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World Geography SOL WG.4 “Cultural Landscapes”

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1 World Geography SOL WG.4 “Cultural Landscapes”
By Mr. Singleton

2 Latin America & the Caribbean
Mayan Pyramid at Chichen Itza (right) Mayan City - Tikal (above) Incan City - Machu Picchu (above)

3 Europe (France) The Eiffel Tower Parisian Nights Gothic Cathedrals
Chartres (above) Notre Dame (below) Parisian Nights Arc de Triomphe (above) The Louvre (below) La Grande Arche

4 Europe (Great Britain)
From Left to Right: Big Ben A windmill Westminster Abbey Stonehenge A Scottish castle

5 Europe (Greece & Italy)
Clockwise from Bottom Left: Leaning Tower of Pisa The Parthenon The Roman Forum The Cathedral of Florence The Colosseum (Coliseum) The Pantheon St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

6 The United States & Canada (1)
Clockwise from Bottom Left: U. S. Capitol Building The White House Fanueil Hall (Boston) French-Canadian Stop Sign Independence Hall (Philadelphia) The Statue of Liberty Jefferson’s Monticello The Golden Gate Bridge

7 The United States & Canada (2)
Counter-Clockwise from Bottom Left: St. Louis Gateway Arch The Mall of America (top) The Empire State Building (bottom) The Flatiron Building (NYC Skyscraper) The World Trade Center (pre-9/11) The Sears Tower (Chicago) Washington D. C. Beltway © 1960s A Wheatfield The United Nations Headquarters (NYC)

8 Southwest Asia (the Middle East)
Jerusalem Sites (From Left to Right): Church of the Holy Sepulcher The Dome of the Rock The Western Wall (top left) Jerusalem City Wall (bottom left) Istanbul Sites: Hagia Sophia (above) Suleyman Mosque (right) Other Middle Eastern Sites: An Oil Rig (above left) The Kaaba in Mecca (above right)

9 Africa (Northern & Sub-Saharan)
Clockwise from Top Left: Great Zimbabwe (SE Africa) A Bazaar or suq (N. Africa) The Sphinx (Egypt) The Pyramids at Giza (Egypt)

10 Russia & Central Asia Counter-Clockwise from Top Left:
A Siberian village St. Basil’s Cathedral Soviet-style Apartment Building The Kremlin Red Square

11 South & Southeast Asia 2 Views of Angkor Wat in Cambodia (Left & Right) From Left to Right: A Floating Market The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The Taj Mahal in India

12 East Asia 2 Examples of Japanese-style architecture, often
called “pagoda” (right & bottom) The Great Wall of China (above)

13 Australia, the Pacific Islands & Antarctica
Antarctic Research Station Sydney Opera House (Australia) Pacific Island Thatched Roof House

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