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1 Presented By: dr. Banaras Khan Awan
Conium maculatum Presented By: dr. Banaras Khan Awan

2 Gen. Secretary: Society of Homoeopaths, Pakistan
Dr. Banaras Khan Awan is a classical homeopath from Pakistan. He has been in practice for the last 20 years and is Ex Principal Gandhara Homeopathic Medical college, Taxila (the ancient city). Dr. Awan is a visiting lecturer at many homeopathic colleges and has presented numerous seminars and papers, locally and internationally. Dr. Banaras is well known in Pakistan for his articles, which are published regularly in Pakistani Homeopathic magazines. His book “Lectures on Homoeopathy” (Urdu language), published by the Society of Homeopaths Pakistan, is quite popular among homeopaths and students. His next written book “ MERE MEHMAN” is expected soon in market”. Dr. Banaras is an active member of many Homeopathic societies and organizations.

3 The central idea of Conium maculatum is weakness and paralysis and that it is very gradual.
I’ve been feeling weak and listless for quite a while.


Conium Affinity MIND NERVES MUSCLES GLANDS MAMMAE OVARIES Sexual Organs Respiration

6 Socrates was condemned to injest Conium because of his “negative” influence on the youth of Athens. (He was in his late seventies.)

7 He said (and they were his last words) : 'Crito, we owe a cock to AEsculapius; pay it, therefore, and do not neglect it'

8 As the action increases, the lungs are attacked; there is dyspnea, affecting the heart muscle. Finally the patient dies from paralysis of respiration.

9 Pic.acid, Kali.phos, Nat.carb
A frequent and characteristic symptom is an inability to sustain mental effort. Pic.acid, Kali.phos, Nat.carb

10 Conium & Nux.vom

11 Finally, very severe mental retardation will occur
Finally, very severe mental retardation will occur. There can also be premature senility.

12 Graduall Paralysis Another remedy ?

13 Gradual weakness in all 5

14 (Bryonia) Gen. Vertigo 610 remedies
The indication that stands out most prominent in Conium is its dizziness. It is brought on and aggravated by turning the head sidewise All the contents of the room appear to be whirling around (Bryonia) Gen. Vertigo remedies

15 Giddiness. Amelioration from keeping the head perfectly still.
VERTIGO - REST - agg. Calc. Lach. Nat-c. VERTIGO - REST - amel. Con.

16 Conium causes paralysis of the motor nerves

17 The paralysis and weakness spreads from below, the lower giving out before the upper.

18 The typical Conium patient is quite materialistic
The typical Conium patient is quite materialistic. They are people who will not be involved with philosophical or religious matters Ars.a, Hyos, Fl.acid, Lyco

19 They will be loyal to you as long as they feel you can help them and as long as you are not hurting them. But if there is a stage where, in their opinion, you are not helping them enough, they will immediately let you know, demanding their rights. In this way, Arsenicum album Nitricum acidum

20 Conium is one of the main
remedies that will suffer on the loss of a husband or wife Ign. And Nat.mur also suffer. What is the difference ?

21 There is strong element of attachment.(Carc, Puls, Ars.alb)
Conium is one of the main remedies that will suffer on the loss of the husband or the wife, due to lack of ability for the sexual outlet. I just can’t date again! There is strong element of attachment.(Carc, Puls, Ars.alb)

22 The top remedy for suppressed emotions?
The emotions are gradually weakened and paralyzed until it is impossible to bring them to the surface and express them. The top remedy for suppressed emotions?

23 The terrible strictness in their thinking and acting, no joy allowed, can give me a feeling of oppression, close to Aurum, Carcinosin Ref: Homeo links, summer 1997)

24 Indifferent like stone

25 Conium patients tend to have compulsive thoughts and to execute compulsive actions.
Must not step on a crack! superstitious: additions of G. Vithoulkas: 1st degree: arg-n., med., rhus-t., stram., syph.


27 Puls, Ign , Abrot Alternating states : excitement with sadness;
(b) insanity with other mental symptoms; (c) quarrelsomeness with silent depression. Puls, Ign , Abrot

28 One of the chief remedies in sterility.
It is a panacea in sterility. Ref: Medical Advance 1888 vol. X Aur.met, Borx, Nat.c, Nat.mur, Sep


30 Conium has a special action on the breasts and testicles, It also exerts a relieving influence on female breasts which become hardened, tender and painful just before the menstrual period.

31 The glands wherever affected are of stony hardness
The glands wherever affected are of stony hardness. These indurations are quite common in the breasts, in the testicles, and in the uterus.

32 Conium affects very strongly: - The sexual sphere. - The mental sphere
Conium affects very strongly: - The sexual sphere. - The mental sphere. - The central nervous system.

33 Often indicated in weakness of the sexual organs, due to bad effects from suppressed sexual desire or from excessive indulgence.

34 Conium is used in patients who used to have a normal/intense sexual life and who stopped: • the loss of a partner • the idea that sex is a sin • exaggerated meditation or people who suddenly stop their way of life for spiritual reasons and suddenly follow a guru. • people who are strictly religious and who are thus celibate (priests, nuns, for other complaints.)

35 Lust Remedies weakness of the organs to hold back the emission
Love is less Lust is more Lust Remedies Lyco, Phos, Plat, Staph, Tub, Med, Hyos, Verat, Lach, Orig, Nux.vom, Fl.acid,

36 Suddenly loses strength during coition.
Graph., Lycop. and Nux vom. Con. Patient, He gets ill both if he goes in for too much sex, or if he does not get any.

37 GENERALS - suppression of sexual desire - agg.
APIS ,CAMPH. CON. Lach. Lil-t. lyc. LYSS. orig . Ph-ac. PHOS. pic-ac. plat. PULS. staph. MIND - HYSTERIA - sexual - excitement; from suppression of sexual Brom. CON. MIND - ANXIETY - sexual desire; from, Suppressed STAPH. MIND - RAGE - sexual desire; from suppressed : lil-t. HEAD - PAIN - sexual desire - suppression of : camph. Con. Puls. FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - SEXUAL DESIRE - increased - suppressed menses, from : ant-c.

38 E GENITLIA/SEX - MENSES - suppressed - cold - water; from cold - hands in; putting
Con. Lac-d. FEMALE GENITALIA /SEX - MENSES - suppressed - wet - getting; from - Feet Acon. Graph. Nat-m. PULS. RHUS-T.

39 Differential diagnosis of breast Tumours
Calc, Sil, Thuja Conium, Ars.alb. Phyto

40 It is of interest that we never have seen a child case of Conium, and there are no book cases where Conium is recommended to children. Ref : Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, 1988

41 Arn, Hyper, Nat.sul, Symph, Ruta, Rhus.tox
It is useful in the weakness of old people and in diseases that are caused by a blow or fall. Arn, Hyper, Nat.sul, Symph, Ruta, Rhus.tox Compare ?

42 Conium patients are relieved by letting the affected limb hang down
I feel much better! EXTREMITIES - HANG down, letting - Limbs - amel. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Cocc. CON. Iris Kali-c. Lach. Led. Mez. Petr. Rhus-t. Sil.

43 The characteristic prostate gland symptom of Conium is a constant urge to urinate with little or no result. The patient has to get up at night because of this strong urge, he has to push hard to urinate a bit. The urination stops, while the urge remains. This situation can be so serious that the patient becomes desperate and anxious, so that he starts to perspire and he gets a headache and vertigo.

44 Interruption of urination is a keynote of Conium.
It keeps starting & stopping

BAR-C. Berb. CALC. CHIM. CON. DIG. Lyc. Med. Merc. Nit-ac.. PULS. Sel. Staph. Thuj. . Zinc-m.

46 Another keynote is tremulous weakness after every stool, that ceases in the open air.
I have to get outside into the fresh air right away!!!


48 intense photophobia, Oh no!!! A characteristic symptom being
disproportionate to the level of inflammation. Oh no!!!

49 CAUST. Con. GELS. SEP. SPIG. Aristotle Onassis drooping eye lid
Eyes, opening difficult. EYE - PARALYSIS - Lids, of CAUST. Con. GELS. SEP. SPIG. Aristotle Onassis drooping eye lid

50 Stony hard thyroid enlargement.

51 The peculiarity of the sweat is that it comes on as soon as the patient sleeps or even whenever he closes his eyes. Bryonia, CONIUM, Puls

52 A characterstic indication for this drug is a feeling of pressure in the pharynx ascending from the pit of stomach

53 Conium is a slow acting remedy
Apis, bar.carb, Bry, Sil, Hydras, Helleborus Acon, Ambra, Bell, Cham, Ars.alb, Hep.s, Phos,

54 Causation ii) Suppressed sexual desire. (Camph., Lyss. Puls.).
i) Blow or fall. (Hyper, Rhus tox., Ruta, Symph) ii) Suppressed sexual desire. (Camph., Lyss. Puls.). iii) Suppressed menses. Puls,; Graph; Sul) iv) Non - gratification of sexual instinct. v) From excessive sexual indulgence. (Calc. carb., Phos. acid, Sep., Staph.).. vi) Grief. (Ign; Nat.mur; Aur.met; Caust; Acid.Phos) vii ) Over-work. (Nux.vom, Tub, Sil)

55 Drug totality C = Closing the eyes or as soon as one sleeps: sweating occurs. O = Old men and old maids: with bad effects of suppressed sexual desire. N = Nodular induration of stony hardness of glands. I = Intense photophobia without inflammation of eyes. U = Urine: flow intermits; prostatic or uterine affections. M = Menses suppressed by putting hands in cold water.

56 Comparison - Cough during pregnancy : Apoc, con;
threatening abortion- con, Kali brom. - Easily excited by emotion or contradiction : Anac, Con, Aur. - Takes cold from exposure of feet- Con, Cup, Sil.

57 - Breasts painful and tender before and during menses : Con, Lac c.
- Remote effects of trauma : Arn, Con, Bellis, Ruta. - Unrefreshing sleep : Bry, con, Hep, Op, Sulph. - Agg from drinking even small quantity of wine : Alum, Con, Zinc.

58 RELATED REMEDIES – Complementary remedies - arg-n. arn. ars. bell. calc. caust. dros. lyc. nux-v. Phos. puls. rhus-t. Sep. sil. stram. SULPH. thuj. Followed well by - arg-met. arg-n. arn. ars. ars-i. aster. aur. bar-c. bell. calc. calc-ar. cic. clem. dros. iod. lach. lyc. nux-v. phos. Phyt. psor. puls. rhus-t. sep. sil. stram. Sul-ac. sulph. tub.  


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