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MANAGER MEETING SUMMER 2015 Presented October 8, 2014.

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1 MANAGER MEETING SUMMER 2015 Presented October 8, 2014

2 KEY DATES August 1 Beginning of soccer year (including age cutoff) October Manager meeting Register as MPB Manager/Coach Team budgets due to Assistant General Manager by October 20 Assistant General Manager is out of the country: October 28- November 8 November Nov. 2 Annual General Meeting and Team Meetings All forms and post dated checks submitted at team meeting November 3 Indoor Training Begins Complete background check and concussion training January Most tournament registration begins, continues thru April Uniform ordering and try-ons

3 Key Dates continued… February Feb. 13 State Cup Applications due: C1/PR only Feb 23 Interclub Transfer Deadline March Teams submitted by club registrar to MYSA PACT training must be completed by parents April Uniform orders delivered April 17– MYSA Online Presentation for all teams TBD MPB Spring Manager Meeting/Pass distribution April 20 - State Cup begins May May 4 - MYSA League play begins May 29-31 MPB Tournament July End of league play, playoffs, state Fall Soccer registration, Submit final reimbursement requests to accountant Summer 2016 Tryouts


5 MPB Staff – Who do I contact, when

6 MPB MapleBrook Soccer Association MPB Creates consistency with MYSA Standard team registrations for tournaments and events: Acceptable formats: MPB – Coaches last name : MPB – Voeller MPB-Team ID-Coach: MPB – GU15C1 - Voeller MPB – Team Mascot: MPB – Vukovi To create consistency with all teams Do not register using only MPB or only team mascot.

7 MPB by the Numbers 54+ teams 750+ players 2 ½ Paid Employees General Manager Director of Coaching and Player Development Club Registrar Assistant General Manager is a full time volunteer = A large, busy, and primarily volunteer organization


9 Governing Organizations Minnesota Youth Soccer (MYSA) Part of USYS - US Youth Soccer Most of our teams play MYSA league and will carry MYSA passes US Club Small portion of teams will play US Club league or tournaments Unless you have been told you are US Club you are MYSA

10 MYSA (Minnesota Youth Soccer Assoc.) Administers youth soccer program, passes, leagues, etc. Playing nights can be found on the MYSA website above Secondary insurance for all with MYSA passes (coach, player, referee. etc). Contact MPB General Manager if an injury occurs during game, practice to determine coverage Travel permit…required to play out of state Enables liability insurance on travel and while out of state $25 for season if requested 30 days prior to travel $75 if requested less than 30 days and good for one trip only


12 Manager role…. Administratively supports the coaching staff so that they can focus their energy on the field and players Serves as a liaison between your team and the club Portrays a positive image of your team and MPB

13 Manager Requirements Annually Register with MPB as a team manager Complete background check Do now…can take up to two weeks to get a coaching pass after background check is complete Every 3 years Complete Concussion Training Complete the concussion registration on the MPB website One time only Attend Parents and Coaches Together (PACT) Training

14 MPB Player/Coach Policy Players No PACT = No Pass = NO PLAY NO Pay = NO practice and NO Play Coaches and Managers NO concussion and/or NO background check = NO pass = NO Coach/NO Manage


16 Team communication Team Webpage – Required by all Teams Access is given to all managers/coaches thru your NGIN account. Keep calendar up to date!!! – post all team and club training Post game schedule to game page List coaches and manager contact information Upload team documents Email Distribution list Email can also be sent thru team roster page Text Distribution list for last minute changes players and parents Cell phone – have all contacts in your phone Team Twitter account – if public be cautious about details Discuss with coach preference for missed practice/game communication


18 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Annual membership meeting Important Club Information Team meetings held same day (2pm or 4PM) Drawing for prizes for all registered players in attendace This years meeting is: November 2, 3:15 PM Osseo Junior High

19 Team Meeting November 2 2PM or 4:00PM at OJH (before or after AGM) Communicate with parents Time of meeting and AGM Paperwork they need to bring to meeting Bring checkbooks for post dated checks and volunteer check Discuss agenda with coach Use Team meeting checklist as a starting point eeting_Agenda_Checklist.pdf eeting_Agenda_Checklist.pdf Present team budget and collect payments and paperwork

20 Collect at Nov. 2 Team Meeting 1. MYSA Medical liability release form Needs to be notarized if traveling out of state Volunteer notaries will be at AGM 2. Volunteer Commitment Form with $125 check mmitment_Form_2013.pdf mmitment_Form_2013.pdf 3. Post Dated checks for payment of 2015 fees Email parents prior to meeting and tell them to bring these completed forms and their checkbook.


22 Volunteer Program Guidelines Requirements 6 hours per family of all U9-U17 players $125 deposit per player Shredded at end of season if commitment us completed Commitment form and check due at AGM Team Meeting One for each player Full 6 hour family credit given to One Coach, One Asst. Coach and One Manager per team Fall Coaches, Assistant Coaches and managers Board of Directors Prior year hours do not carry over to future years Find hours on the Dibs tab of the MPB website


24 PACT Training Parents and Coaches Together Partner with University of Notre Dame and MYSA Designed to help coaches and parents work together to create a positive and nurturing climate in Minnesota soccer. Attendance required once for each.. Coach Manager Family Dates for 2015 Begin in February Check website for dates

25 ACL Prevention Seminar Female soccer players U13 and older incur the highest number of ACL injuries and are therefore at the highest risk Medical experts agree education and conditioning is key to prevention. MPB will host a seminar for all players in the coming month(s) on avoiding ACL injuries. Please encourage all girls U13 and older to attend Details will be sent in the coming weeks

26 Baseline Concussion Testing Hosted by MPB in Winter Players U11 and older encouraged to attend Creates a baseline of cognitive skills to compare against if concussion is later suspected. Girls are at higher risk but all are encouraged to participate Details will be sent in coming months.


28 Club Provided Training (CPT) Total of 12 weeks Replaces AGT Team specific Maroon, PR, C1: November thru January Gold, C2, C3: November – December and March – April Shown in yellow on dome calendar Days of the week may change due to dome schedule As it is team specific you need to make sure it is on your team calendar

29 Pool Training All U9 and U10 teams Lead by U9/10 Director. 18 Sunday afternoons November – April Held at Grace Fellowship Church Gymnasium. (610 and 169) Split by level to enable tailoring to player skillset and provide smaller groups. Schedule: 1-2pm : Girls U9 2-3pm : Girls U10 3-4pm : Boys U9 4-5pm : Boys U10 All U9/10 coaches are encouraged to attend with their teams

30 MPB Required Team Winter Training 10 Sessions with a MPB Club Trainer Cost $500 plus dome time Required for all U11 to U13 teams This is in addition to CPT Optional for all other MPB teams. U14 and older Schedule received from MPB General Manager Goalkeeper Trainer Cost $500 plus dome time Schedule received from MPB General Manager Required for all PR/C1 teams U13-U17 Optional for all other MPB Teams Any sessions that are missed by a trainer communicate via email with both Ben and Tracy.

31 MPB Approved Trainer Contact List: A list of MPB approved trainers will be posted on the MPB website. This listing is provided as a tool for MPB players who desire training beyond that already provided by MPB. Rates are set by individual trainers. Payment is to be made directly to trainer from the trainee(s) Types of training include: A trainer to work specifically with a team. A trainer that works with a minimum of ten players from the same competitive level at the same or combined age groups (U9/U10, U11/U12, U13+). A trainer that works with an individual.

32 MPB Approved Trainer Contact List cont: MPB does not coordinate this training. Contact is to be made directly to the trainer from those requesting training. Training space is the responsibility of the trainee. A request for dome time can be made to the MPB General Manager, but is not guaranteed. Dome space rented by individuals or small groups (not a team) must be paid for to MPB in advance of training. Team’s can pay for the dome space with their team budget. All team’s have the option to purchase the 10 session $500 trainer package that is coordinated thru MPB. That option should be used for a team prior to a them using the private trainer option.


34 MPB Club and Team Fees $60 Tryout/Registration Fee – paid by all players $335 Club fee Standard fee charged by the Club to play soccer for MPB. This fee is used by MPB to cover player development costs, club administration, MYSA registration fees, referees, MPB tournament registration, and other costs related to running a soccer club. All MPB players pay the same Club Fee $150 Commitment fee is paid after tryouts (this is part of $335 club fee) Team Fee – Determined from Team Budget: Fee determined by each team and used for team specific costs. Team fees vary greatly among teams. In general the older the team and the higher their competitive level the higher the team fee. Examples of team fee costs include: Tournaments, dome charges for team specific training and scrimmages, training kits, team supplies, etc.

35 Team Budget Team Budget Form – MPB Forms/Documents webpage Do all three pages: Team Itemization, players, invoice Due October 20, 2014 Send to Tracy Krasnoff for review/approval. Do not send to families until you receive approval. Required items for 2015: $500 for U11- U13 for trainers (does not include dome charges) $1,250 for U9-U10 pool training costs (facility charges included) $500 U13+ C1/PR Teams – Goal keeper training Limits $20 per player social/party expenses $5 per player miscellaneous expenses Budget includes all team expenditures Tournaments, equipment, coach, dome rental, blood jerseys, etc.

36 Fundraising The purpose of fundraising is to lesson the burden of soccer expenses. All fundraising must be approved by Executive Committee prior to any activity taking place and prior to any advertising for said activity. An application form can be found on MPB Fundraising web page listed below Several preapproved fundraising activities are listed on the MPB Fundraising web page. Club wide fundraisers kick off at the AGM Jersey Mikes, Heggies Pizza

37 Family Grant Program Financial Aid amount determined each year by the Board of Directors Covers all or portion of Club Fees not Team Fees Requires increased volunteer hours and deposit check Club Commitment fee of $150 and post dated checks need to be turned in at AGM/Team meeting Applications Due November 1 Grant awards notified by December 1 grants-and-fundraising grants-and-fundraising


39 Maple Grove Sports Dome MPB requirements Player liability forms, volunteer commitment forms and volunteer checks must be submitted before training begins. 80 % of a teams postdated checks are required to be collected prior to dome usage. Players that have not turned in their post dated checks or set up a payment plan with the GM cannot train in the dome. As soon as you know their may be a problem with payments contact the GM. Dome time can be suspended by MPB if players/teams train that have not submitted their payments or set up a payment plan.

40 When Can I get into the Dome… First Group of the day weekdays - 5 or 5:30 Enter dome 15 minutes prior to start time First Group of the day weekends – 8AM Lobby opens 30 minutes prior to start time Dome opens 15 minutes prior to start time Do not enter dome space if baseball, softball or lacrosse is training. Players should not be on the track while they are waiting for their training

41 Maple Grove Sports Dome Parking Remind parents and coaches to follow all parking lot rules Yellow Curbs, Emergency Exits, etc. Dome staff are instructed by Maple Grove Police to call if there is illegal parking in the dome lot. Tickets will be given even if you cannot see the yellow curb. Over 125 tickets given in 2013-14 Blocked emergency exit delayed medical care when patron had heart attack in 2014. Drop off your player and park in the MGSH parking lot

42 Dome Usage Guidelines: Be respectful of dome staff, other teams and patrons. Staff are there to help keep the dome running and safe. Remind players to follow the staff directions and rules. If continual problems are reported by dome staff to MPB dome usage could be suspended. MPB team disagreements over dome training space: Compromise and work it out between coaches Monthly dome schedule is posted at the dome and online Do not ask dome staff to resolve issue. Any issues encountered contact Ben or Tracy. One of us is usually onsite.

43 Dome Schedule Wednesday, October 8 – Draft one released R eview everything in detail and submit change requests to Ben. Do not post anything to your team calendar until you receive FINAL schedule. Sunday, October 12, 10PM: Round one Change requests due. No changes will be accepted after this date. Sunday, October 19: Draft two released Review in detail. Your schedule can change even if you did not request it. Wednesday, October 22,10PM – Round two Change requests due The only change requests allowed are those that changed from draft one that you did not request. Sunday October 26 – Final Schedule Released Post schedule to your team calendar. November 3 – Dome opens

44 Maple Grove Sports Dome Schedule Costs/Reading the schedule (color on dome schedule) Team training (Green) = $60 per hour per 1/6 grid Scrimmages (Blue) = $460 per 90 minute scrimmage CPT (Yellow) = No charge to teams Goalkeeper CPT (orange) = No charge Teams on the dome schedule are charged accordingly regardless of if they train. Teams are required to book Maple Grove dome time thru MPB. Training time starts and ends on schedule.


46 MPB Uniform Kit Goalie Field

47 Summer 2015 Uniforms This is the 2 nd year of a 2 year Uniform cycle All new players are required to purchase either a goalie kit or a field kit. Returning players may place orders for replacement pieces. The uniform kit costs $185 and includes: 2 jerseys (1 red custom, 1 white), 1 pair of shorts (white), 2 pair of socks (1 red, 1 white), Warm-ups pants and Warm Up jacket Names and Jersey numbers will be available to customize warm ups. Cost will be $10 for both. Last name on the back of the warm up jacket. Jersey number on the front of warm up pants, close to hip. Women's shorts sizes will be available to order (adult sizes only) Optional Adidas Estadio II Soccer bag, Optional Adidas black short sleeve or long sleeve training shirts will be available to order Additional shorts, jersey and socks will be available to order Online Ordering will be available thur a link sent to each player from Planet Soccer’s’ Website in January.

48 Summer 2015 Uniforms cont.. Goalies There is a Goalie kit for full time goalies to purchase in lieu of the regular “field player” kit. The price will be the same as the Uniform kit, and will include the warm up. Goalie kits consist of two sets (one black and one yellow) of game apparel and a warm up. Each set will have: shorts, socks, jersey.. For teams without a full time Goalie, the team can purchase a goalie jersey through Planet Soccer. Or the goalie may wear the opposite jersey that the team is wearing.

49 Summer 2015 Uniform orders Cont.. Managers will have the ability to monitor their teams uniform. All teams are required to wear the “Official” MPB uniforms for all games and tournaments. Home: Red Jersey, White (or optional Red) Shorts, Red Socks Away: White Jersey, White Shorts, White Socks No “fun” socks or separate team training jerseys are allowed to be worn for games, including tournaments. MPB Team training gear can be purchased with the uniform order

50 Uniform Ordering & Pick Up January Uniform fittings and ordering will occur April Delivery of uniform orders. Managers will pick up the full team order. Teams with early tournaments and new players that need uniforms Contact Assistant General Manager to discuss options

51 Uniform FAQs All of the preceding information can be found on the Uniforms & Equipment page on the MPB website. There is also a FAQ document about uniforms posted. The web page and the FAQ document answer about 90% of the questions parents & managers have regarding uniforms. PLEASE read it before your team meetings, inform your parents about it and check the web page for updates before you email Carol with your questions.


53 Helpful Websites MapleBrook Soccer Association maplebrook-soccer-association maplebrook-soccer-association All pages have helpful info…if you cannot find it send me an email, Manager Page and Forms and Documents have all forms you will need MYSA

54 Connect with MPB Follow MPB on Twitter at @MPB1990 – Great for weather updates!!! Facebook: Like MapleBrook Soccer Association MBP Website MPB App- Found in google paly and in APP Store

55 Other Helpful Forms/Documents Team Expenditure Request form Use this form to request reimbursement for Team-specific expenditures such as tournament registration, equipment and supplies, etc. Payment/Refund Policy Helpful in explaining payment process Manager Checklist Used to track important information for managers Team Roster and Form Recap All all are on the Forms/Documents Tab of the MPB website


57 Drawing for door prizes All managers in attendance are eligible to win valuable MPB items tonight.

58 Q & A Thank you for being a team manager For follow up questions please contact Tracy Krasnoff, MPB AGM

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