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Graphs and the Coordinate Plain Miss Hudson’s Maths.

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1 Graphs and the Coordinate Plain Miss Hudson’s Maths

2 Using the Rule  In the tables that we have been looking at we have been given an x column and a y column, eg.  The rule for this table would be: y = 2 x + 2  We can use these values to form a graph. xy  Miss Hudson’s Maths

3 The Coordinate Plain  The Coordinate Plain is what we call the two axis we use in graphing.  Miss Hudson’s Maths

4 Reading the Coordinate Plain  When reading the coordinate plain we read across and then down.  The axis going across (horizontal) is the x axis and the axis going down (vertical) is the y axis.  This makes sense when we look at the tables because the x value is always in the left hand column and the y value is always in the right.  Miss Hudson’s Maths

5 xy  Miss Hudson’s Maths

6 The Coordinate Plain  There are four different quadrants in a coordinate plain. These are: Quaadrant 1 Quadrant 3 Quadrant 2 Quadrant 4 Always remember that the quadrant numbers go anti clockwise around the coordinate plain  Miss Hudson’s Maths

7 Writing Coordinates  When writing coordinates they are always in the form of (x,y).  If looking at the previous table the coordinates could be written as (1, 4), (2, 6), (3, 8) and (4, 10).  This means that you put your first dot at across 1 and up 4, your second dot at across 2 and up 6, your third dot at across 3 and up 8 and your last dot at across 4 and up 10.  Once all of these dots are on the coordinate plain the dots can be joined up to form a line.  Miss Hudson’s Maths

8  This would look like:  Miss Hudson’s Maths

9 Have a go  Write down the coordinates of the following shapes.  Miss Hudson’s Maths

10 Try these ones  Write down the coordinates for the following shapes  Miss Hudson’s Maths

11 Putting coordinates on a graph  One the graph paper provided put the coordinates on the graph.  Miss Hudson’s Maths

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