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Kutch Lila History of Bhuj Mandir.

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1 Kutch Lila History of Bhuj Mandir

2 Mahima of Lord Shree Swaminarayan & The Devotees of Kutch
Maharaj first visited Kutch in the month of Maha Sud 7 Samvat 1860 Spent 30 years of his total lifespan in Gujarat Spent 7 years in Kutch. The Great Devotees of Kutch include Ladhiba, Sundarji Suthar, Gangaram Mal, Khaiyo Khatri, Mulji & Krishnaji, Karniba and much many more.

3 The Original Temple During the Fuldol Utsav in Gadhada devotees of Bhuj met and requested Maharaj to construct a temple in Bhuj. Lord asked Vaishnavanad Swami to proceed with a team of saints to Bhuj and construct a temple On 15th of May 1823 the Temple was Built and Maharaj himself installed Narnarayan Dev and Hari- Krishna Maharaj. The Narayan Dev idol came from Sweatdeep

4 Old Bhuj Mandir Bhaktavatsal Swami said that we should not call this Mandir Old Mandir (Junu Mandir) but instead we should call it Prasadi Nu Mandir or Neej Mandir because its not old Mandir its Mandir built God himself therefore from today onwards no one should refer to this Mandir as Old Mandir

5 Which Idol Was Where Ghanshyam Maharaj
Narnarayan Dev Hari-Krishna Maharaj RadhaKrishna Dev, Hari-Krishna Maharaj Ghanshyam Maharaj

6 Bhuj Earthquake- The Divine Vision
On January 2001 Gujarat was struck by an earthquake Due to the earthquake city of Bhuj was destroyed A miracle occurred the northward side of the temple was destroyed but the divine idols remained as they were without any damage whatsoever.


8 The Creation of Bhuj Dham
After the Earthquake MaharajShree, Mahant Swami and other saints and devotees around the world decided to build a new magnificent house for the idols . On the 7th of May 2003 the creation for this Uniqueness Mandir began




12 Bhuj Dham After long 7yrs of wait the Temple was finally completed.
Expanding a 35,000 sq. feet area, this Temple has 7 sky touching pinnacles. It consists of one central dome, 25 minor domes and 258 pillars. On the 18th of May 2010 idols were installed in their new divine home now known as Tirth Dham.




16 Tirth Dham Bhuj

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