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T HE N ORTH C ENTRAL P LAINS Cami Russell Allison Nix Avisha Patel Chrissy Leaderer Harris Chambers.

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1 T HE N ORTH C ENTRAL P LAINS Cami Russell Allison Nix Avisha Patel Chrissy Leaderer Harris Chambers

2 T HE T RINITY R IVER The Trinity river flows right through Fort Worth witch is in the North Central Plains region.

3 F ORT H OOD This is Fort Hood, Fort Hood is located halfway between Austin and Waco.

4 I MPORTANT T HINGS A BOUT THE N ORTH C ENTRAL P LAINS The North Central plains are Higher in elevation then the coastal plains. They are covered with grasses and brush not trees. They receive less rainfall than the east. Peanuts, fruit, and vegetables are the main crops that are grown here. Arlington is located in the easy cross timbers.

5 I MPORTANT T HINGS A BOUT T HE N ORTH C ENTRAL P LAINS Arlington is a leader in manufacturing, recreation, and tourism Crops grow here; wheat, peanuts, corn, grain, sorghum, and cotton.


7 D ISCRIPIONS Rolling Plains The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts has three galleries two with dramatic 40-foot ceilings, a multi-purpose meeting room that can accommodate up to 300 people. There is also a large rooftop sculpture terrace with a beautiful view of the city. SAMFA also has a research library, which is open to the public by appointment, as well as an education wing that is equipped with classrooms and ceramic studios. x Cross timbers The Texas Ranger baseball team makes it's home in Arlington, the original home of six flags over Texas, and the new home of the Dallas cowboys. x Grand prarie Old Downtown Copperas Cove An area of several city blocks with Avenue E and Main Street as its center. The historic downtown area of Copperas Cove since the late 1880s. It became the center of business activity in Copperas Cove with the coming of the railroad. Many of the original buildings still exist. x

8 M ORE … Rolling Plains 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum - 1289 North 2nd St, The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum is located in what was known as the Lone Star Gas Company building, which the museum purchased in 1999. The museum tells the story of the 16,000 men and women who served in one of the most feared Armored Divisions in World War Two. There are all kind of artifacts, displays videos, and a Sherman M4 tank. You might even run into a veteran or two. There is a re-creation of a POW camp and an exhibit on the Holocaust. x12th Armored Division Memorial Museum 1289 North 2nd St

9 M ORE … Grand prairie One of the most flexible and advanced indoor performance spaces in the United States, NOKIA Theatre is the first venue of its kind. Many touring artists have already called NOKIA Theatre at Grand Prairie "the theater of the future." Featuring comfortable, spacious seating, elite luxury suites with private entrances, upscale catering, corporate hospitality areas and convenient parking, NOKIA Theatre sets a new standard in the concert and theatrical touring industry. With its 6,350-indoor seating capacity, this venue was conceived and designed to accommodate a wide range of stage productions, including pop, rock, country, comedy, magic, Broadway and family shows.

10 M ORE.. Cross timbers Enjoy the outdoors. Brownwood is blessed with the natural beauty of Texas, from rolling hills in and around town to the tree-shaded shores at nearby Lake Brownwood. You won't want to miss taking it all in. Our natural resources make Brown County a haven for seasonal hunters who come from all over the country. Area lakes provide ample opportunity for recreational fishing. Or take a leisurely stroll in one of our city parks. x Rolling Plains (Wichita falls railroad museum) A must for visiting train buffs, thismuseum chronicles and preserves Wichita Falls' long history with the rail industry, which played a prominent role in local affairs and fortunes beginning in the late 19th century. On display are old steam engines, rolling stock, and other train-related memorabilia. The museum, which opened in 1980, is located on Depot Square and incorporates part of the town's old passenger train rail yard. (© 10Best) xmuseum

11 M ORE …. Grand Prairie The Mayborn Planetarium and Space Theater, located on the campus of Central Texas College (CTC), announced the completion of a million dollar, full-scale digital upgrade to create a full-dome display and allow for more entertainment opportunities. The upgrade, performed by Global Immersion of the United Kingdom, includes a five- channel Fidelity Bright™ full-dome solution employing a wide range of exciting technologies to allow the facility to support its extensive and diverse show programming in the 60-foot dome. Powering this new projection solution are two publicly- displayed server clusters loaded with a full Fidelity™ software suite for professional show production and editing, in addition to Uniview™ real-time data visualization software. x



14 The sky is very much apart of the picture because there are no trees This is what the north central plains look like before a bad storm. Wheat is an important part of the north central plains framing.

15 This a picture of Grand Prairie lake Up town of Grand Prairie at an old movie theater A map to Grand Prairie

16 A bunch of cows roaming in the rolling plains. These are the rolling plains found in the North Central Plains. This picture shows that there aren’t very many plants or trees here.

17 This shows some of the plants and crops grown here. These are the cross timbers found in the North Central Plains. This shows the beautiful lands here.

18 5 QUESTIONS ON NORTH CENTRAL PLAINS 1q. What city is located between austin and waco 2q. What two types of agriculture can be done in the n. c. p. 3q. What resource can be found in the north central plains 4q. What kind of stone lies under the soil of the north central plains 5q.what kinds of plants cant grow here

19 5 QUESTIONS ON NORTH CENTRAL PLAINS ANSWERS 1a. Fort hood 2a. Ranching and farming 3a. Oil. 4a. Limestone 5a. trees

20 A VERAGE AMOUNT OF P RECIPITATION The amount of precipitation yearly= 15 Inches

21 DALLAS Fort Worth Dallas


23 cactus Oak tree


25 L INKS TO THE W EBSITES WE USED ………………… (Glencoe, Texas and Texans, 2003) (Fort Hood, 2009) Killeen_Fort_Hood_Regional_Airport-Killeen.jpg 29/0610052011391_volumes_mr.skull_arbabi_im age.jpg


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