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MegaVideo ® Surveillance HDTV Resolution at Analog Price.

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1 MegaVideo ® Surveillance HDTV Resolution at Analog Price

2 Government Industry Retail Transportation MegaVideo ® delivers HDTV imagery for resolution-sensitive applications License plate IDFace recognitionFinancial transactionsCasino monitoring

3 Jump to MegaPixel B/W Color VGA MegaPixel Analog EIA Analog NTSC/ PAL IP Standard Resolution IP High Definition Resolution Jump To Megapixel Mega Pixel Offers – High Definition – Dramatic forensic improvements over analog & IP VGA – Near Cost of name brand Analog & IP VGA

4 Arecont 5.0 MP 2592x1944 (16.4x analog) Arecont 3.1 MP 2048x1536 (10x analog) Arecont 2.0 MP 1600x1200 (6.25x analog) Resolution Comparison Arecont 1.3 MP 1280x1024 (4.25x analog) VGA 640x480 CIF 352x288

5 The Problem – Limited Field View 720x480 Despite significant progress in consumer imaging, video surveillance is still based on low- resolution cameras based on the Analog standard

6 AV3100 versus Analog FOV of High Resolution Analog 720x480

7 Consider Pixels/Foot Detail Matters: More Pixels Equals More Detail Facial or License plate recognition requires approximately 140 pixels per foot NTSC ~ 4.5’ 1.3 MP ~ 9.1’ 2 MP ~ 11.4’ 3 MP ~ 14.6’ 5 MP ~ 18.5’ Horizontal Coverage @ 140 pixels per foot

8 Reduced Cost per Square Foot Under Surveillance Reduced cameras to install AV3100 (3M camera) can replace up to 9 analog cameras AV8180 (4x2M camera) can replace up to 24 analog cameras Camera mounts, wiring, lenses, enclosures Lower NVR licensing fees Average cost per NVR ranges from $50 to $400 per camera. Reduced wiring cost Ethernet is less expensive than Coax No External Power Cameras are powered via “Switch” Powered Over Ethernet (802.3AF) Easily Expanded Plug additional cameras into the network switch Simplicity Simple Installation

9 Megapixel verses Analog Video AV2100 Megapixel vs. Analog

10 Topology Monitoring Station Building 1Building 2 NVR #1 NVR #2 LAN >240fps@1920x1200 (180Kbytes/image) ….. Cam 16 Cam 1 Building #1 Parts List Netgear 24 port POE Gigabit switch $360 Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz, 1 Terabyte $1200 AV2100 (12*$895)$10,740 AV-Software (12*$50) $600 Lens (12*$50)$600 LAN

11 MegaVideo ® and Surround Video ® AV1300 Series (1280x1024) – >30 fps @ 1280x1024 – Mechanical Day/Night – H.264(MPEG-4) AV2100 Series (1600x1200) – 24fps @1280x1024 – Mechanical Day/Night – H.264(MPEG-4) AV3100 Series (2048x1536) – 20 fps @ 1920 x 1200 – Mechanical Day/Night – H.264(MPEG-4) AV5100 Series (2592x1944) – 20 fps @ 1920 x 1200 – Mechanical Day/Night – H.264(MPEG-4) AV3130 DayNight™ 3.1M/1.3M Pixel Image (Dual Sensor).01 lux to 100,000 lux True Day/Night H.264(MPEG-4) AV8180 SurroundVideo ® 8 Meg Pixel via 4 x 2MP sensors 180 0 Field of View AV8360 SurroundVideo ® 8 Meg Pixel via 4 x 2MP sensors 360 0 Field of View

12 MegaVideo ® AV2100 Camera 1600x1200 at 24 fps Day/Night – Mechanical IR Cutoff Automatic Lens Iris Control H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) compression standard On-Board Motion Detection.5 Lux Sensitivity – Low Noise Moonlight™ Technology - Long Exposure using Proprietary Noise Cancellation Technology

13 MegaVideo ® AV5100 2592 x 1944 Max Resolution On camera image cropping (2592x1200(fence line), 1600x1944(corridor) …) On-Board Motion Detection H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) compression standard

14 DayNight ® AV3130 Dual Lens and Dual Sensor – No moving parts Extremely wide range of illumination from 100,000 lux down to 0.01 lux Day Sensor – Color 2048x1536 (3 megapixel) – IR Cut filter for vibrant daytime Colors Night Sensor – Black & White 1280x1024( 1.3 Mpixel) – Sensitive to low light and IR Utilizes proprietary DualBand ® multi-sensor technology Auto-switch day to night H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) compression standard

15 AV3130 with IR Illuminator Infrared by Extreme CCTV

16 12ips Bandwidth Saver Technology 2ips (1920x1080 resolution) Full FOV2 ips @ 200K = 400Kbps Lane 112 ips @ 10K = 120Kbps Lane 2 12 ips @ 10K = 120Kbps Lane 3 12 ips @ 10K = 120Kbps 39 ips = 760Kbps Total Arecont saves approximately 315% bandwidth compared to competition using Region of Interest streaming. Full Field of View and all three regions are streamed simultaneously. Non Arecont Vision camera must delivery the full field of View 12 ips @ 200K = 2.4 Mbps Competition utilizes 315% more bandwidth compared to Arecont ~200K ~10K Each Region of Interest can be streamed at varying frame rates if desired.

17 H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) H.264 provides – Better Bandwidth Efficiency – Better Storage Utilization H.264 (MPEG4 Part 10) compression standard Dual standard support: simultaneous streaming of H.264 and MJPEG Bit rate control to maintain desired bandwidth and storage size Unique proprietary implementation of H.264 does not decrease full frame rates or image quality Multi-streaming: up to 8 non-identical concurrent streams (different frame rate, resolution, quality) Simultaneous streaming of full FOV and multiple ROI for forensic zooming Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) allows for compatibility with media players such as Apple QuickTime, VLC and others World’s first full line of H.264 megapixel cameras ranging from 1.3 to 5 megapixels and maintaining real-time video frame rates H.264

18 Instantaneous Electronic Pan, Tilt & Zoom with Simultaneous Delivery of Panoramic and Zoomed Video SurroundVideo ® (8 Megapixel) AV8180 AV8360

19 Panoramic and 360 o Field of View All sensors are multiplexed onto a single Ethernet cable Each sensor image is stored as a separate camera No need for PTZ, No moving parts – record everything All-the-Time Forensically zoom on recorded images SurroundVideo ® provides high definition imaging throughout entire panorama

20 AV1300 – The 4Cif Analog IP Killer The industry is seeing mounting evidence that Arecont Vision’s AV1300 1.3 megapixel camera is capturing an ever-increasing share of IP camera sales worldwide. Why? Key points when selling against standard resolution IP cameras: The AV1300M is priced competitively with most of the leading brands in low resolution IP cameras. When set to quarter resolution (640x512), produces comparable file sizes, bandwidth, and storage requirements to that of low resolution IP cameras. When the customer is ready to benefit from megapixel resolution a programming step changes the camera to full resolution. Alternatively, the cameras can be switched to full megapixel resolution (1280x1024) during alarm events and then back to quarter resolution (640x512) when the event ends. The AV1300 is the only 1.3 megapixel camera that is able to achieve more than 32 frames per second. With the AV1300M, Arecont Vision poses a very real challenge to the competition and a compelling question to consumers: Why would someone buy a standard resolution IP camera if they can buy Arecont Vision’s megapixel camera at a comparable price? Especially since Arecont offers the flexibility of adjusting the resolution up and down to adapt to storage and/or bandwidth constraints. Result: Arecont Vision offers “future-proofing” that no other CCTV camera can match.

21 Future Proof - Quarter Resolution Purchase a megapixel camera and run at ¼ resolution to save bandwidth and storage. When Storage and Bandwidth are less of a concern, increase to full resolution without exchanging cameras. Full Resolution (1600x1200) AV2100 163KB Quarter Resolution (800x600) AV2100 40KB

22 Image Cropping Pixels can be cropped off at the sensor Only required data is sent conserving bandwidth and storage Streamed images can be cropped vertically or horizontally. Horizontally Cropped Vertically Cropped Un-cropped

23 ..\My Pictures\PPT Images\cam1 - 2005-02- 22@23-33.40.484.jpg Example Images

24 Conclusion Reduced system cost High resolution for archival retrieval Unparalleled Quality At Unbeatable Price

25 Appendix

26 Mega Pixel Family Features – Made in the USA – Easy to Use, less than 5 minutes to install Connect Ethernet from the computer to camera, and load software. It’s that easy. – Ten times the resolution of a high quality analog camera 2040x1530 versus 640x480 Up to 24 frames per second at 1600x1200 (24fps is same as a DVDs) – Data transfer rate at over 55 Mbit/sec – View Multiple frames simultaneously View an 800x600 image and a high resolution image box simultaneously – Change resolution on the fly i.e.. view 9 frames in 800x600 mode and then view the 10 th frame in 1920x1080 mode. (saves bandwidth) – Sensitively down to.01 lux --- very low light sensitive – Multiple power input Separate power supplies are no longer required for powering cameras. The Megapixel cameras allow system installer the simplicity of connecting a single Ethernet cable to carry both power and video. This allows greater flexibility and significantly decreases installation costs. Powered over Ethernet (POE) - IEEE802.3af compliant Alternative DC Input 12VDC – Image Control Auto Iris Control Auto exposure and gain control, auto white balance Utilizes industry standard mounting brackets – Fits into most weatherproof enclosures – HDTV Resolution at the Analog price

27 DVR/NVR Software Arecont Vision also offers flexible surveillance software supporting real-time Multi-camera viewing Features Include: – Remote viewing of all images via a standard web browser – Motion detection – Simultaneous viewing of zoomed and full field images – Instantaneous electronic Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) – Multi-Camera viewing – Archiving Policy-based digital archiving and automatic identification Post-event zooming from digital archives Retrieve images based on time and camera – Network Automatic configuration of all network cameras Setup of all installed cameras via graphical interface – Image Resolution, Brightness, Saturation, Sharpness, JPEG Quality and many more SDK – Arecont Vision also offers an SDK for Linux and Windows, allowing easy integration of high resolution video in proprietary systems

28 Arecont Vision Solution Highlights of MegaVideo ® Lower total system cost – Simple system installation – Use less cameras High Definition Resolution – 9x higher than analog – Real Time HDTV Video Surveillance Software – High resolution post-event zooming – Concurrent Full View and Zoom – No need for mechanical PTZ Electronic Pan, Tilt and Zoom – Efficient Object Recognition Unique Camera Architecture – Massively Parallel Image Processor – Multiple hands make light work – >40 fps in Megapixel mode – On board motion detection Protected by 9 Pending Patents

29 Image Quality Arecont (2.0 Meg) AV2000 AXIS 206 TOSHIBA (1.4Meg) IK-WB11 Hitachi (VGA) KV-IPII.5 lux 3 lux 200 lux (Low Light) ( Dim) (Office Level)

30 MegaVideo ® Families M Series Smallest Megapixel cameras available 30IPS at 1280x1024 0.1-0.5 Lux w/ Noise Cancellation Tech (Low Noise) POE (Power Over Ethernet) Electronic Iris Control On-Board Motion Detection AI Series  Same features at M Series  DC Iris Control  Available models: AV1300AI AV2100AI AV3100AI AV5100AI DN Series + AV3130M  Same features at M Series  Removable IR Cut Filter for low light  0.01-0.05 Lux w/ Noise Cancellation Tech (Low Noise)  Available Models: AV1300DN AV2100DN AV3100DN AV5100DN AV3130M Dual Sensors

31 Problem Despite significant progress in consumer imaging, video surveillance is still based on low-resolution cameras based on the Analog standard MegaVideo TM System Analog CCTV System MegaVideo TM System Analog CCTV System

32 Analog Verses AV3100M (Banking) Analog CCTV SystemAV3100M MegaVideo TM System

33 4 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Dome The Arecont Vision 4 inch dome offers excellent protection for the entire line of Arecont Vision mini megapixel cameras. Combining this 4” dome with the superior imaging of an AV camera provides the perfect solution for environments in which cameras need to be less noticeable, or require additional protection from the elements Features Indoor or Outdoor Applications Surface Mounting Simple Installation IP66 Rating Vandal Resistant 2 Axis Camera Positioning Designed to House the Entire Line of Day/Night Megapixel Cameras

34 5 Inch Recessed Dome The Arecont Vision 5 inch indoor dome is designed to house the entire line of Arecont Vision cameras. Combining this 5” recessed dome with the superior imaging of an AV camera provides the prefect solution for applications in which cameras need to be less noticeable. Features Indoor Applications Recessed Mounting Simple Installation Easy Access to Camera 3 Axis Mount for Precise Camera Adjustment Designed to House the Entire Line of Day/Night Megapixel Cameras

35 6 Inch Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure The Arecont Vision 6 inch Indoor/Outdoor Dome is a high quality environmental housing designed for the AV8180 and AV8360 Panoramic 8 megapixel IP video cameras. Combining this 6” housing with the superior imaging of an AV camera provides the perfect solution for applications in which additional protections from the elements is required. Heater blower and sunshade are also available for extreme environments. Features IP66 Rating Indoor or Outdoor Applications Wall Mount/Pendant Mount Simple Installation Easy Access to Camera

36 Contact Info Arecont Vision 425 E. Colorado St., 7 th Floor Glendale, CA 91205 +1 (818) 937-0700 +1 (877) CAMERA.8

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