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Stillwell Farms Dome A “masterpiece” in living willow architecture.

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1 Stillwell Farms Dome A “masterpiece” in living willow architecture

2 Motivations Skepticism –Does this actually work? Summer housing –Cheaper than C-town sublet –Close to work

3 Research Plenty of internet resources –HDRA Organic organisation factsheet –BBC Gardening Living Willow Structure by JonWarnes

4 Design One simply shaped really big dome with a single door. Simple and large scale.

5 Construction Trench dug –One foot deep by ten feet wide (2 shovel lengths)

6 Construction Willow cut –All spears cut from a fallen Black Willow (Salix negra) trunk near a streambed with a chainsaw –About 30 large spears (2 inch + diameter) with many smaller shoots –Most branches had two or three years of growth

7 Construction Larger Spears tied into archs –Continuously wrapped (a method found to be effective in class) –Arches leaned against each other and tied at the top

8 Construction Smaller spears added at various angles for support and fullness –Shoots will develop new growth along the stem when branch angles approach 45 degrees –Every connection tied firmly with twine (I found a useful knot by about 50 ties) Trench filled, soil watered

9 Finished Product Forgot to take a picture, but these are close:

10 Artistic considerations Made to mirror the shape of straw-bale house on site –Both dome shaped, seen together

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