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Jackie Ruttledge Department of Health and Leisure Institute of Technology Tralee.

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1 Jackie Ruttledge Department of Health and Leisure Institute of Technology Tralee

2 Problem and Background Poor attendance, engagement, performance and retention during 2012/2013 Alcohol was a significant factor contributing to this behaviour. 83% (n=102) of students were found to binge drink, those who binge drink claimed to do so on an average of 2.5 nights per week. In UCC, Cahill and Byrne (2010) reported that 83% (n=151) of students admitted to having had a binge in the previous 12 months. At 3 rd level, out of 21 countries, Ireland has the highest level of binge drinking (Dantzer et al, 2006)

3 Abundance of evidence to suggest that heavy drinking among students has a negative effect on student success and ultimately student retention (Wechsler et al, 2000, Singleton, 2007, Martinez et al, 2008 Wolfson 2009). The CLAN study (2005) reported that students who regularly binge drink were twice as likely to miss college compared to non-binge drinkers (61% v 27%) Other adverse consequences include harm to: Physical health brain damage, sexually transmitted infections, accidents and injuries Mental health 92% of suicides tested positive for alcohol in people under 30 (Bedford, et al 2006)

4 Aims To reduce levels of dangerous and destructive drinking among first year health and leisure students Reduce the adverse health and social consequences attributable to alcohol To improve student retention, performance, engagement and attendance. To support and promote the health and general wellbeing of the student cohort

5 Methods Guest speaker – Shane Mullins (Inspirational talk on his life after a horrific car accident caused by drink driving) Alcohol awareness stand ‘hydrate to stay out late’ sipITT facebook page Free activities: Massage, fitness testing, personal training, bootcamp, yoga, gym, soccer Student concession nights - Aqua Dome, Bowling Buddies Weekly schedule of events Launched sipITT project during induction programme to try to encourage an alternative culture e-PUB online intervention Drugs/alcohol drop in centre every Monday morning (NC) Alcohol/Drugs awareness workshops during health studies – lifestyle and health module Ma’s and Da’s mentoring programme Brief interventions training for staff

6 Applying the Principles of Health Promotion Key PrinciplesExamples EmpowermentEnable students to assume more power over alcohol use, i.e workshops ParticipativeInvolve students, staff, local agencies, experts HolisticTarget all dimensions of health – i.e physical, mental, social Inter-sectoralCollaboration with Tralee Community Drugs Initiative, HSE, Gardaí SustainableEmbedding content in Health Studies module


8 SipITT Activity Schedule Time MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursday Morning Public Swim - Complex €2 IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 7.30AM-9.00AM FREE Public Swim - Complex €2 IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 7.30AM-9.00AM FREE Public Swim - Complex €2 IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 7.30AM-9.00AM FREE Public Swim - Complex €2 IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 7.30AM- 9.00AM FREE Starts 8amComplex Gym Open 7am-10pm €2 Lunch TimeYOGA 1PM-1.45PM- C102Fitness Club (Aerobic Stud) €3RAG Society – T206Fitness Club (Aerobic Stud) €3 1-2pmPublic Swim - Complex €2 Music Society - R104Heavy Metal Society – T116 Radio Society - R104TV/Film Society - T204Comtempory Dance - R107St. Vincent de Paul - R102 Jogging Club Starts at 1.05pmHip Hop Society – R107 Wildlife Society - B105 @1.15 Motorsport – T108 ACTIVITY LEADERSHIP PRACTICE TIME 1-2PM (1 ST YR H&L ONLY) 5 a side Football After College Public Swim - Complex €2 Bowling Buddies & curry chips €4.95Public Swim - Complex €2 Starts 5pm MAG Society - S114 IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 5-9PM FREE MAG Society - T116 IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 5-9PM FREE Public swim - Complex €2 Sci-Fi Society - T118 Badminton Complex €2 Starts 6pmAerobics -S/C Aerobic StudioLadies Basketball - Presentation SchoolMens Rugby - NC PitchBoxing - Aerobics Studio S/C Ladies Soccer – Astro NCBoxing - Aerobics StudioLadies Soccer - NC PitchIT Tralee Gym open 6-9pm Free Ladies Basketball- PresMetal Society - S110Photography Society - R103Mens Soccer-All Weather N/C Mens Rugby- N/C PitchesDJ Society - R102 (Biweekly)Tattoo & Piercing Society - R106Art Society – R104 Massage & Relaxation- until 9pm (1 st yr H&L only) LGBT Society- R106 COUCH TO 5K AT 6.15PM- NC PITCH Racquetball- Complex Courts FREE MASSAGES GO TO E203 AT 6PM TV/Video Society - S114 Yoga- R107 (starts 6.20pm) COUCH TO 5K AT 6.15PM- NC PITCH IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 6-9PM FREE IT TRALEE GYM OPEN 6-9PM SipITT FUN TRI-CHALLENGE CYCLING TRAINING 6.15PM OUTSIDE MAIN ENTRANCE TO S/C Starts 6.30pm Kickboxing- S/C Aerobics Stud 2Airsoft Society - S114BOOTCAMP COMPLEX HALLAirsoft - T204 Tennis- Courts near Aqua DomeSquash- Complex CourtsKickboxing S/C Aerobic Stud 2Zumba - Sports Complex €5 @6.40 Irish Trad Dance- C102Irish Sign Language – B102 Aqua Dome €2 bring T-cardMens Basketball - Presentation SchoolVolleyball - Presentation School Hall Starts 7pm Swimming - Complex Pool (Free) Tag Rugby - Complex Hall Judo- S/C Aerobics Studio Aqua Dome €2 bring T-Card SipITT FUN TRI-CHALLENGE SWIM TRAINING COMPLEX POOL 7PM Heavy Metal Society- S110 Fitness Class-C102 Public Swim Complex- €2 Orgra Fianna Fail- T107 SipITT FUN TRI-CHALLENGE SWIM TRAINING COMPLEX POOL 7PM Fitness Class-C102 Starts 7.30pm Mens Soccer - NC Pitch Mens Basketball- Pres Tae Kwon Do Complex Hall (starts 7.40pm)Yoga - R107 Ladies Rugby N/C Pitches Mens Soccer Astro NC Athletics- North Campus Tae Kwon Do- Complex Hall Ladies Rugby- NC Pitches Starts 8.30pm Badminton - ComplexIndoor Soccer - Complex Hall Starts 9.15pm Public Swim - Complex €2




12 Data Collection Methods Evaluation is ongoing e-PUB online intervention (Includes AUDIT) Completed 3 times during the year in class time with associated workshops and tutorials Student questionnaire Administered twice during class time (December/April). Staff interviews Conducted during December and will repeated again next week  Students services – nurse, councillor  Students Union  H & L Course board External Interviews (ongoing) Tralee Community Drugs Initiative Local Gardaí Michael Byrne, UCC HSE

13 Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) Ten-question test developed by the World Health Organization to determine if a person's alcohol consumption may be harmful Category questions: Questions 1-3 deal with alcohol consumption Questions 4-6 relate to alcohol dependence Questions 7-10 consider alcohol related problems Scoring Scores for each question range from 0 - 4 Score of 8 or more - associated with harmful or hazardous drinking Score of 13 or more in women, and 15 or more in men - likely to indicate alcohol dependence

14 Key Findings between Time 1 and Time 2 Time 1 – Sept 2013 Time 2 – Dec 2013 (after 8 weeks) 0 to 78 to 12 Above 12Total 0 to 78 to 12 Above 12 Total MaleCount 1620 5619121546 % 28.6%35.7% 100.0%41.3%26.1%32.6%100.0% FemaleCount 211911511612432 % 41.2%37.3%21.6%100.0%50.0%37.5%12.5%100.0% TotalCount 37393110735241978 % 34.6%36.4%29.0%100.0%44.9%30.8%24.4%100.0% Decrease from 65.4% to 55.2% in overall scores of 8 or more Males increased from 28.6% to 41.3% for scores 0 to 7, and decreased from 71.4% to 58.7% for scores of 8 or more Half of Female students had a score of 0 to 7 The score for likely alcohol dependence for females decreased from 21.6% to 12.5%

15 Staff Feedback “Horan’s has been on the phone asking if student’s are boycotting because of low numbers” “Decrease in H & L students attending health centre due to an alcohol/drugs related problem” “on the practical side, this is the first year that I haven’t had students coming in hungover which is a huge difference” “Brief interventions training was very useful, I feel more confident to ask the question now. In fact I would have to say that 99% of the time it has been worth asking the question” “There’s a huge change in the culture within first years particularly they are much more positive, they are much more engaged, they are much more supportive of each other……

16 Suggestions and Actions “Keep sports teams training throughout semester 2” sipITT Fun Tri Challenge on 7 th April with 4 weeks of dedicated training. Group running sessions and couch to 5Km (8 weeks training programme) “Thursday night would be a better night to plan activities because that’s when they do tend to go out drinking” Aoife Hearne (Operation Transformation) nutrition talk took place on Thurs 20 Feb. Other activities on Thursday evenings, i.e cycling





21 End of Year Outcome Indictors Reduction in alcohol misuse Improvement in student retention Improvement in exam results Increased attendance.

22 Time 3 AUDIT Scores CatTotalScoreTotal 0 to 78 to 12Above 12 Gender Male Count 16111946 % within Gender 34.8%23.9%41.3%100.0% Female Count 1811 40 % within Gender 45.0%27.5% 100.0% Total Count 34223086 % within Gender 39.5%25.6%34.9%100.0% In the 8 to 12 category, there was a decrease across the 3 time points (36.4% - time 1, 30.8% - time 2, 25.6% - time 3) Decrease for scores 0 to 7 from 44.9% to 39.5%, however still an improvement on time 1 (34.6%) There was an increase in the above 12 scores. Limitations -timing, appropriateness of AUDIT as a repeated measure (not sensitive enough), data not matched





27 Where do we go from here? Complete final review of sipITT pilot project Consider Implementing school-wide (Health and Social Sciences School) Additional action items/improvements for 2014/2015 Set up a sipITT research group Apply a planning and evaluation model (LEAP) Review methodology for future implementation – survey tool Improve mentor training – content and timing Additional guest speakers Healthy eating/cookery demonstrations

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