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The Renaissance Outcome: Renaissance Painters/Sculptors.

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1 The Renaissance Outcome: Renaissance Painters/Sculptors

2 LEQ: Who were some of the major Renaissanc e artists? Drill: What are some of the defining characteristics of Renaissance art?

3 Pop Quiz 1.What was the Renaissance? A) the rebirth of ancient Greek and Roman culture B) the buying and selling of a large quantity of goods C) the largest building ever constructed in Italy 2.Which Italian city-state is considered to be the birth place of the Renaissance? A) Venice B) Milan C) Florence

4 Pop Quiz 3.What wealthy group supported art and education in Italy during the Renaissance? A) pirates B) patrons C) mercenaries 4.Which family ruled Florence during the Renaissance? A) Gambino Family B) Moniacci Family C) Medici Family

5 Pop Quiz 5. Which Renaissance literary text is a didactic prose gaining and keeping political power A) The Book of the Courtier B) The Prince C) The School of Athens 6. Author of a Renaissance literary text that describes how members of a royal court should behave A) Machiavelli B) Brunelleschi C) Castiglione

6 Pop Quiz Completion: 2 point each 7. Why was Italy and ideal location for the start of the Renaissance? 8. What is Humanism? 9. How did Renaissance art differ from Medieval art?

7 Review: Characteristics of Renaissance Art:  The natural world (nature)  Perspective/depth  Realism – scenes from everyday life  Use of light and shadows  Oil paint

8 Famous Artists A. Michelangelo i.Sculptor, painter, architect, and poet ii.Famous for way he portrayed the human body iii.Famous works: 1.Statue of David, 2.Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 3.Dome of St. Peter’s

9 Sistine Chapel Ceiling


11 David


13 Famous Artists B. Donatello i.Made sculpture more realistic by carving natural postures and expression that revealed personality ii.Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata iii.Sculpted a David

14 Donatello’s David

15 Donatello’s Equestrian Statue of Gattamelata

16 Famous Artists C. Leonardo da Vinci i.Painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist prophetic writer prophetic ii.Interested in how things work iii.Famous works: 1.The Mona Lisa 2.The Last Supper 3.Virgin on the Rocks

17 The Mona Lisa

18 The Last Supper

19 Da Vinci Sketches

20 Famous Artists D. Raphael i.Learned from studying Leonardo and Michelangelo ii.One of favorite subjects was Madonna and Child (Virgin Mary) iii.Famous works: i.School of Athens ii.Marriage of the Virgin

21 School of Athens

22 Marriage of the Virgin

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