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200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt.

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1 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt Religion Cooperation & Conflict Push & Pull Factors Modifying the Environment Graphs, Tables & Charts

2 Followers of Islam, those who believe in Allah and the teachings of Muhammad, are referred to as this.

3 Muslims? What are Muslims? 100 pts.

4 This is the title of the modern day religious leaders of Judaism. They may be found in a synagogue, reading from the Torah.

5 Rabbis? What are Rabbis? 200 pts.

6 This religion began in the Indus River Valley. Followers of this religion believe in Brahman and they read from the Vedas.

7 Hinduism? What is Hinduism? 300 pts.

8 Because of their belief in this individual, an important Christian symbol is the cross.

9 Jesus? Who is Jesus? 400 pts.

10 This term means “belief in many gods”.

11 polytheistic? What is polytheistic? 500 pts.

12 This term refers to disagreement and fighting among countries. It may occur because of differences in languages, religious beliefs, or economic interests.

13 conflict? What is conflict? 100 pts.

14 This term means “depending on each other to obtain the goods and services that both of us need”. It’s one way that countries cooperate for economic reasons.

15 interdependence? What is interdependence? 200 pts.

16 Because of West Asia’s arid, or very dry, climate, conflict has developed between countries trying to obtain this highly valuable resource that is essential for life.

17 300 pts. water? What is water?

18 This city, which is now the capital of Israel, has been the site of much conflict over the centuries, because Jews, Christians, and Muslims all consider it a holy city.

19 400 pts. Jerusalem? What is Jerusalem?

20 These are two reasons why the Ataturk Dam caused so much conflict.

21 What are any two of the following? Syria and Iraq are left without water for hydroelectricity. Syria and Iraq are left without water for irrigation. Syria and Iraq consider the Euphrates to be a sacred river, and Turkey has stopped its flow. 500 pts.

22 This term means “to move from one place to settle in another place”. Push and pull factors cause people to do this.

23 migrate? What is migrate? 100 pts.

24 People migrate to this biodiversity hotspot in West Asia, because of job opportunities in mining businesses, logging businesses, and other factories.

25 Western Ghats? What are the Western Ghats? 200 pts.

26 This river is a major pull factor for Hindus, because they believe that it is sacred, or holy.

27 Ganges River? What is the Ganges River? 300 pts.

28 This term means “people who have to flee from their home because of war or persecution”. People in Afghanistan became these when war destroyed their homes.

29 refugees? What are refugees? 400 pts.

30 These are reasons that Christians, Muslims, and Jews are drawn to Jerusalem each year. (one reason for each religion)

31 What is…? The Dome of the Rock for Muslims, The Western Wall for Jews The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (tomb) for Christians 500 pts.

32 This term means “to change” or “to make different”. People do this to the environment in both positive and negative ways.

33 modify? What is modify? 100 pts.

34 This is one irrigation method that farmers have used in order to grow crops in arid West Asia.

35 flood irrigation, furrow irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation? What is flood irrigation, furrow irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, or drip irrigation? 200 pts.

36 This term means “the destruction of forests”.

37 deforestation? What is deforestation? 300 pts.

38 These are one positive consequence and one negative consequence of building a mega-dam, such as the Ataturk Dam in Turkey.

39 What are…? Positive consequences could include: hydroelectricity, water for irrigation, prevention of floods, reservoir created Negative consequences could include: loss of silt, very expensive to build, destruction of natural habitats, relocation of citizens 400 pts.

40 These are 3 problems that occurred because of the plan to grow cotton using the water diverted from the Aral Sea.

41 What are any of the following? Respiratory problems from the dust A shorter growing season due to a climate change Fisherman losing their jobs Animals’ habitats being destroyed 500 pts.

42 About one quarter of the oil produced by OPEC nations comes from this country.

43 Saudi Arabia? What is Saudi Arabia? 100 pts.

44 Column 5, Row 2 It’s the second most popular world religion.

45 Islam? What is Islam? 200 pts.

46 Of the countries listed, this nation has the most ground water. Water Resources in the West Asia Region Country Surface Water (million cubic meters) Ground Water (million cubic meters) Iraq76,8801,500 Jordan660275 Kuwait0.1182 Lebanon2,50012,000 Oman91810,500

47 Lebanon? What is Lebanon? 300 pts.

48 Compared to this country, India’s average income is greater.

49 Afghanistan? What is Afghanistan? 400 pts.

50 Deforestation in these two regions has increased between the time periods on the graph.

51 Asia South America? What are Asia and South America? 500 pts.

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