure

17 What is an I & D (incision and drainage)

18 The acronym that reminds health care workers what ingredients must be in the medical chart for every entry one makes for each patient contact

19 S.O.A.P. : Subjective (“symptoms” pt. reports) Objective (“signs” the doctor observes) Assessment (includes the DDX, i.e. possible Dx) Plan, (procedures, prognosis)

20 A CC and BUN test the function of this

21 What is the kidney?

22 A cholecystectomy is the surgical removal of this

23 The gall bladder (the storage site of bile, an enzyme to digest fat found in the liver often clogged with gall stones)

24 A cyanotic body section suggests what condition exists in the circulation to this structure?

25 Ischemia

26 Recurrent dysmenorrhea and breakthrough bleeding in middle aged women may require a surgical minor procedure involving the uterine lining called this

27 D & C, dilation and curettage (“dusting and cleaning”)

28 Putting a tube into a chest cavity that is filled with blood in order to vacuum the blood out requires an emergency room procedure called this

29 Thoracotomy

30 To get a biopsy of a few cells of lung tissue to RO (rule out) carcinoma, requires this office procedure

31 Thoracocentesis or pulmonary centesis

32 This procedure removes the foreskin of a penis

33 circumcision

34 The baby is born with too many toes, described as this

35 polydactyly

36 Pain upon swallowing vs. difficulty speaking

37 Dysphagia vs. dysphasia

38 Three terms to describe the examination of a dead body

39 Autopsy, necropsy and post mortem

40 These Tigers are located on a campus in Baton Rouge

41 Lousiana State University

42 Excessive blood loss

43 hemorrhage

44 Too much urinating

45 Polyruria (oligouria means too little urinating)

46 bedwetting

47 Enuresis or nocturia (if only at night)

48 A medication which makes you throw up

49 An Emetic (ex. Ipecac)

50 It means something is “further away than something else”

51 Distal (proximal means “closer”)

52 Cyanotic toes might be a sign of poor circulation and this disorder is abbreviated as this

53 PVD or peripheral vascular disease

54 They used to be called respirators but now are abbreviated as this

55 IPPB (intermittent positive pressure breathing apparatus)

56 Cholesterol comes in two types;

57 LDL’s and HDL’s, low and high density lipoproteins HDL’s are “good cholesterol” like in cold water fishes with Omega 3 fats that are good for you. LDS’s damage and clog blood vessels for arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and are found in fried foods of any kind

58 Heidi, Cindy and Tyra all have this in common

59 All are supermodels

60 The medical name for migraine headaches

61 encephalgia

62 A CVA characteristically causes symptoms on the ______side of the victim

63 Contralateral side, ( ipsilateral means “same side”)

64 It means “a collapsed lung”

65 Atelectasis, do a chest tube, thoracotomy, to vacuum out the blood in chest to inflate the lung in the ER)

66 It means “hard skin” as a symptom

67 Scleroderma, sclero means “hardening”, derm is skin

68 It means “hardening of the arteries”

69 arteriosclerosis

70 It means something is closer to your head

71 Cephalic (caudal is towards your tail)

72 It means “slow breathing”

73 bradypnea

74 It means “fever”

75 hyperthermia

76 It means “partial, temporary paralysis”

77 Paresis, (“paralysis” is permanent and total loss of function)

78 The wheelchair would be necessary for the type of paralysis known as this

79 paraplegia

80 The CVA victim would have the type of paralysis known as this

81 (Contralateral) hemiplegia

82 An instrument for visualizing your urinary bladder

83 A cystoscope

84 A tumor of one’s cartilage

85 chondroma

86 Pain in one’s muscles

87 myalgia

88 The Patton, Abrams and Centurion and Hellcat were all forms of this

89 U.S. Tanks

90 These letters refer to the monitoring of a patients fluid balance

91 I & O, or input and output

92 The removal of the upper half of one’s left breast

93 Superior hemi, sinistra, mammectomy/or mastectomy

94 A device for examining a patient’s eyes

95 opthalmascope

96 A medication to render you senseless

97 anesthesia

98 A medication to reduce one’s pain

99 analgesic

100 Double vision

101 diplopia

102 dizziness

103 vertigo

104 Blood in a joint

105 hemarthrosis

106 Pain in a nerve

107 neuralgia

108 TPR comprise this set of procedures (only BP missing)

109 Vital signs, (VS)

110 Post menopause, many women request these pills

111 HRT, hormone replacement therapy to keep them from aging and getting osteoporosis

112 Leonard may have thought he was dating her but in REAL life she’s really dating him

113 Henry Cavill, AKA “Superman”

114 In last year’s Academy Award best picture blockbuster movie, the irony is that the actors in it are entirely missing what the title implies

115 Gravity with Clooney and Bullock, they have zero of it!

116 It’s the name of a German automobile and also a prominent bellybutton

117 What is an Audi/outie? (sorry, I couldn’t resist this one)

118 What Panama and Suez and your ear have in common?

119 A canal

120 Another way of saying QID

121 Q6h

122 Hypokalemia may be resolved with this

123 Gatorade; banana, high potassium water drink with fruit flavoring to cover up the awful taste of potassium

124 The 3 advantages of private schools over state institutions

125 Smaller class sizes More scholarships available Higher acceptance rate into graduate/professional schools

126 It means “a bloody nose”

127 epistaxis

128 It means “doesn’t have a menstrual period”

129 amenorrhea

130 It means “a time in life when one’s periods cease”

131 menopause

132 What Notre Dame, St. Thomas,Trinity, St. John’s, DePaul all have in common

133 All are Catholic Universities

134 It means to “vomit or cough up blood”

135 hemoptysis

136 What two procedures are part of a total removal of one’s uterus and ovaries

137 Hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy

138 The class of drugs IPECAC belongs to

139 Emetics, make you throw up

140 To put you to sleep at night you’ll need this class of medications

141 A sedative

142 A medication to reduce your anxiety

143 A tranquilizer


145 “The patient presents with a chief complaint of…….”

146 The removal of a gall bladder

147 cholecystectomy

148 Medical name for a UTI

149 cystitis

150 Black and blue marks on a corpse are called these

151 ecchymoses

152 The medical name for a blood platelet

153 Thrombocyte (thrombus is a clot, “cyte” always means “cell”)

154 Accelerated heart rate

155 tachycardia

156 Swollen joint

157 arthroedema

158 Inflammation of the lining of lungs

159 pleuritis

160 Inflammation of a bone

161 osteitis

162 Medical name for an RBC

163 erythrocyte

164 Acronym for a defibrillator

165 AED, automatic external defibrillator

166 Liver pain

167 hepatalgia

168 Too little potassium is called this condition

169 Hypokalemia, hypo=too little, kalium =potassium (K), emia means “in the blood”

170 Too much cholesterol in the blood

171 hypercholesterolemia

172 The name of the arteries around the heart that provide the myocardium itself with blood

173 The coronary arteries (CAD=coronary artery disease)

174 Speech impediment, partially

175 dyphasia

176 Pain on urination

177 dysuria

178 Inflammation of a ligament

179 fibrositis

180 Inflammation of a tendon

181 Also fibrocitis

182 Surgical resection of cartilage

183 chondrectomy

184 Ironically, Alfred Nobel, for whom the peace prize is named after, made his fortune doing this

185 Inventing and selling dynamite to both sides in the first world war!

186 She was “legally blond” at her Sweet Home in Alabama”

187 Reese Witherspoon

188 Where a “cul-de-sac” can be found


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