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The Face and Facial Expression

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1 The Face and Facial Expression
235 Human Anatomy Dr Stuart Bunt Use video Face and faces, shows a variety of facial types, Rembrandt, Fergie, Aborigines etc. Slides: RC2 Buccinator and orbicularis oris RC3 facial muscles, cartoon from front RM3 Embryo showing pharyngeal arches from the side RC11 facial muscles from side like Grants NOTE: for next year get slides from Clinical Anatomy, case studies..nice pictures for slides (scan?)

2 Visual Inspection

3 The muscles of the lips Orbicularis oris Elevators of the upper lip
sphincter muscle of the mouth Elevators of the upper lip Zygomaticus minor Levator labii superioris Nasalis Zygomaticus major


5 Depressors of the lips Depressor labii inferioris Platysma
Depressor anguli oris Mentalis

6 Retractors of the angle of the mouth
Zygomaticus major Depressor anguli oris Risorius Platysma


8 Muscles attached to the nose
Nasalis Levator labii, superioris alaeque nasi Levator labii superioris Zygomaticus minor Procerus

9 Muscles around the orbit and ear
Orbicularis oculi orbital palpebral Depressor supercilli Corrugator supercilli Temporoparietalis Procerus Occipito frontalis frontalis


11 Problems with eye closure
7th nerve paralysis General paralysis

12 Lymphatic Drainage Maxillary and anterior mandibular region
Ant. Middle and Post. submandibular nodes very tip to submental nodes Anterior Temporal, zygomatic and posterior manidibular regions Parotid nodes Ear retroauricular and subauricular nodes All drain into the cervical lymph nodes around the jugular

13 Lymphatic drainage

14 Nerve Supply Entirely by 7th Nerve Entirely motor
except taste from ant 2/3 of tongue Also supplies tensor tympani of same side NOT upper eyelid 3rd Nerve

15 The Facial Nerve Auditory and facial nerve enter internal auditory canal Fibres leave for Pterygo-palatine ganglion/otic ganglion External petrosal nerve Chorda tympani to tongue Through facial canal in mastoid

16 Clinical Evaluation “Upper Motor Neuron” “Lower Motor Neuron”
cortex controls lower opposite face forehead and eye closure dual consensual reflexes “Lower Motor Neuron” all muscles on one side affected taste affected

17 7th nerve damage Bell’s palsy pain around ear no sensory impairment
complete palsy rapid recovery(2-8wks) Entrapment in facial canal after infection? steroids in severe cases where taste affected

18 Other 7th nerve lesions Ramsay-Hunt syndrome Hemifacial spasm
Herpes Zoster of 7th nerve very severe pain in ear vescicles poor recovery Hemifacial spasm irritation of nerve by blood vessel?

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