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Freshman Imaging Project

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1 Freshman Imaging Project 2010-11
Here, lets talk about who we are.  Freshman Imaging Science Students in a new required year-long class for all freshman imaging science students.  Give us an imaging device to learn about, create, and advance.  hi

2 Polynomial Texture Maps (PTMs)
Pioneered by Tom Malzbender of HP Labs in 2001 Displays an object so the user can control where the light is coming from By viewing an object from different angles of illumination, surface textures become more visible.  Currently, there are many applications of PTMs STATE applications of PTMs

3 PTM Process HP Labs' software: PTMFitter PTMViewer

4 Pixel colors can be represented numerically
There is a mathematical relationship between pixel color and illumination angle Knowing color at several angles allows us to predict color at all angles Light source 1 digital images represented mathematically   camera looking at a scene... the color will look like it does in 1.. change the lighting the color change is like 2... this phenomenon and representing it mathmaticlly is how these are created  1 Light source 2 2

5 PTM Fitter and Viewer PTM Fitter
Creates a models of the variations in color at each pixel Biquadratic polynomials (6 coefficients) Minimum of 6 images PTM Viewer  Reconstructs lighting angles based on fitted curves

6 Our Project Goal Create a basic white light PTM dome by the end of Winter quarter Create a PTM device using multiple wavelengths of light  Not exclusively white light bring out different text in ancient documents that white light cannot see 

7 What We Have Accomplished
- Proof of Concept Prototype and Miniature -Research and Understanding of PTM devices     -includes contacts -Created work groups including software, camera, illumination/electrical, and structure. 

8 Software Group Accomplishments
Identification and Investigation of LabVIEW software Understanding of use and benefits of B-Splines Identification of needed user inputs and outputs  Have begun to program software and design user-interface

9 Camera Group Accomplishments:
Have identified the Camera for basic PTM dome based on research of possible camera specs  Have learned about the Tone Transfer Function  Have begun to learn about Modulation Transfer Function  Chosen Camera: Nikon D50

10 Illumination/Electrical Group
Accomplishments:   Have ordered and  tested lights including  LEDs, Solux, and  incandescent Have learned how to characterize light by  luminance, radiance, etc. 

11 Structure Group Accomplishments:
Have orderd a dome for our basic white-light PTM based off of our system requirements  Have created a CAD drawing of what our white-light PTM will look like   They have got in contact with the machine shop  TAB out to CAD drawing!!!

12 What We Are Going To Do Create a multi-spectral PTM device
Present our work at the Imagine RIT festival in May Hopefully have a few students travel to DC to compare the PTMs made by our devices to those imaging devices at the Library of Congress Maybe have students continue work on this project over the summer 

13 Questions?                    Questions?

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