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European parliament Bodmin College, England.

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1 European parliament Bodmin College, England


3 Parliamentary Buildings
The Hague EU Building Strasbourg EU Building Luxembourg EU Building Frankfurt EU Building Brussels EU Building

4 Brussels EU building Bertha von Suttner building

5 Brussels EU building Bertha von Suttner building
Brussels is HQ to the European commission. They’re responsible for proposing laws, implementing decisions, upholding the treaties and the general day-to-day running of the Union. This is also the HQ for the ‘Council of Ministers’, which is the group that make all the final decisions for the European Union.

6 Strasbourg EU Building The Louise Weiss building
It cost €270million to build!!!

7 Strasbourg EU Building The Louise Weiss building
This is the home of the European parliament. The EU building in Strasbourg is one of the buildings that are being used for the parliament. The EU parliament gather here to discuss anything that is important to the EU. This building is used for the meeting of the parliament only if the building in Brussels is not available. The dome of the parliament chamber will light up as the noise level rises.

8 Luxembourg EU building
The European Investment Bank headquarters

9 What they do… Luxembourg’s focus falls on Law and Order. Particular civil rights issues are dealt with here. This covers all European Union states.

10 Frankfurt EU Building Commerzbank Tower

11 Frankfurt EU Building Commerzbank Tower
The EU building in Frankfurt is the site of the European central bank. This is one of the world’s most important banks, which holds the monetary policy for 16 of the states which are included in the EU. A monetary policy is when they control, the supply and availability of money as well as controlling the cost of money.

12 The Hague

13 The Hague The Hague is the location of the EU’s ‘Europol’.
This is the EU’s criminal intelligence agency and was started on the 1st July 1999. It covers all of the European participating countries.

14 The People of the EU Election of the MEPs takes place every 5 years.
Has been like this since 1979. They are elected by universal adult suffrage. Universal adult suffrage: all adult citizens in the country vote as a whole. Each member state in the EU can chose it’s own method of election, but they have to abide by these 3 rules. Each individual citizen in the member state has the right to chose who they want. Not as a group decision. Each member state can divide it’s country into sections for voting, as long as it doesn’t affect the voting system. Any party that is up for election must receive at least 5% of votes of the member state.

15 UK The UK is subdivided into 12 sections. East midlands: 5 members
Eastern: 7 members London: 8 members North east: 3 members North west: 8 members Northern Ireland: 3 members Scotland: 6 members South east: 10 members South west: 6 members Wales: 4 members West midlands: 6 members Yorkshire and the Humber: 6 members Total: 72 members 

16 Germany Germany has 99 members and no subsections.
They belong to one of these 5 parties. Green/European free alliance. Alliance of liberals and democrats for Europe. European peoples party. Confederal group of the European united left – Nordic green left. Group of the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats in the European parliament.

17 France 1. France : East : 9 members
2. France : Ile-de-France : 13 members 3. France : Massif central-Centre : 5 members 4. France : North-west : 10 members 5. France : West : 9 members 6. France : Over seas : 3 members 7. France : South-East : 13 members 8. France : South-west : 10 members

18 Italy 1. Italy : Centrale : 15 members 2. Italy : Insulare : 6 members
3. Italy : Meridionale : 15 members 4. Italy : Nord-Occidentale : 21 members 5. Italy : Nord-Orientale : 15 members Total : 72

19 Others Portugal : 22 members Spain : 50 members Ireland : 12
Belgium: 22 Netherlands: 25 Denmark: 13 Sweden: 18

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