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CALVIN COOLIDGE 30 th President of The United States Of America Produced By Tucker Lawson.

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1 CALVIN COOLIDGE 30 th President of The United States Of America Produced By Tucker Lawson

2  In August 1891 Coolidge started attending Amherst College in Amherst Massachusetts.  While there he became a very good public speaker exceling in debates.  He graduated in 1895 with honors Coolidge’s College

3  After graduating Coolidge went to work in the law office of John C. Hammond and Henry P. Field in Northampton, MA  While in their office they introduced him to many high ranking republican officials.  On and on July 1, 1897 he became a lawyer. CONTINUATION OF THE EDUCATION

4  Pensions for retired teachers and widows.  Six-day workweek  Shorter hours for women and children  Lower street car fares for schoolchildren.  Medical equipment’s installation in factories  Women’s Suffrage  Direct election of state senators to Washington by people of that state. POLITICAL BELIEFS What he Supported and fought for in his state What he supported on the National Political Stage

5  Coolidge was mayor of Northampton, Ma until  Lowered Northampton’s Taxes  Improved the streets and sidewalks  Expanded the police force  Cut Northampton’s Debt MAYORAL STATS Duration While Mayor

6 Portion of Acceptance Speech Later know as “have faith In Massachusetts”  “We need a broader, firmer, deeper, faith in the people--- a faith that men desire to do right …. Man has a spiritual nature. Touch it, and it must respond as the magnet responds to the pole. To that, not to selfishness, let the laws of Massachusetts proclaim to her humbles citizen, performing the most [common] task… the recognition that all men are peers,…. The recognition that all work is glorified. Such is the path to equality.”

7  After the strike many people looked at Coolidge as a symbol of law and order.  At the 1920 Republican convention Coolidge’s name was put in the ring for the nomination.  Instead the party pick Warren G. Harding, because the party thought he would appeal more to women. Which for the 1st time could vote. COOLIDGE FOR PRESIDENT

8  After failing to get the nomination for president Coolidge was selected to be the party's nomination for VP by a vote of 674 to146. COOLIDGE FOR PRESIDENT Coolidge for Vice President


10  Harding and Coolidge won by a margin of 2 votes to 1. VICTORY

11  On May President Harding signed Executive Order  The order Transferred power over oil fields to the secretary of the interior. TEA POT DOME SCANDAL

12  Secretary of Interior Albert Fall then sold oil fields that had been being used for military purposes in both California and Wyoming to private companies.

13  On August 2, 1923 about 7 pm pacific time President Harding dies of a heat attack.  At 2:47 am Coolidge became President of the United States. DEATH OF THE PRESIDENT

14  Coolidge kept Harding’s cabinet.  Secretary of State: Charles Evan Hughes  Secretary of the treasury: Andrew Mellon  Secretary of War: John Week COOLIDGE KEPT TO OHIO GANG  Attorney General: Harry Daugherty  Postmaster General: Harry New  Secretary Of Agriculture: Henry Wallace  Secretary of Commerce: Herbert Hoover  Secretary of Interior: Hurbert Work  Secretary of Labor: James Davis  Secretary of Navy: Edwin Denby

15 Ohio Gang

16 OPPONENTS IN 1924 William Jennings Bryan

17  Coolidge won with 15,000,000 votes. VICTORY

18  The bill aimed to help farmer by having the American Government set prices on certain products and sell produce to to European countries.  Coolidge opposed the bill MCNARY-HAUGEN FARMER RELIEF BILL

19  Coolidge signed a bill that created a US Air Force right before Congress adjourned in AIR FORCE

20  After Coolidge had vetoed the McNary-Haugen Farmer Relief Bill he signed the Radio Act which created a federal commission to control the airwaves. RADIO ACT OF 1927

21  On August 2, 1827 Calvin Coolidge held his usual press conference in Rapid City, South Dakota.  After the Conference he asked all the reporters to come back at noon. THE END OF THE LINE  When all the reporters arrived he handed them all a piece of paper that said “ I do not choose to run for president in nineteen twenty eight.”

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