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PLANET TYBALT By: John A. Smith 9A Science Class.

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1 PLANET TYBALT By: John A. Smith 9A Science Class

2 Newly discovered

3 Our Transportation!  USS Capulet Features:  FLD (Faster then Light Drive) for quick travel to other planets within our solar system. USS Capulet can travel faster then the speed of light, which is approximately “ X” km/h, and can travel up to “ X” km/h. Tybalt is approximately “ X” kilometers away which means it would take “ X” days to arrive at the new planet. A full living quarters is also provided on board. Planet Tybalt Distance Chart Space ObjectsKilometresLight Years EarthX000,0000,000 SunX000,0000,000

4 Tybalt’s Physical Description Measurement Motion X Composition X Mass X Distance to Sun (KM) X Distance to Earth (KM) X Density X Temperature (ºC) X Measurement Atmosphere X Moons X One year (Earth) X One Day (Earth) X Human life X Planet Tybalt Characteristics Interesting Fact: Tybalt has a moon that has a thin atmosphere with some vegetation and water. It is also visible at night taking up 1/3 of the night sky.

5 Tybalt’s Sights!  Comets  Because of the planet’s location there are many comets that are seen in Tybalt’s skies. Two are seen each year.  Once a year, in February, the Comet Romeo arrives.  Another comet, called Juliet, arrives in September.

6 Tybalt’s Sights!  Asteroids  Just before you arrive near the planet a vast and large asteroid belt orbits close to Tybalt at X kms.  The USS Capulet can easily navigate this wall of large rocks. They are a sight to see and many people often say they are breathtaking with some asteroids being the size of Texas.

7 Tybalt’s Sights!  Moon: Sword  Tybalt has a small moon located very close in orbit. It is best viewed at night and can take up 1/3 of the sky.  The moon also has a very thin atmosphere not contusive to life, but you can visit the Moon Man Spa dome for a relaxing spa stay for both men and women.

8 Tybalt’s Sights!

9  Planet’s Atmosphere  Tybalt’s unique position in our solar system provides relatively no real seasons as the entire planet is tropical.  The general temperatures, in what we can call summer, range from 25-45 degrees Celsius and in winter, if you can call it that, temperatures are between 15-25.  Since Tybalt only has one continent there isn’t anywhere on Tybalt where you can’t find a nice beach.

10 Tybalt’s Sights  Space Station Morrison  This station is named after the famous space explorer that first founded and developed the planet.  It is the first stop before heading down to the planet.  Medical examinations, customs, and places to eat are provided here before your shuttle ride to the planet. Remember your passport!

11 Conclusion

12 Image Credits  Planet on slide 1:  Spaceship image source: destkop_x.jpg destkop_x.jpg  Comet image Source:  Asteroid image source:  Meteor Shower source:  Tropical image source:  Space Station image:

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