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Senior Meeting, April 6, 2015. PERSONAL DATA SHEET  See back page of handout.  Return to Counseling office by April 23.  You may complete and return.

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1 Senior Meeting, April 6, 2015

2 PERSONAL DATA SHEET  See back page of handout.  Return to Counseling office by April 23.  You may complete and return this form today if you know all information to include.  A completed Personal Data Sheet is required in order to participate in the graduation ceremony and/or receive a diploma.

3 FINAL TRANSCRIPTS  Transcripts will be mailed to designated colleges no later than June 8, 2015.  Designate a college on the Personal Data Sheet.

4 AWARDS DAY  Sunday, May 3 at 2:00 PM in the Little Theatre, for those receiving awards and anyone else who would like to attend.  Seniors who attend should report at 1:30 PM to the Social Studies Pod.

5 AWARDS DAY  Students are to wear gowns and not caps. The graduation dress code will apply.  A reception in the cafeteria will follow. Parents and students are invited. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served.

6 EXAMS and ATTENDANCE Exams May 18-20 Daily attendance will be counted through May 20. Students must be present and on-time for classes; no exceptions will be made for seniors. In order to participate in the Junior/Senior Prom or the Graduation ceremony seniors may have no more than 9 unexcused absences from any class in 2014-15.

7 TRI-CITIES BACCALAUREATE SERVICE  Sunday, May 3, 2015, 6:00 pm  Celebration Church, 429 Shipley Ferry Rd.  Bring cap and gown, wear dress clothes  This event is encouraged but not required  This event is endorsed by DBHS

8 FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS  Must be cleared to participate in graduation and to receive a diploma.  Clear all obligations now.  You may not buy prom tickets unless obligations are paid in full.  Pay in Activities Office; bring receipt to Counseling Office or to Assistant Principal.  Absolute latest deadline: May 21, 1:00 pm.

9 GRADUATION SUPPLIES  All seniors should have picked up graduation supplies by now.  You must have a cap and gown to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Stop by the counseling office if you have unresolved issues about graduation supplies.  It is too late to order invitations from Jostens at this time.

10 MAROON CAP AND GOWN  Senior Caps and Gowns will be maroon this year.  Do not wear a black cap or gown from a previous year.  If you do not have a maroon cap and gown, call Josten’s immediately at 423-787-0025.

11 GRADUATION PRACTICE  All graduates must attend practice to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Arrive at Buck Van Huss Dome at 9:45 AM on Friday, May 22, 2015.  Sit in the chair that has your name on it.  We will process to J. Fred Johnson Stadium and run through the graduation ceremony fully at practice. We will be finished by 11:30 AM.

12 SENIOR LUNCHEON Friday, May 22, 2015  11:30 am – DB Cafeteria, immediately after graduation practice.  Lunch for graduating seniors and faculty  Good time to sign yearbooks.  Maintain appropriate behavior.

13 ELIGIBILITY FOR GRADUATION See Handout: “2015 End-Of-Year and Graduation Information” Diplomas are conferred only after all coursework graduation requirements are met and school- related activities are fulfilled.

14 PROHIBITED EVENTS  “Senior Lay-Out Day” is prohibited. There is no school-sanctioned day of this manner. Attendance counts as usual on all days prior to graduation.  “Senior Pranks” are prohibited. Do not become involved in disciplinary issues prior to graduation. Replace a harmful or annoying prank with a positive legacy of some kind. Rise to respectfulness and honor.

15 GRADUATION – May 23  Graduates should arrive in the Dome at 8:00 am. Sit on the chair that has your name on it.  Spectators may enter the Stadium beginning at 8:00 am  Graduates arrive appropriately dressed. Carry cap and gown.  Processional begins at 9:00 am.

16 GRADUATION ATTIRE Males wear dress shirts, slacks, ties and dress shoes. Females wear dress clothes with flat dress shoes. ‘ No High Heels! Block heels or wedge heels are okay. Caps and gown cannot be decorated. If either is decorated, the student will not participate in graduation. Students are not to bring in any foreign objects to the graduation ceremony.

17 CONDUCT AND SECURITY  Maintain optimum behavior and proper decorum.  No foreign objects (silly string, beach balls, noise makers, confetti, etc.)  Rules apply to spectators as well. No horns, rattles, noise makers, etc.  Violators will be escorted out of the stadium.

18 WEATHER-RELATED  In case of heat, seniors may carry a small bottle of clear water to the field.  Audience members may bring bottled water to seats.  Concessions will not be on sale.  In case of rain the ceremony will be moved into the Dome.

19 HANDICAP PARKING  There are a limited number of handicap parking spaces near the stadium that will be available until filled. Vehicles must have appropriate permit, or will be towed at owner’s expense.  Several wheelchair access spots are available in the stadium, available until filled.

20 GRADUATION SPEECHES  See application document in handout.  Up to 3 Seniors will be selected.  Deadline for speech submission and sign-up: April 27 at 3 pm in Counseling Office.  Auditions Monday, May 4 at 3:00 pm in the Little Theatre.  Contact: Mr. Brown, 378-8564,

21 NATIONAL ANTHEM SOLOIST  One Senior will be chosen to sing the Star Spangled Banner during graduation.  See application document in handout.  Deadline to sign up: April 27, 3 pm, in Counseling Office  Auditions: Tuesday May 5, 3:00 pm, Little Theatre  Contact: Mr. Brown, 378-8564,

22 LOTTERY SCHOLARSHIP / FAFSA  For Lottery Scholarship: ACT composite of 21 or higher, or, SAT of 980 or higher, or, DBHS non-weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. Fill out the FAFSA!

23 COLLEGE ATHLETICS  For college athletics register with: NCAA Eligibility Center NAIA

24 FINAL ACT  Saturday, June 13, at DBHS  Register online at

25 DVD RECORDINGS  DVDs of the Graduation Ceremony will be available through the DB Broadcasting Department for $15.00.  Purchase in Activities Office or call 378- 8441.

26 INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHS  Individual Photographs of Graduating Seniors will be available avail from Allen Greene Photography.  View photos and place orders at

27 SUMMER SCHOOL  Early June through mid-July.  Applications will be available in the Counseling Office

28 COUNSELING OFFICE  Summer Hours 8:00 am – 3:00 pm  Monday through Friday  378-8409

29 DIPLOMA PICK-UP  Diplomas may be picked up in the Counseling Office beginning on June 8.  Only the student or parent may pick up the Diploma. Please bring photo ID.  Diplomas will not be mailed.

30 PAPERWORK / HANDOUT  Personal Data Sheet for Graduating Seniors – RETURN to Counseling Office, mandatory for all.  Handout – End of Year Graduation Information - Take HOME  Updates to all graduation resources are maintained on the DB web site.

31 QUESTIONS??  Any questions today?  Please ask a counselor or administrator if you have any questions between now and graduation.  Thanks, and Best Wishes from DBHS!


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