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Supplements to your map, guided notes and activities for Byzantium.

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1 Supplements to your map, guided notes and activities for Byzantium.

2 3, 2, 1 Questions pg 40  3 things that lead to the fall of Rome.  2 Famous Eastern Emperors  1 New Capitol of the Eastern Empire.

3 Match the Emperor pg 40 Middle of the page. Emperor:What they Did 1.DiocletianI expanded the Byzantine Empire to its largest size in 565 B.C. 2. ConstantineI divided the empire and kept the east for myself. 3. JustinianI moved the capitol from Rome to Byzantium and then named the city for me!

4 Bottom of Pg 40- Istanbul is Constantinople?  Listen to the song. Write down the words that you hear that you recognize from class.

5 Mini Worksheet: Byzantine Empire will be glued with a flap over page 41  Emperors:  Diocletian- 300 ACE- split the Roman Empire into 2 parts  W- Maximian (Weak)  E- Diocletian (Strong)  Constantine-  Reunited the empire moved capitol to the east. Constantinople/Istanbul.  Byzantium-  Eastern part of Rome Expanded under Justinian  Church and state shared power in govt. based on the principals of Christianity.

6 Mini Worksheet: Byzantine Empire  Justinian-  Ruled from 527-565 ACE  Justinian Code- Codified and clarified Roman and Greek Laws for his diverse pop. Women had rights.  Expanded his Empire!  Built Hagia Sophia- combined politics and religion.  Chief political advisor was Theodora, his wife.

7 Mini Worksheet: Byzantine Empire  Theodora- Justinian's wife  Controversial-Ruled along side of Justinian  Actress- parents were barkeeper and acrobat. She had a strong personality  Fought for women’s rights.  Died at age 50 from cancer (Justinian never remarried.)

8 Mini Worksheet: Byzantine Empire  Hagia Sophia-  Took over 12,000 workers to build  Huge –Dome atop a rectangular base.  Ornate- Wide use of Mosaics- Church of the holy wisdom.”  Built as Christian church; later became a Mosques in Istanbul and now a museum.

9 Western Church Vs. Eastern Church: on the lined part of pg. 41 Topic:Western Church (Roman Catholic) Eastern Church (Eastern Orthodox) Image: 1. Use of IconsUsed Icons to teach Germanic tribes about Christianity. No “Idol” Worship 2. Place of Organization ROMECONSTANTINOPLE 3. Language used in the Church LATINGREEK 4. Priests and Marriage No MarriageMarriage allowed. Family Allowed. 5. Role of the PopeSupreme Authority on Earth. God’s rep. On equal footing with the Patriarch. 6. Communion Bread Unleavened bread (Flat) Leavened Bread 7. DivorceNo way **(annulment)*** Allowed

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