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2 A Rich History of Engineering & Technology 2 Advanced Network Devices (AND) designs and sells sophisticated multi media applications and products. It is our rich engineering pool and world class video and audio technology that drives the IP products we design. Our Gen2 IP Speaker technology is widely deployed, and the engine of all AND IP products Selling IP speakers since 2004, AND was an early adopter of the PoE (Power Over Ethernet) standard, providing audio over Ethernet before most, and one of the first, if not the first provider of PoE IP loudspeakers. The technology is mature and long proven, which has facilitated a reliable and stable product with a rich set of features. Having sold thousands before others even got started, AND also has an advance on quality and the agility needed to add other features or introduce new products into the marketplace.

3 Why Go IP Future Proof Your System: Devices are field upgradable allowing for continual development and future feature addition Increased Flexibility: Devices are individually addressable as well as in groups with system configuration changes made from your PC or server Multiple modes of communication: Devices support Paging, Intercom/Talkback, Scrolling Text (messages, feeds, tickers, etc.), graphics, bells/tones/alarms, Phone, Time, Timers, and emergency flashers Interoperate with phones: AND devices interoperate with IP phone systems in a variety of ways. IP speakers are an extension (literally) of the phone system. Reduced Costs: Installation of these low power devices requires only a single CAT 5 cable allowing for easy installation, low maintenance costs. Increased Reliability: Backing up your network switch allows for easy system backup. A single point of contact allows for quick resolution and reliable system support 3

4 The AND Advantage 4 Flexible The GPIO contact closures standard on all AND devices allow customers to leverage both AND and 3 rd party accessories Advanced Display: Allowing for multiple modes of communication and Paging, Intercom/ Talkback, Scrolling Text and emergency flashers Future Proofed All AND devices are field upgradeable allowing you to install new features remotely by updating your firmware The Power of ONE o One Solution: your intercom, bell scheduling & paging system in one o One System: manage all your devices from a single interface. o One Company: The ease of one point of contact and one technical support number for all of your for support questions and technical assistance. o Push -to -talk buttons o line-in audio o voice amplification o 2 nd speaker o door bell /access control o etc.

5 An AND Model for Every Install Display ProductsCost EffectiveNon-DisplayOutdoor IPCSS / IPCSL IPSIGNL-F IPSWD IPCDS IPSWS IPSCM- RM IPSCM IPSCM- RM ZONE C IPSWS-SM-O 5

6 PoE & PoE+ SwitchsGPIO AccessoriesPower Injectors AND Recommend Accessories 6 Adtran Powerdsine HP PoE+ Cisco PoE+ Juniper

7 More Features Than Any Other IP Speaker GPIO: 2 inputs, 2 outputs Activate via telephone or programmatically Line In/ Out: Independent line-in. Can be configured to send line in audio to the speaker Installation: Only requires CAT 5 connection (up to 300ft) to network Power over Ethernet (no power cord or adapter). No other equipment needed. Supports PoE and PoE+ Phone: Extension on your phone system Make outbound calls to an extension or outside phone Audio: 4” or 8” Speaker Optional ancillary 8-ohm speaker Bell scheduling, reminders and alarms Clock chimes Voice paging from a PC, randomly, or at intervals Use provided notifications, alarms, audio files (sport, holiday, traditional, etc.), or your own Sound Masking: Generate pink noise via push button or programmatically for sound masking Clock: 3”/ 5” numbers/text Atomic time Never needs setting Auto-adjust for Daylight Savings Display 4 or 6 digits Scrolling Text: Send many types of messages: Configurable News Reminders Alerts Advertising RSS feeds/ Twitter Stop Watch / Timer: Count up and down with configurable sounds Event based trigger 7

8 How We Compare In The Market AND ValcomCyberdataAtlas Outdoor modelsYYYY MicrophoneYoptional Talkback / IntercomYoptional Scrolling TextY--- Graphics support (pixel maps, icons, logos, etc.)Y--- Multi-color textY--- Flashersoptional--- Ceiling modelsRound, and 2x2 gridRound Configurable fontsY--- Display time with secondsY--- Timer built inY--- Audio quality8kHz uLaw, 8kHz, 11.025kHz, 22.05kHz, 44.1 kHz 8kHz uLaw 8kHz uLaw, 8kHz, 11.025kHz, 22.05kHz, 44.1 kHz Sound maskingY--- Clock/Signage form factor availableSmall clock with 4” speaker Large clock with 8” speaker Doublewide with 2 8” speakers --- Dual speaker modelsDoublewide large clock Back-to-back small clock --- PoEYYYY GPIO / call button supportoptional Embedded SIP phoneY--- Zone controller availableYYYY IR remote control supportlimited--- PoE+ supportY--- Drive a 2 nd slave speakerY??Y- Included Free Bell scheduling SoftwareIPClockwise--- Software supportedIPClockwise, Informacast, SA- Announce, Asterisk, Informacast, Class Connection Informacast, SA-Announce Informacast, SA-Announce 8

9 Cost / Benefit Analysis of IP Paging Systems 9 Future Proof Your System: IP devices are field upgradable allowing for future feature addition. Increased Flexibility: Devices are individually addressable as well as in groups with system configuration changes made from your PC. Reduced Costs: Low maintenance costs allow you to realize saving over the life of your paging system. Increased Reliability: Backing up your network switch allows for easy system backup. Spans Far Beyond Paging: A mass notification system that allows you to leverage the benefit in everyday operations, but still there when you need it. Leverage the signage, synchronized time, intercom, paging and bell scheduling daily. The Benefits of IP with an Affordable IP Paging Solution: A Small Premium That Delivers Exponential Value Analog PagingIP Paging Infrastructure AmplifierNot Needed ShelfNot Needed Software Front EndFeature Not Available35 licenses Hardware Ceiling Mounted Speakers35 Speaker w/ SignboardFeature not availableOptional Basic Feature Set Paging Individually AddressableFeature not available Scrolling MessagingFeature not availableOptional Push To Talk (Intercom)Feature not availableOptional Synchronized Clock SystemFeature not availableOptional $5600$7650

10 IPSWD Technical Specs 10 Supported Protocols: SIP IPv4 HTTP SLP TFTP NTP DHCP IGMP ICMP TCP/IP UDP MDNS & MDNS-SD Specifications: Weight: 8 lbs. Approx. 13” x 5in (2” on bottom) x15 in. PoE +(IEEE802.3at 10/100 Mb network connection Speaker Size:8” Average Sensitivity95dB SPL, 1W / 1M PoE PowerAvg. 4W (display) 2W (non-display) Frequency Response60 Hz – 17 kHz EIA 462A Standard 8” Speaker Polar Plot 2kHz Octave Band, Grid Spacing = 6 dB/Division

11 Choosing the Right Hardware: 11

12 3 rd Party Software Solutions 12 Singlewire Software Syn-Apps Message Net Systems IPcelerate Cisco Call Manager Bell Commander A notification solution designed to improve business process, increase safety and streamline internal and external communication. When integrated and combined with AND products these software companies lead the industry in notification and call-recording products with phones, paging systems, IP speakers and hundreds of other internal systems and services.

13 AND’s Clockwise Software 13 Send audio tones and messages to AND’s devices Paging and Intercom System.: Talk to a single device, group of devices or the entire system Also use as a standalone PC application for clock chimes and timers. Clockwise is now an RSS reader that can display the feeds onto AND devices. Additionally, it can send multiple feeds to multiple devices or even the same device. Design your own graphics. Import bitmaps, jpegs, etc. which can be scheduled for displaying like other text messages. Brightness and volume are controllable for different times of day/night. Mute capability. All settings saved across sessions. Programmable clock chimes or bell scheduling. An additional sound library of themed sound tones available (i.e. Military, Schools, electrical, medical and police, etc.).

14 Choosing the Right Software 14 No Software*ClockWise (Advanced Network Devices) Informacast (Singlewire) SA-Announce (Syn-Apps) MessageNet Endpoints Supported>11-50>50 to very large Enterprise / large scaleYYYY Server BasedYYY RedundantYYY Integrates with the phone systemYYYY Utilize all AND device featuresY Bell schedulingYYYY Alarms/EventsYYYY Advanced Text featuresY Basic Audio FeaturesYYYYY Synchronized TimeYYYYY Advanced Audio featuresYYYY Advanced SchedulingYYYY SoftwarePC applicationServer based application / web- accessible CostNo costLicense per endpoint *Connected to a PBX such as Asterix, Shoretel, 3CX

15 Choosing the Right Software cont. 15 Do You have a VoIP Phone System? Yes Do you have a Cisco Phone System? Yes Singlewire's Informacast No,Messageenet, Syn-Apps, IPcelerate, PBX System/Clockwise No Is the System Spanning Multiple buildings? Yes Informacast, PBX System, Messageenet, Syn- Apps, IPcelerate No How Many Endpoints? 0-50 Clockwise 51+ Informacast, PBX System, Messageenet, Syn-Apps, IPcelerate

16 Questions 16 Contact : Cassie Caldwell | 847-463-2433 |


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