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Welcome to My Multimedia Classroom

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1 Welcome to My Multimedia Classroom

2 Sristy Residential School Tangail
MY PROFILE Biddut Khoshnobish Assistant Teacher Sristy Residential School Tangail Cell:

3 Subject English For Today Class IX-X

4 Tara Masjid, Dhaka

5 Baitul Mukarram Mosque
? Baitul Mukarram Mosque

6 Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

7 Masjid Al Nabawi, Madina

8 Masjid AL Haram, Mecca

9 The Ka’ba

10 What is the name of this mosque?

11 Unit: 8 World Heritage The Shat Gambuj Mosque

12 Learning Outcomes To see some extraordinary images
To listen specific information To understand the inside and outside of the mosque To ask and answer questions Group discussion To describe the mosque individually Synonyms+ Questions+ Information Transfer Home Task

13 Shat Gambuj Mosque

14 Four-sided Dome/ Chouchala Dome
Corner tower and dome Round Dome Four-sided Dome/ Chouchala Dome



17 North Side, 7 Doors



20 Round Domes Round Domes

21 Arch

22 Arch

23 Arch


25 Aisle

26 Aisle


28 Mihrab

29 Stairs inside the corner towers

30 Bay

31 Bay

32 Bay

33 Ghora Dighi


35 Terracotta Brick

36 Shrine of Ulugh Khan Jahan

37 Coastal view of Sundarbans

38 Aerial View of Sundarbans

39 A View of a Mangrove Forest

40 Foliage

41 Now, group leaders will speak about the mosque in 2/3 minutes

42 Important Information
Gambuj = Gombuj = Gunbad = Gumbad = Dome Founder = Ulugh Khan Jahan, Turkish Ancient name of the city = Khalifatabad Present name = Bagerhat Time = Mid-15th Century Number of Domes = = 81 Number of Pillars = 60 Doorways = = 25 Mihrabs = 11 Purposes = Prayer hall + Court of Khan Jahan Style = Mughal + Turkish (Tughlagh) UNESCO = United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [ HQ – Paris, France] Recognition as a World Heritage = 1985

43 Synonyms Heritage Tradition Culture Legacy Outskirts Suburbs Boundary
Edge Colony Settlement Territory Domenion Saint Holy Person Warrior Fighter Soldier Infrastructure Framework Monument Memorial State Distinct Definite Noticeable Specific Decoration Beautification Adornment Designing Architecture Engineering Planning Building Reservoir Basin Pond Tank Habitable Livable Unique Rare Uncommon Exclusive Interior Inner Internal Inside Exterior Outer External Outside

44 Information Transfer 1985 360 77 Khalifatabad Sundarbans Who/What/Name
Event/Activity Number When/Time Shat Gambuj Mosque World Heritage i) ii) Establishment as a Muslim colony 15th century Khan Jahan Ali Made mosques in Kalifatabad iii) Domes of the Shat Gambuj Mosque iv) v) Became habitable During the reign of Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah 1985 Khalifatabad 360 77 Sundarbans

45 Answer the following questions
Give the definition of Heritage. Heritage is what we inherit from the past, live with them in the present and then pass on to our children or future generation. What do you know about Khalifatabad? Khalifatabad was a historic Muslim colony situated at the outskirts of now Bagerhat town. The Turkish general and saint Ulugh Khan Jahan established the city. Khalifatabad was a distinct city. Why? Khalifatabad was a distinct city because it was dominated by Islamic architecture with a combination of Mughal and Turkish style. There was also a network of roads, bridges, public buildings and ponds to make the city livable. Why is the mosque unique? The mosque is unique because it has 60 pillars to support the roof with 77 low height domes. The mosque also has another 4 domes at 4 corner towers.

46 Summarize the passage in your own words.


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