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Domopolis* Jenna Brotherton, Ami Irvin, Victoria Frazier & Talibah Muwwakkil.

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1 Domopolis* Jenna Brotherton, Ami Irvin, Victoria Frazier & Talibah Muwwakkil

2 Background Domopolis is a Society that is Ruled by four Superiors and stretches across all of North and South America and is coved by a dome. The peoples lives are controlled by different Superior departments and each day every person has set amounts of working and personal time.

3 Environment The Dome covers any space that is included in Domopolis. The Dome is made of an indestructible and non- biodegradable fiber-glass like compound. There are never any holes but the material lies breathable allowing almost obsolete bacteria growth and sickness. The entrance for the tubes is located in the dense forestry that obstructs the boarders of The Outside World. Because bodies of water sometimes make it hard for citizens to travel from region to region there are tubes that connect each region and allow people to remain in the care of the rulers of Domopolis.

4 Environment Domopolis has four seasons like a normal temperate climate. But the Dome controls the climate so it is never unexpected as to how hot or cold it will be. The seasons are fuyu (winter time) haru (spring) natsu (summer) and aki (autumn season) *note some words in Domopolis are changed because they can then be harder to understand preventing people from exhausting themselves by thinking to much

5 Environment SeasonTemperaturesCharacteristics fuyuLow:25 degrees High: 40 degrees The snow is created and only lasts long enough to create a picturesque look. The snow does not melt; it is absorbed into the ground. There is also never enough snow to cause delays on the roads. haruNever lower than 60 degrees The most beautiful time of the year flowers are always in bloom. Very little rain during this season. natsuNever higher or lower than 80 degrees By far one of the hottest seasons. Though it is hot the people will never be uncomfortable as the Dome can control the weather to make it less or more cool akiBetween 40 and 50 degrees The leaves on the trees change color but there is never need for raking because they are instantly cleaned up as to avoid clutter

6 Economy In Domopolis everyone has the same amount of money given out in rations to everyone despite your occupation. The only people with personal/pocket money are the Superiors. Why does it work? Domopolis is controlled solely by the Superiors so there is no need for some people to be richer than others. This eliminates a class of poverty that can weaken the economy.

7 Social Ladder SuperiorsSuperiors Law Enforcement Common People The Simples 1 st Class 3 rd Class 2 nd Class Government

8 Society Domopolian society is split up into four sections Superiors Law Enforcement Common People The Simples Besides the superiors who gain power through genetics, your place in society is determined on your education and occupation

9 Education & Occupations In Domopolis education and occupations go together because your place in society (except for Superiors) is determined by how well you do in school. Everyone goes to school for thirteen years. Starting at age six they enter six years of grade school and 5 years of high school. A one month break is given in natsu (summer) When high school is completed, the Placement Test is taken. After the results of the Placement Test are received, each person is given two years to learn their specified trade.

10 Occupations People who do extraordinarily well on the Placement test become Law Enforcement and Doctors People who do well on the Placement Test become Common people who have jobs like teacher, writer or journalist, chefs, entertainers, managers of store, etc Some women, who fall under the category of Common People and have done satisfactory on the placement test, become the nannies of children. Lastly those who do terrible on the Placement test become the Simple class and have the jobs of factory workers

11 A Typical Day in Domopolis The typical day sticks to a very strict schedule The daily schedule for the Common People is: eight hours for work, three hours to eat, two hours to shower and dress, one hour to exercise, two hours of free time, and eight hours to sleep. Every month, you may choose one activity to do for your one hour of free time. An activity may never be repeated through the year and at least once, the activity one chooses must be to spend time with your child/children. The agenda is in effect seven days a week.

12 A Typical Day continued… The Simples, however, have a different schedules and do not have as much free time as the Common People. The Poor have the following schedule: six hours of sleep, twelve hours of work, two hours to eat, two hours to shower and dress, one hour free time, and one hour exercising.

13 Government Superiors The Superiors control everything in Domopolis Titles are awarded through hereditary and above exceptional performance on Performance Test There are five superiors that help each other in controlling Domopolis Law Enforcement There are four categories of Law Enforcements – Fashion Police, – Climate Control, – Population Control – Weight Monitors. There is no need for police because crimes are not tolerated and are punished by expulsion. Law Enforcements simply oversee these sections

14 Laws Life in Domopolis can be very simple if you obey the following laws.  NEVER question the Superiors.  All citizens must follow their government issued schedule.  No citizen is allowed to wear bright colors.  During work hours, there will be NO socializing with co- workers.  Children will not, under any circumstances be left alone. Any citizen that disobeys these laws will be punished by expulsion from the Dome.

15 Conflicts There are few conflicts within Domopolian society. We have one simple goal which is to cover all parts of the world with a Dome. We will fight until we reach this goal.

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