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The Bottlenose Dolphin

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1 The Bottlenose Dolphin
Danyel Crosland Ms. Boone

2 The Bottlenose Dolphin
The Bottlenose Dolphin’s scientific name is Tursiops Truncat. The Bottlenose dolphins common name is Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

3 Brief description of my animal
Bottlenose dolphins males are 7.5 to 13 feet average size. Dolphins often work as a team to harvest fish schools. Bottlenose dolphins track there prey. In the wild ,these sleek swimmers can reach the speed over 14 miles. They surface often to breath, doing so two or three times a minute.

4 My animals habitat… A Bottlenose dolphin lives in the ocean all over the world. Bottlenose dolphins don’t have more than one habitat.

5 Appearance Bottlenose dolphins reach up to 13 feet and 4 meters.
There skin is dark grey and there belly is light pink. Bottlenose dolphins weigh up to 400 to 550 pounds.

6 Life of the Bottlenose Dolphin
Offshore dolphins will herd fish or squid. Bottlenose dolphins predators are large sharks and killer whales. They are found anywhere sep for polar seas. They live up to 40 or 50 years.

7 Features Bottlenose dolphins fastness helps it survive.

8 Fun facts Bottlenose dolphins are social animals

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