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Paolo Uccello: Some painter guy. By Daniel Morey.

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1 Paolo Uccello: Some painter guy. By Daniel Morey

2 Basic Information n’ Stuff Born in 1397, in Florence, with no actual date Died December 10 th, 1475 in Florence Son of a barber Italian painter famous for his use of depth perception These paintings were mostly frescos (paintings on wet plaster)

3 Famous works One of Paolo’s most famous painting was a painting depicting the battle san Romano. Their were three paintings of the battle. His painting created a sense of order even in battle. Battle of san Romano

4 More facts on Paolo He would stay up all night working on perspective Made perspective very evident in his works Evolved perspective to show not only illusion but dramatic effect in his paintings. Created the first dramatic close-up painting.

5 Filippo Brunelleschi Born in Florence in 1377 and died 1446 The father of renaissance architecture He was an Italian architect, goldsmith and sculptor Invented principles of linear perspective used for many years afterward. astrigiani/brunelleschi/IMMA GINI/Filippo_Brunelleschi_pia zza_Duomo_Firenze.JPG Filippo brunelleschi

6 Early architecture Experimented with dome shaped buildings. Started building the dome in 1290 finished the great dome of flourence cathedral in 1420 Gothic style dome. The dome is 4.6 meters high and the building itslef is more than 95 meters tall. The dome was a revolutionary form of archtecture. Florence cathedral http://www.lib- dome-of-the-cathedral-filippo- brunelleschi.jpg

7 More architecture Never completed the S. Maria degli Angeli which was meant to be the first centralized plan church. On April 15, 1446 he died an was buried in one of the cathedrals he made. Built the churches of S. Jacopo Soprarno and S. Felicità in 1418.

8 Titian Supposedly born in 1477 First worked with Gentile Bellini, but later worked under Giovanni Bellini Some of his early works were Two Satyrs in a Landscape and Landscape with Goat. Known for his use of color in his art Painted altarpieces, portraits, and pastoral landscapes

9 The Three Ages of Man Considered to be one of his most famous paintings Focused on the three major phases of man Used a new way of painting with color which was very renaissance like.

10 Facts about Titian Tititan saw his colleagues as second class painters and was very egotistical due to his fame. painted more portraits than anything. His talent drove the venetian high renaissance. Was the best painter of portraits

11 Similarities and differences Both Paolo and Filippo were born in the same city. They both lived in the same time They could have influenced each other Filippo was a architect and Paolo was a painter. Paolo worked on perspective while Filippo worked on linear perspective Titian was a portrait painter and filippo was a fresco painter

12 citations &srchtp=name&ca=1&c=2&AI=U13638217&NA=uccello&ste=12&tbst=prp&tab=1&docNum= K1639000454&bConts=59 &srchtp=name&ca=1&c=2&AI=U13638217&NA=uccello&ste=12&tbst=prp&tab=1&docNum= K1639000454&bConts=59 &srchtp=name&ca=1&c=1&AI=U13507816&NA=brunelleschi&ste=12&tbst=prp&tab=1&doc Num=K1631000962&bConts=51 &srchtp=name&ca=1&c=1&AI=U13507816&NA=brunelleschi&ste=12&tbst=prp&tab=1&doc Num=K1631000962&bConts=51 &srchtp=name&ca=2&c=1&AI=U13008184&NA=titian&ste=12&tbst=prp&tab=1&docNum=K 1603001551&bConts=43 &srchtp=name&ca=2&c=1&AI=U13008184&NA=titian&ste=12&tbst=prp&tab=1&docNum=K 1603001551&bConts=43 brunelleschi.jpg brunelleschi.jpg

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