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Transformations Vocabulary.

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1 Transformations Vocabulary

2 Transformational Geometry: is a method for studying geometry that illustrates _____________________________________ by the use of transformations. Transformation: A transformation of the plane is a ____________________________of points in the plane to points in the plane. congruence and similarity one to one mapping

3 Reflection Reflection- is a transformation in which each point of the original figure (pre-image) has an image that is the ______________________________ as the original point but is on the opposite side of the line. same distance from the line of reflection

4 Rotation Rotation- is a transformation that ___________________________________ turns a figure about a fixed point called the center of rotation

5 Translation Translation- is a transformation that ___________________________ direction. A translation creates a figure that is ____________with the original figure. slides an object a fixed distance in a given congruent

6 Dilation Dilation- is a transformation that produces an image that is the same shape as the original, but is a ____________. A dilation ____________________ the original figure different size stretches or shrinks

7 Describing transformations
Opposite Transformation: An opposite transformation is a transformation that ______________________of a figure. ___________are opposite transformations. Image: An image is the ___________point or set of points under a transformation. Pre-image: ____________ figure or set of points Orientation: Orientation refers to the______________________, relative to one another, after a transformation has occurred. For example, the reference made to the direction traversed (clockwise or counterclockwise) when traveling around a geometric figure. changes the order Reflections resulting original arrangement of points

8 Isometry preserves length orientation or order
Isometry: An isometry is a transformation of the plane that ____________________. Direct: preserves _____________________ - the letters on the diagram go in the same clockwise or counterclockwise direction on the figure and its image. Opposite: ___________________________________________ (such as clockwise changes to counterclockwise). Vector: A quantity that has both_________________ and __________; represented geometrically by a directed line segment. orientation or order changes the order or orientation magnitude direction

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