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ASM International Historic Landmarks. ASM Geodesic Dome.

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1 ASM International Historic Landmarks

2 ASM Geodesic Dome

3 USS Monitor 1 st Ironclad warship in US Navy

4 Open Coil Annealing (OCA) AccelorMittal Dofasco - Ontario, Canada

5 Liberty Bell – Philadelphia, PA

6 Eli Whitney Armory – Hambden, CT

7 ASM International Historic Landmarks

8 Eiffel Tower - France

9 Greenwood Furnace, PA

10 The Cast Aluminum Cap on the Washington Monument

11 1886 Charles Hall Discovered Inexpensive method for the Isolation of pure Aluminum

12 Blast Furnace #1 Monterrey, Mexico

13 1: Ladle. 2: Stopper. 3: Tundish. 4: Shroud. 5: Mold. 6: Roll support. 7: Turning zone. 8: Shroud. 9: Bath level. 10: Meniscus. 11: Withdrawal unit. 12: Slab A: Liquid metal. B: Solidified metal. C: Slag. D: Water-cooled copper plates. E: Refractory material. Atlas Steel Concast Machine, Ontario Continuous Casting of Steel

14 ASM International Historic Landmarks

15 Special Metals Corp: Hartford CT. Vacuum Induction Melting Process

16 Forges du Saint-Maurice ("St. Maurice Ironworks") Birthplace of Canadian Iron Industry, Quebec

17 Ford Trimotor Airplane: Port Clinton, OH

18 Graphite Reactor: Oak Ridge, TN 1 st reactor designed and built for continuous operation

19 Albany Research Center - Albany, OR U.S. Bureau of Mines

20 ASM International Historic Landmarks

21 The Iron Bridge Telford, Shropshire, England 1 st Arch Bridge made out of Cast Iron

22 Battelle Columbus Ohio Laboratories World's 1 st Hot-Isostatic-Processing (HIP) Vessels

23 Blaenavon Iron Works, Wales Developed method allowing use of cheap, low quality, high sulphur iron ores worldwide.

24 Elwood Haynes Museum 1 st commercially produced cars, and Invention of Stainless Steel and Stellite

25 Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, AL Pig Iron producer

26 Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI Major producer of Magnesium

27 ASM International Historic Landmarks

28 La Farga de Ripoll, Ripoll, Spain 17 th – 21 st Century Iron forge

29 Forest Hills PA Research Center, Westinghouse Electric Corp. 1 st Industrial Atom Smasher (1937)

30 Maramec Iron Works St. James, MO 1 st commercially viable Iron works West of the Mississippi

31 Argonaut Building, Detroit MI General Motors Laboratory

32 Cornwall Iron Furnace, Bethlehem Steel Corp. Cornwall, PA

33 General Electric River Works Plant - Lynn, MA

34 Pittsburgh Reduction Company – Pittsburgh, PA 1 st modern Aluminum production in US

35 ASM International Historic Landmarks

36 Experimental Breeder Reactor I, Idaho Falls, Idaho World's 1 st electricity-generating nuclear power plant

37 Eads Bridge - St. Louis, MO 1 st completely Cantilever support 1 st use of pneumatic Caissons

38 ASM International Historic Landmarks


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