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Win2k3 EoS and Enterprise Modernization Matt Starkie Business Architect WW DC and Cloud Infrastructure CoE Microsoft Michael Loftus Chief Strategist &

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1 Win2k3 EoS and Enterprise Modernization Matt Starkie Business Architect WW DC and Cloud Infrastructure CoE Microsoft Michael Loftus Chief Strategist & Consulting Partner Hyper Technologies

2 Objectives for Win2k3 EoS / Enterprise Modernisation 1.Identify Existing Risks in Applications 2.Reduce Risk Exposure 3.Reduce Financial Exposure 4.Leverage Newer Capabilities 5.Reduce Time to Value of Services 6.Simplify the Environment

3 Why? Organisations have an Application Transformation Challenge, still The Traditional Destination has evolved Organisations are going BiModal Risk vs Cost – what’s your preference? What’s your exposure? What are we hearing that is relevant to you General Themes Specific Role Viewpoints

4 Goal Value Approach Governance Sourcing Talent Culture Cycle Times Reliability Price for Performance Waterfall, V-Model Plan Driven, Approval Based Enterprise Suppliers, long-term deals Good at conventional process/ projects IT Centric, customer removed Long – (months / years) Agility Revenue, Brand, Customer Experience Agile, Kanban Empirical, continuous, fail faster Startups, small, short term deals Good at new and ambiguous projects Business-centric, customer focused Short – (days, weeks) Fast TwitchSlow Twitch Going Bi-Modal AND

5 Win2k3 EoS / Enterprise Modernisation – Common Themes 1.Again, we’ve just done this on the desktop!! 2.Our solution works as is, why change it? 3.We don’t need any help, we’re all covered 4.This is an IT problem 5.This is a Business Problem 6.What are you trying to sell us this time? 7.Yes we have a problem, we don’t know how big or where to start 8.Another vendor trying to scare us into buying from them 9.We haven’t budgeted to address this 10.You’re no different than the other vendors 11.Yes we’re an ITIL shop……… 12.Show me the value 13.We want this to be the last time we do this

6 Win2k3 EoS / Enterprise Modernisation – Role Based Viewpoints Viewpoint Perspectives CIO Strategy Lines of Business Business Relationship Managers Enterprise Architecture Senior IT Roles Innovation Teams Finance and Procurement Legal

7 How to Start Understand your problem Communication – Early, Often, Relevant Service RACI Service Cost is Key How Much today How Much in future Avoid Analysis Paralysis Lower the time to Value Offload Risk Outcome based solutions

8 How to Start

9 Target Destination Design / Build / Operate Week 15 onwards Accelerated Application Modernization Approach Discovery &Rationalisation Complexity Project – Assessment & Planning & Migration CSA Start Week 5-12July 2015Week 1-4 5-10 Application Migration Pilot Low Complexity Migration Planning (3 rd Party & MS) Service Catalogue Findings and Reports Environment Data Collection Custom Application Review and Validation Impact Project – Assessment & Planning Week 7-15 Initial Business Case Analysis (CSA & Risk Impacts) Business Impact, Risk, Schedule and Approach Medium Complexity Migration Planning Sprint Project - Migration Weeks 13-26 Microsoft Velocity Migrations Testing and Remediation Quarterly CSA Server Count Defined Objectives Impact Project - Migration Week 15 – TBD (ASAP) Microsoft Velocity Migrations Governance and Risk Mitigation Partner Migration Management Business Testing and Remediation CSA Accountability Roles and Responsibilities End User Communication and Training Sprint Project – Assessment & Planning Target Destination Decisions

10 Infrastructure Modernisation Michael Loftus Hyper-T

11 Hyper Technologies (HyperT) A Perspective on Modernization and Win 2003 Microsoft Partner Deep expertise in Hyper-V, System Center, and core MS Platforms Focused primarily on Consulting and On Premises Managed Service, with a “Boutique” Hosting Capability Azure activity restricted to DR feasibility discussions thus far. Dev/Test on the horizon. Active in Several Windows 2003 Upgrade Projects Focused on Infrastructure – so not confronting Application Server challenges yet

12 HyperT and Infrastructure Modernization –Beliefs and Approach

13 The HyperT Migration Roadmap

14 Windows 2003 Initiatives- HyperT All focused more on “point” modernization than EOL/CSA risk. Windows 2003 Remediation seen as larger challenge and not necessarily being addressed as single project by our clients. Two separate Financial Services Engagement examples First is moving Windows 2003 File Servers to Virtualized Windows 2012 clusters. Build out new environment, migrate data, retire old servers. Second engagement is also a File Server/DFS-R upgrade to Windows 2012. As you would expect, very few significant technology challenges with these migrations In “Proposal Stage” for multiple clients starting to look at Application Servers. Initial trend is they are not interested in diagnostic tools like ChangeBase/App DNA. They seek ISV validation of support for Win 2012

15 HyperT Summary  We are absolutely committed to (and optimistic about) the prospects for private and hybrid cloud based on MS Cloud OS.  There is a need to improve understanding of networking and WAN optimization in the context of Azure and O365  We are in dialogue with a few smaller clients about moving their entire IT infrastructure Azure and O365  Client interest/demand for these migrations is driven by modernization imperatives.  Although the Windows 2003 EOL “event” is acknowledged, it does not appear to represent the major “inflection point” that we believe it is.  Not clear that patch availability as critical a concern as it should be.

16 Why Microsoft and Partners? We’ve Done This Before, countless times We know Your: Organisation Industry Geography Experienced Resources & Partners Onshore Offshore Tailored and Proven Approaches Choice of Destinations Microsoft Non-Microsoft Shared Interests and Goals The clock is ticking!!!!

17 Questions? Matt Starkie Business Solutions Architect WW Datacenter and Cloud Infrastructure CoE Michael Loftus Role? Hyper Technologies

18 © 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

19 Target Workstream Destination Build Internal Resource External Resources Mixed? Principles Private Cloud Unless…… Public Cloud Unless…. Hybrid Cloud Unless… Set the Target Destinations to work towards Pre-requisites Identity Strategy Comms Plan CAPEX / OPEX Goals Justification for change

20 Discovery & Rationalisation Workstream System integrators Microsoft Services Microsoft partners Non-Microsoft Partners Self-Service tools Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit Dell ChangeBASE Lakeside Software SysTrack Catalog Software, Workloads, Owners, Stakeholders Internal Resources Dev Teams Business Units Long Serving Employees Service Desk

21 Assess & Planning Workstream Complexity / Risk High High to Medium Medium to Low Low Business Criticality Mission Critical Important Marginal Duplicate Asses Service Components Gartner 5 R’s Retire Rehost Refactor / Revise Rebuild Replace

22 Migrate Workstream Who? Internal Resources External Resources COTS Upgrades Remember Service Owners How Much? Internal cost vs External Remember licensing Remember OPEX Budgetary Year Who, When, What, How Much? When / What? Simplify first Mix of Risk / Complexity Leverage Cloud Plan for Vacations

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