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International Event Reporting Standards A Proposal.

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1 International Event Reporting Standards A Proposal

2 What is DOME? Data on Meetings and Events (DOME) An international, private, not for profit foundation headquartered at GWU in Washington, DC Mission is to improve the quality and accessibility of global research and data on the industry.

3 DOME Founders Adelaide Convention Centre EFCT EIBTM IACVB IAPCO ICCA George Washington University

4 DOME Board of Governors Gary Grimmer, Melbourne CVB, Chairman Christian Mutschlechner, Vienna CVB, Vice Chairman Greg Ortale, Minneapolis CVB, Treasurer Tom Hulton, ICCA CEO Michael Gehrisch, IACVB CEO Dr. Joe Goldblatt, George Washington University Paul Flackett, Redseven Consulting

5 Group History Reporting DOME has a subcommittee devoted to improving the quality, depth and speed of data relating to group histories The goal is to generate reliable data on group impacts, including room night use by hotel and airline seat use by carrier and sector

6 Is DOME Competing with CINET and ICCADATA? IACVB and ICCA are Co-founders Data on all groups originating from IACVB will be intellectual property of IACVB Data on all groups originating from ICCA will be intellectual property of ICCA Only members of ICCA and/or IACVB will have access to data originating from them Groups must be listed on ICCADATA or CINET to be eligible for DOME

7 The Concept Establish an accurate database of event histories DOME provides an online system Event producers submit forecasts and use the DOME system to measure actuals Statistical information available to subscribers of DOME

8 Why Standards are Needed Industry credibility More accurate room blocking Full credit for hotel and airline use Improved research

9 What if Some Delegates don’t Enter the Data? DOME sends “Delegate Details Incomplete” report to registration service Registration service distributes and collects arrival cards Delegate registration completed

10 How DOME will benefit the Meeting Planner Better ability to quantify needs of event Trackable = Valuable Better negotiating position Professional credibility Improved data for budget and event forecasting Convenience -”Don’t call me, call DOME!”

11 How DOME will Benefit CINET and ICCADATA New Leads: Groups must list with CINET or ICCADATA to be eligible for DOME Value adding: Now IACVB and ICCA members can have accurate room night and air seat data, in real time Revenues: Only ICCA and IACVB subscribers can access the data, based on where the group data originated

12 How DOME will Benefit IACVB and ICCA Members Save time and effort on history checks More accurate productivity measurement Improved business forecasting Instant materialization data DOME’s capture of email addresses for delegate boosting & Pre and Post promo Improved data for economic impacts assessments

13 How DOME will Benefit Hotels and Airlines Anticipating inventory needs / demand Better yield management Evaluation of pricing and marketing in relation to share of market

14 How DOME will Benefit Delegates Better negotiations by meeting planner on their behalf Better air and hotel availability Good information on travel opportunities Improved planning and convenience of ground services

15 What Next? First trial at IACVB Convention in July We need IACVB and ICCA members to Promote the System Formal agreement on IP, and transfer of limited CINET and ICCADATA Clear endorsement by IACVB and ICCA DOME needs financial support

16 Funders of the DOME Group History Project: CVBs: –Atlantic City / Baltimore / Barcelona –Bloomington, Minn. / Boston / Calgary –Capetown / Columbus / Copenhagen / Denver –Edinburgh / Las Vegas / Los Angeles –Louisville / Melbourne / Minneapolis –New York / Oslo /Ottowa / Pittsburgh –Portland, Oregon / San Diego / San Jose

17 Funders of the DOME Group History Project (Continued): CVBs: –San Juan / Seattle / St. Louis / Sydney –Toronto / Tuscon / Vancouver / Vienna Convention Centers: –Adelaide / Hong Kong / Melbourne –Singapore / Sydney / Vancouver –Washington

18 DOME Group History Standards Subcommittee Special thanks to: –Inge Hanser, CPO Hanser Service –Helmut Schwagermann, ConEcon –Michael Yong, Malaysia Airlines –Leigh Harry, Melbourne Conv. & Exhib. Ctr. –Sarah Markey, ICMS –Christian Mutschlechner, Vienna CVB –Greg Ortale, Minneapolis CVB –Jack Munro, Edinburgh CVB –Rick Antonson, Vancouver CVB –Gary Grimmer, Melbourne CVB, Chairman

19 International Event Reporting Standards A Proposal

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