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PARACHUTES By: Claire/ Lisa Nixon. Introduction  Who were some of the first inventors?  Why are parachutes designed the way they are?  What can parachutes.

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1 PARACHUTES By: Claire/ Lisa Nixon

2 Introduction  Who were some of the first inventors?  Why are parachutes designed the way they are?  What can parachutes be used for today?  How reliable are parachutes?

3 The First Sketch  The first sketch of a parachute was found in a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci.  Leonardo’s design was a pyramid of sealed linen cloth, held open with wooden poles.  This design lacked a harness.  Leonardo, was not able to test this parachute, because his concept was so advanced for the time he was living in.

4 Leonardo da Vinci  Born on April 15 th, 1452 in Tuscan, Italy.  Scientist, inventor, and artist.  Leonardo is most famously known for the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper.  Died in France on May 2, 1519.

5 Adrian Nicholas  Born on March 4 th, 1962,and died on September 17 th, 2005.  Was able to prove that Leonardo’s sketch of a parachute could work.  Held a world record for longest sky dive, and furthest human flight.  He jumped out at 35, 850 feet, covering 10 miles.  Died due to parachute complications in Holland.

6  Adrian Nicholas tested Leonardo’s sketch over Mpumalanga province of South Africa.  The parachute weighed 187 pounds  He descended 7,000 feet with Leonardo’s design and then cut himself free.  Nicholas then descended the remaining 3,000 feet with a modern parachute, to ensure that he was not crushed with Leonardo’s design.  Quote by Nicholas:"It took one of the greatest minds who ever lived to design it, but it took 500 years to find a man with a brain small enough to actually go and fly it.” Testing Leonardo’s Theory

7 Louis-Sebastien Lenormand  Born in France on May 25,1757.  Louis was a French inventor, and physicist.  He was believed to be the first man to use a parachute.  Louis-Sebastien’s parachutes were intended for short falls.  His first was a jump was from a tree.  His second jump, was from the tower of the Montpellier observatory, in France.  The parachute he used was fourteen feet long.  He thought that parachutes could be used by people who were trapped in burning buildings.

8 Louis-Sebastien Lenormand Cont.

9 André-Jacques Garnerin  Born in Paris, on January 31,1769.  Appointed official aeronaut of France.  The first man to ascend from a parachute at a high altitude.  Garnerin ascended in a basket using a parachute, and hot air balloon. He was accompanied by, Citoyenne Henri.  The flight took place 3,200 feet above Parc Monceau, Paris.  The parachute that he used, was made of silk.  Citoyenne Henri, was considered the first woman to parachute in a basket.

10 André-Jacques Garnerin Cont.


12 Jean-Pierre Blanchard  Born on July 4,1753 in Les Andelys, France.  The first man to jump from a hot air balloon, using only a parachute.  He was the first person to make balloon flights over North America, Germany, Belgium, and Poland.  Jean-Pierre was also the first man to cross the English Channel in a got air balloon.  He is given credit, as being the first to deliver air mail. Jean-Pierre, carried a letter for President George Washington, from Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  In February 1808, while in flight he suffered a heart attack. He fell more than 50 feet. Jean-Pierre could not recover from his fall and died on March 7, 1809.

13 Jean-Pierre Blanchard Cont.

14 Dome Parachute Design  Also called a jellyfish chute.  This round design is used to make parachutes more stable.  Dome parachutes can either be steerable or non-steerable.  Used in medical missions.  Military operations.  Parasailing.

15 Dome parachutes

16 Square Parachute Design  Also called ram-air canopies.  Used mainly by skydivers as a sport.  More widely used compared to a dome parachute.

17 Square Parachutes

18 Parachute Uses  Sports  NASA  Military missions  Skydiving

19 Sports  Speed skydiving.  Formation skydiving.  Canopy formation.  Jumping from space.  Drag racing.

20 Space Jump  Felix Baumgartner  43 years old  Grew up in Salzburg, Austria  24 miles  4 minutes  834 mph  First person to break the speed of sound  Sponsored by Redbull  Quote by Felix:“I know the whole world is watching, and I wish the whole world could see what I see. Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you really are.” news/49409914#49409914

21 Reliability  Not all parachutes are 100% reliable.  Malfunctions usually happen because a parachute was not packed properly, or the timing that the parachute is deployed is not exact.  Parachutes must be packaged by certified parachute riggers every 180 days.  Altimeters must be worn to show altitude.  According to USPA, the U.S. was reported to have 19 skydiving fatalities, and 3.1 million people were estimated for jumps in 2012.

22 Skydive Newport  Started offering jumps to the public in 1999.  $210 for students  $220 for general tickets  For video and pictures, it will cost $95 more.  They are open April 1 st to mid October.  Fall at speeds of 120 mph  401-845-0393


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